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Yoga For Rugby

Yoga For Rugby Improve Your Overall Gameplay

Yoga For Rugby: Downward Dog Rugby Bitches!!!Realising The Benefits of Yoga For Rugby Players

I know what you’re thinking…

I’m a big manly rugby player and yoga will make you look like a sissy girl if you were to start practicing it

Well, you would be wrong!

Although, you might want to stay clear of the bright pink Lycra shorts that you secretly wear under your rugby shorts in training

Even the word YOGA doesn’t really sound that masculine I admit

But even the strongest men in the world would struggle to pull off most of the Yoga positions that are involved

Which is why I want to explain how Yoga For Rugby can greatly improve your performance on the rugby field and to have the opposition fear you

Realising The Benefits of Yoga For Rugby6 people wearing black clothes doing different yoga poses on the beach

If you really look into what Yoga can do for your body, if you get the practice in and do it correctly then you might think differently about taking it up as well as doing your usual Rugby Fitness Training

More and more Rugby Players are realizing the benefits of Yoga to help improve their performance on the field

I personally believe. As a rugby coach myself, that very soon it will be seen as weird if you DON’T do Yoga as part of your training

I have recently started doing Yoga myself and its not for the fainthearted I will admit

You might think that it is just doing a few static poses on a rubber mat but its so much more than that

There are many types of Yoga but there is a certain type that will really improve both your Strength and Power which is ASHTANGA (linked to wiki)

Yoga is Perfect For RugbyA man wearing black trousers doing a yoga pose

Many people think that Yoga is just about meditating, but by doing it regularly your muscles will get much stronger and more flexible and help you to lose that unwanted added weight you are carrying around with you

This, combined with other cardio work like using a Rowing Machine or an Incline Trainer you will soon be fitter and stronger than you have ever been and it will show on the Rugby field during games and training

If you ever have the choice of what exercises that you do to warm your muscles up before training, ALWAYS CHOOSE YOGA,

Even though it can be quite tough, it will make you feel energized and ready to go rather than making you feel worn out

After doing Yoga for a while, you will be able to continue to do cardio work for much longer as you will have learned how to control your breathing and focus on the exercise in hand instead of huffing and puffing wondering when the cardio workout is going to stop

It does include loads of stretching which can really improve how quickly your muscles will grow and get stronger

Having stretched those muscles, you will find yourself to be more flexible and able to move your body better during a rugby game giving you a better chance of making that tackle or scoring that try

The Rugby Player Yoga ChallengeRugby players fighting for the same ball

As Rugby is a very physical sport I thought I would show a few Yoga positions to a couple of Rugby players I know and they were struggling after about 10 minutes

And these were reasonably fit guys who train 4 times a week and play Rugby games every weekend during the Rugby season

It’s going to take some time to get used to, as they say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT

So keep at it and you will soon see the benefits of Yoga exercises.

Even though Yoga is relatively easy, always check with your doctor before doing any new exercises or join a qualified instructors class to learn how to practice it correctly

So all you big macho Rugby players, if you still think that it is still an exercise for women then why don’t you take me up on this challenge

Try these Yoga positions for just 1 minute each and see how you feel afterward.

OK big men, did those little “GIRL” exercises do any damage to your big strong muscles?

Feel free to comment below and tell us all how easy or hard they were to do

And maybe let us all know if it is something you are going to stick to if you are man enough to keep doing a woman’s exercise.

The Moral Of The Story Here Is…..


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