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Welsh Rugby Jokes

Welsh Rugby Jokes

Welsh Rugby Jokes: Awesome Jokes That Will Make You a Legend11 best welsh rugby jokes 2019

We all love great Welsh Rugby Jokes, don’t we?

And what better place to tell them than down the pub with your mates before the match

I am Welsh myself so I have heard my fair share of Welsh jokes so don’t comment anything in the comment section below about sheep shagging etc

I’ve heard it all before…

We F##k em and you eat them, so think about that before you try to come at me with those types of jokes

Unless you have an original bit of Welsh Rugby humour, Im, not interested

Or if you are English then I welcome anything you have to throw at me!

There are so many that I have heard over the years it would take me forever to write them out so I have just picked out a handful to share with you today

So, grab your pads & pens and get your jokes from here so you can be the centre of attention and just crack your mates up next time you see them

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Before you read the funny jokes on this page, have a quick look at this hilarious spoof interview video with wrong subtitles about Wales beating England 28 – 25 in the Rugby World Cup

This is probably the funniest youtube video that I have ever seen!

Top 11 Welsh Rugby Jokes

1. Welsh Hatredfather and son sitting down in the park on blankets talking to one another

A Welsh family were all at the park when the son says to his

“Delyth, I’ve decided to become an England rugby supporter so I would love the new England Rugby jersey for my birthday?”

Delyth is tamping so she gives him a slap across the head and says “There’s something wrong with you mun, go and tell Mam what you just said”

So off he goes to speak to his mother, calling his sister a twat under his breath for slapping him

“Mam,” he said, “I’ve decided to become an England rugby supporter so I would love the new England Rugby jersey for my birthday?”

“OMG!” she said and slapped him right across the head

“Go and tell your father what you just said, but make sure he’s sitting down first”

Off he goes to tell his dad and found him with all the local winos knocking back bottles of lambrini

“Dad,” He says, “I’ve decided to become an England rugby supporter so I would love the new England Rugby jersey for my birthday?”

His dad nearly chokes on the cheap wine and gives him a massive slap across the head and yells

“No son of mine will ever support those English bastards!”

A bit later on when they were all walking home the dad says to his son

“I hope you were joking when you said you wanted to support those chariot bastards and have learned an important lesson?”

“Oh definitely,” the boy says

“I’ve only been an England Rugby supporter for an hour and I already hate you Welsh sheep shagging bastards!”

2. Prioritiespaul bearers carrying a white coffin with flowers on the top

Dai was watching a Six Nations game in a packed out Principality Stadium with only one empty seat in the whole place which was right next to him.

A man behind him asked, “Who’s seat is that?”

“Ah butt” said Dai, “I bought the ticket for my wife but she has just died in an accident”

“Oh, sorry to hear about that, so you are keeping it empty as a sign of respect to your wife,” said the man.

“No, I offered the ticket to all my friends but they all prefered to go to my wife’s funeral”

3. Savage!man wearing a hat holding up a lit match in front of him

Dai was travelling back to God’s Country (Wales) and had just crossed the bridge after watching Wales V England up at Twickenham when all of a sudden there was a huge traffic jam on the M4

Dai saw a police officer walking in and out of the stationary cars speaking to the drivers so he shouts over to him “Ow Butt, What’s Appening En?”

The officer replies “There’s an Englishman in the middle of the motorway really depressed about losing to Wales and don’t know if he can carry on with life, he’s even talking about dousing himself in petrol and setting himself alight”

He’s so unhappy that even his family has disowned him so I’m going around all the cars taking up a collection for him”

Oh tidy,” said Dai, “How much have you got so far?”

“Well so far,” says the officer, “I’ve collected about 50 litres but I’ve got connections at Texaco and my mate is bringing a whole lorry full”

4. Something Fishy

I’m watching the Rugby game down the pub and shouted COME ON WALES!

The last time I shouted that I got thrown out of SeaWorld!

5. Don’t be so Dopey!snow white and the 7 dwarves character dopey in Disney world

Snow White was walking back from town to the cottage where she lived with the 7 dwarves

In the distance, she could see smoke coming from where the cottage was and realised it had burned down

Panicking, she ran around the forest looking for the dwarves then all of a sudden she heard a faint voice saying “England will win the World Cup, England will win the World Cup, England will win the World Cup”

And with a big sigh of relief, she said to herself “At least I know Dopey is Safe”


6. Hell on Eartha broken stairway to heaven cutting off access to hell

Dai was a huge rugby fan and one day on his way home from the pub he was knocked over by a car and killed

Upon the arrival of the pearly gates, he was met by God himself who told him “Dai Jones, you have led a sinful life with drinking, gambling and loose women, there’s no place for you here, So down you go!”

Saddened, Dai reluctantly went down to the gates of Hell and went in, it took him a few minutes till he realised he was in the Principality Stadium

Dai was shocked! This wasn’t so bad he thought, but then someone from behind him said: “I wouldn’t get too excited butt, we’re in Hell and it’s for eternity and there’s only one game being played here and it’s England winning the World Cup in 2003!”

