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What do You Need to be a Football Player

What do You Need to be a Football Player: 10 Items Every Player Should HaveWhat do you need to be a football player

So What do You Need to be a Football Player?

It goes without saying that the most important thing you need is talent

Without having the skills you need to be on the field then you might want to give up

It takes a crazy amount of determination and dedication to be one of the elite on the pitch, but…

Yes there’s a but…

What if I told you I can get you about 75% of the way to becoming a professional football player?

I’m not guaranteeing you that I can, but if I did you would only have to find the last 25% yourselves

Take a Quick Look at This Short Video of What it Takes to Make it Pro

Does that sound like a deal?

I’m going to give you a list of the top 10 essential things you will need to get to become a professional player

Top 10 Things You Need to be a Professional Football Player

1. Boots

A black adidas Questra lll TRX Soccer Cleat

The obvious starting piece of equipment is the boots, you won’t be allowed onto the pitch without them anď these adidas Questra lll TRX Soccer Cleats are quite pricey

So if you want to be a pro football player you have to spend like a pro football player

Hell!!! Why not get two pairsWhat Do U Need To Be A Football Player

2. Football

Yellow Football Adidas Comoequa Matchball CAF Africa Cup 2012What in the world did you think you were going to play with

It certainly wasn’t your own balls as you have played with them to death!

So grab yourselves a couple of these adidas Comoequa CAF Africa Cup Matchballs 2012 and leave your own alone

What Education Do You Need To Be A Footballer3. Shin Pads

Pair of black Storelli Youth Body Shield Leg Guards

There’s some rough and tumble football players out there that will probably want to trip you up if you have the ball

So to save your legs from boo-boo’s you need to cover those soon to be football players legs with 2 Storelli Body Shield Leg Guards for only a small price per pair

That’s right you lucky footballer….two for the price of oneWhat Experience Do You Need To Be A Footballer

OK so you have all the gear but no idea, where do we go from here?

4. A Book on How to Play Like a Pro

Soccer Skills Way to Play Book

I’m guessing you are able to read unless you came here to look at the pretty pictures but no pro should be without this

Let’s call it the bible of football which will guide you to the holy grail (the world cup) the Soccer Skills Way to Play Book is a must have to be the player you have always dreamed of being

5. The WAG

The most essential footballers accessory has to be the girl hanging off your arm ready for any pushy paparazzi that wants to take your picture

You need to be ready at all times to have a gorgeous woman on your arms ready to be in tomorrow’s newspapers even if you rent one ?

6. The Passion WagonSilverstone Blue Silver Stripe Race Car on Track

Footballers are renowned for driving around in flash cars that they can barely fit into which I like to call “The footballer crisis” or “Too much money syndrome” so this is another must have item

I don’t recommend stealing one though as apparently that’s frowned upon so again you can just rent one (oh and make sure you have a valid drivers license)

7. Designer Clothes

Man wearing a World Sarongs Mens Premium Embroidered Tie Dye Sarong In Brown

You will need to look your best for all the celebrity parties you will be attending

Oh yes, you will be living the dream at all the best clubs and eating sushi off a naked woman/man…

Look good wearing this Premium Embroided Tie Dye Sarong


8. Help To get Dressed

How to Get Dressed book A Costume Designer's Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look Fit and Feel Amazing

Keeping with the clothing theme, some footballers are not the sharpest tool in the box so you might need a bit of help getting dressed

OK, you could ask the WAG or even the maid to help you but wouldn’t it be an achievement that you could tell all your mates down the field and be really proud of yourself so don’t ever be without this book How to Get Dressed BookWhat Education Do I Need To Be A Football Player

It may even be a step closer to going to the big boy toilet

9. Designer Jewelry

OMEGA Men's 44mm Steel Bracelet & Case Automatic Black Dial Analog Watch

If your not jingling and jangling you are not strutting your footballer stuff the right way so you need your bling

With this Omega Automatic Black Dial Analog Watch only being a few grand you might want to get one for each wrist

But saying that, if you want to be a footballer you might have to get a digital watch so it’s easier to tell the time

10. A Golden Tan

A stand up over the bed Topaz SunbedWhat Skills Do You Need To Be A FootballerEven if you won’t be playing abroad it is vital that you have a radiant glow whilst you are in playing in front of all you’re adoring fans

So imagine laying on your chez long sipping margaritas with the Topaz SunbedWhat Do U Need To Be A Football Player over the top of you

And for only a couple of grand you could splash out on another one to go below you…


Now It’s All Down to You

Now that I have helped you know exactly what you need to be a football player it’s down to you to start practicing being able to play the game.

I promised you the 75% so it’s only the 25% left for you to master and don’t forget when you are at the top of your game remember who taught you everything you needed to know…

Take a look at these footballers famous quotes to give yourselves some motivation

All the very best for your future footballing career and start working on this list

shwni signiture

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10 comments on “What do You Need to be a Football Player


This was informative and funny…A lot of the things you mentioned are must haves!

Like # 9 you have to get the nice ride! But, on the serious side of things I think passion for the sport would be a good thing too!

“I promised you the 75% so it’s only the 25% left for you to master and don’t forget when you are at the top of your game remember who taught you everything you needed to know…”



Hey, just think of me as a “‘Manager’… I want my cut off the finances, lol


My father and I love watching football (soccer) Although I think 9 out of 10 steps to be a football player seem helpful, I’m not sure about #5. What if you are a woman football player? Interesting post though. Some of the steps are funny. I would add that it helps to have a coach. 


Haha, good call. I’m pretty sure these days everyone has an open mind so having a wife or girlfriend wouldn’t be any different whether you’re a male or a female

Jacob Highley

Lol! This is a very informative and hilarious post! I love your points about getting a sports Car. I do believe this is exactly what I’ve needed to get started playing football. I’ve also wondered about getting a golden tan since it seems so many players have a perfect skin tone.

All in all, I am very happy I read your post. Watch out noobs, with this information, I will become a football legend! ;D


Hey, the car and the tan is a must for all football players, lol


Wow, your article is very unique. Although I’m not a professional football player, I love to play football from time to time with my friends. So, I think I will purchase some of the items that you have suggested here. And Adidas Questra lll TRX Soccer Cleats are definitely the good boots but as you have said, they are quite pricey. But also your article inspires me to purchase those boots and maybe I will soon.


Yes they are a bit pricey but well worth the purchase


Hi Shwni,

I must say I love to hear what products those famous football players like to play in, and was a bit surprised at the cost of those boots for sure! Wow… But, with the almost constant running they do, I guess it you need a great pair, especially as a pro player. I do like you reasoning behind the “How to get Dressed Book”, you have a point about them needing it! 

And with all the flash they can purchase right here, at least they can look good trying to play like a pro! The Footballers Famous Qoutes says it best, ” All I got to remember is to wear the same underwear I wore last week, washed of course” 

Thank Shwni, 



Thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you enjoyed it


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