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What is body armour for? – best sports body protection

Body Protection For Rugby



Well let me tell you

There are many types of body armour for different purposes like the armed forces, motorcyclists or the police force but what I would like to talk about is body armour used in sports.  There are some sports that are a little bit rough so you might need a little more body protection than if you play something like chess.

Yes, chess is a “Sport” look it up…….

Body armour, base layers or skins that they are sometimes called are mainly made out of spandex or synthetic material and can have many benefits if you are wearing them playing any contact sport…LIKE RUGBY FOR INSTANCE.

Here are some benefits of wearing body armour

  • Helps relieve pain from muscle stiffness
  • They keep you warm in cold conditions and keep you cool in warm conditions  (like a thermos flask)
  • Reduces skin infection
  • Draws away your sweat keeping you feeling fresh
  • Gives you extra protection in certain upper body area’s

This one is for all the sportsmen or sportswomen carrying a little extra flubber

  • Keeps your extra fat from spilling out of your clothes

Budda Spilling His Belly Out Of His Shirt


There is another type of base layer that many sports people opt for and that’s compression skins.  These have really great health benefits and can improve your fitness believe it or not and they can come in a t-shirt, long sleeve or vest form.

Here are some of the benefits of wearing them

  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Helps aid your blood flow
  • Reduces the build-up of lactic acid
  • Holds your muscles in place making you feel more comfortable
  • Improves your athletic abilities


According to an online source, none of the things I have mentioned above actually work.



Plain Skins/Base Layers

Mainly worn in the colder weather by young children that play the sport, the game is hard enough without having to battle the cold so I strongly suggest that if your child is going to play rugby or is currently playing rugby but hasn’t yet played in the freezing weather…GET SOME!!

Padded Body Armor

They usually only have padding covering the shoulders and collarbone made of soft thin material and should be no thicker than 1cm thick according to the rules.

If your not sure, check the label to see if it’s IRB approved

You can also get body armour with padding for the arms, chest, ribs, and back but women can get them with extra chest padding for obvious reasons.

If you have read any of my other posts you will know that I have been a rugby coach for a few years now so I have seen first hand the benefits of wearing padded body armour.  Not only does it give you that extra padded protection but it does give you a certain confidence that you might not have had before

Don’t ever think you’re invincible

I’m not saying they will protect you from injuries but they will cushion the impact going into a tackle as the shoulder should be the first point of contact providing the tackle is correctly performed.



THEY WILL NOT STOP YOU GETTING INJURED…..but they will reduce the risk of injuries by a small amount.  Neck and head injuries are a common problem playing rugby and that’s where scrum caps are useful for reducing the head injuries and you can see the review on the scrum cap which I think is the best here.

Let’s take a look at some padded body armour that I would recommend

Kooga IPS Multi-Protective Top

Kooga Body Armor


  • RugbyVery comfortable great looking padded body armour
  • Has 8 pads integrated into different positions around the upper body
  • It’s ergonomically designed
  • Made for easy movement and comfort and has an impact protection system

The best place to get it is from AMAZON




Check Exact Price

Gilbert Alpha Quest

GILBERT alpha questRugby
This just has the shoulder and collarbone pads but it’s really comfortable and even though the padding is on top of the material it doesn’t get damaged easily.

The best place to buy is AMAZON


Check Exact Price


☆☆☆My Star Buy☆☆☆

Optimum Unisex Senior Tribal 

Optimum Unisex Senior Tribal Rugby

This has to be one of the best-padded body armour on the market in my eyes.  And here’s why…

  • IRB World Rugby approved  (all the body armor I have shown is)
  • Lightweight full body length lycra
  • 10mm EVA dual shoulder padding
  • 5mm EVA padding to biceps, sternum, back of the neck, ribs & kidneys
  • Inferno print design throughout 
  • removable pads for washing
  • strategically placed pads
  • maximum protection
  • Comfortable and easy to move in
  • Comes in 4 different colours Blue, Green, Orange and Red

The best place to buy is from AMAZONRugby

MY RATING  10/10

Check Exact Price

I hope this has answered your question…

What is Body Armour For?

If you want to see more Rugby Shoulder Pads then you can see the top 10 best rugby shoulder pads of 2018 RIGHT HERE

All the products I have shown you here come in all different sizes so will be suitable for all.

If there’s anything else that you need to know about what I have written about please feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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18 comments on “What is body armour for? – best sports body protection

Wow, I found this super interesting. First of all — I’m a super nerd and I LOVE chess. I have collected several sets over the years from different countries I have visited. So to find out it’s a SPORT!? How did I never know this?? Being a part of “Chess Club” as a kid would have been so much cooler if I would have told people it was a sport! Also, I really enjoy learning and watching rugby. I knew nothing of this padded body armour. Very informative! Thanks for this!


Thankyou padded body armour is very much needed in rugby but it’s not law which I am shocked about.
I am glad you found it interesting and I hope you have learned something 🙂


Hey Matthew! With so many body armour options to choose from, it is great to get details and reviews from a coach with experience in a major body contact sport like Rugby. As a runner, I am also a big believer in the other benefits of the wicking in heat and cold. Also, after eating “a few” too many chicken wings the benefit of hiding of my Buddha-Flubber would apply to me too! Great information and thanks!


Boy armour is for all sports not just rugby, there are so many benefits of wearing them linked you funnily put “keeping your Buddha-flubber


I never realized what all went into body armor. This is definitely an eye opener. Wonder if it would help protect from elbows and knees of a 1 year old monster! LOL 🙂


Funny enough, my 3-year-old has 2 sets of body armor, one that he has to go and watch his brothers play rugby and one set that he has to wear indoors to beat his older brothers up. lol


Body armour can really come in handy in a sport such as rugby. Some of the hits can be really rough so it is good to have that extra layer of protection. Thanks for sharing some light on a part of the game which should get more notice!


Oh I know, I have seen some horrendous tackles in my time and even though it’s only a thin bit of padding it can really help reduce injury


Wow!!! Shwni, this is extremely interesting. I’ve being playing sports all my life and I always wear a secondary shirt or pants to avoid the pain so I know that it will help and protect me more if it actually comes with that extra padding. I am definitely getting some for me and my Kids. Thanks for the info!


My pleasure, it can get quite uncomfortable having to wear a second set of clothing during any sports but If you get the right ones you won’t even notice you are wearing them


It was very interesting to learn about the use of padded body armour for rugby sports. The reviews are great.


Thanks very much, I’m pleased that you have learned something 🙂


Very cool to see all the different types of “body armour”. Would love to see another on the best post workout body armour (i know of several people using thermal therapy, infrared, and magnetic clothing products post workout to reduce soreness and boost recovery.


Oh, that is a great Idea, the post-workout clothing is just as important as the clothing during workouts or rugby games, thanks for the tip


Very informative post. It’s crazy to think how far technology has come in sports over the last 5 to 10 years. It’s completely night and day to what it was 20 years ago which is great for the athletes. Thanks, Curtis


Of course, It’s certainly not what it used to be 20 years ago, there was no safety clothing back then like there is today which does help a little but could be making our sports stars a little soft, What do you think?


I like that it will keep you warm in cold conditions and keep you cool in warm conditions, big advantage. I think the confidence when wearing this also helps a lot. All rugby players can benefit from Body Armour.


Confidence can also harm you if you think you are indestructible wearing body armour and that is why every rugby player or sports person who wears them should make sure they know the correct safety for the sport they play.


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