7. Sad, But True!

Q. What do you call a Welshman holding the Rugby World Cup?.

A. The Engraver!

8. I’m Guessing She’s Not Teachers Petgirl leaning on a desk wearing a red jumper with a red apple in front of her

An English schoolteacher tells her class that she is a huge fan of the English Rugby team and asked her students to raise their hands if they were too.

Everybody in the class apart from one little girl raised their hands

Shocked, the teacher asked “Lucy, why didn’t you raise your hand?”

“Because I’m not an English Rugby fan Miss” she replied.

“If you are not an English Rugby fan, who are you a fan of?”

“Well my mam is a Welsh fan, my dad is a Welsh fan and so I’m a Welsh fan and proud!”

The teacher wasn’t impressed with her answer and in a stern tone she said: “You don’t have to follow your parents all the time, what if your mam was a moron and your dad was a moron, would you be a moron?”

Lucy smiled at her and said “No Miss, I would be an English fan”white lines painted on a green astroturf

9. Breaking News!!!

Police were called into the Principality Stadium when Scotland was training before their upcoming game against Wales as the Scottish team were alarmed at finding a white powdery substance on the pitch

Police have reassured them that they won’t be seeing it again as it was only the try line

10. I’m Not Telling Him This Joke

Q. How can you tell if a rugby prop is walking, jogging, running or sprinting?

A. The expression on his face!

11. Lucky he Didn’t get Hit in The Ballsrugby referee with his hand in the air calling for a scrum in the middle of 2 rugby teams

A Welsh Rugby legend was at home with his 3 sons and his eldest asked him “Dad, why is my name Try?”

“Because the day you were born I scored a brilliant try”

His 2nd son then came up to him and asked: “Dad, why is my name Tackle?”

“Because when you were born I made an amazing tackle”

His 3rd child then came up to him and before his son could ask him anything his dad said “Don’t even go there Punchedaref my son”


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Did you enjoy this rugby humour?

I apologise if there weren’t enough Welsh rugby one-liner jokes but I think these will beat those type of jokes any day

If you have any other great Welsh Rugby Jokes or any rugby team jokes for that matter

Why don’t you share them with us here and make people laugh

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18 comments on “Welsh Rugby Jokes


I don’t have any Welsh rugby jokes, but here in Montana, they take rugby pretty seriously, too! We just finished having MaggotFest here in Missoula, and we have a ton of teams show up from all over to fight and win and lose and brawl and drink. 🙂
It’s a bit rarer here than there, but it is so fun to watch, and for the love of everything, don’t get in their way! 😀 Thanks for sharing the jokes, I may adapt them to the teams here and throw a few out next year 😀


If you have any rugby jokes from your way please share them with us all here at shwnisports

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


Thanks for Sharing these Welsh Rugby Jokes Shwmi, they are hilarious. Heres a quick rugby joke for you. What’s the difference between Scotland’s rugby team and a teabag? The teabag stays in a cup longer! LOL. Keep up the good work here man, I’ve bounced around your page and I will definitely be sharing this with my rugby friends.


Hahaha that’s a good one and I’m sure my Scottish readers will appreciate the light-hearted humour, lol

Thanks for leaving your joke here for everyone to read 🙂


I am really into sports but Rugby isn’t very popular here in Texas.  Football and Basketball are the hot button here. I really did enjoy reading your jokes though and appreciate your since of humor!  It takes a special person to be able to laugh at themselves and finding humor in things that people get soooo upset about!  Thanks for sharing and making the world a better place with laughter.


Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself then you will get offended when others do 🙂

Adrian Holland

Well done…….on soooo many levels.

Quite easily the easiest read on the web, it was hilarious, and I never knew that Welsh rugby jokes were even a thing.

Rest assured your post will get read from top to bottom and back again time and time again.

If the way that i have shared it across my network of friends, I can guarantee it’s gonna get shares of the dial


That would be great if you have shared this Welsh rugby jokes post on social media, it will give it the exposure that it deserves, thanks

Riaz Shah

Loving this list Shwni!

Especially the part of the funeral, I laughed my head off! Who would have thought of that joke, or was it unintentional? The English fan #8 too made me laugh, children are innocent sometimes and welsh kids can be especially savage at times without having any clue on what’s happening. Thanks for sharing this, needed a good laugh after a bad day 😀


I’m really pleased that you cheered up reading these Welsh Rugby Jokes, that’s all I write them for so it has made them all worth while 🙂

Fahim Shahriar

I am not really into rugby. In our country, we love cricket and football. But these are really funny and quite interesting jokes to read out on Welsh rugby. Hope you can post more staffs like this to make people laugh and happy at the same time. Thanks for your post. Keep it up. 


Glad you enjoyed 

Gwendolyn J

I don’t know a thing about rugby so I don’t have any rugby jokes, Welsh or otherwise. These jokes are funny as all get out.

I even read some out loud to my son. I especially like the poor kid Punchedaref and little Lucy. I will be using those on my sister.

Come on with some more!

Gwendolyn J


Yes, I love those two Welsh rugby jokes myself 😀


Some of them I liked(6-8-9), some other I think I didn’t really get… I am not that much of rugby but all my friends are constantly talking about rugby so next time I see them I’ll drop a few jokes to make em laugh… However,  I think that they’ll laugh more with me trying to talk rugby than with the jokes themselves LOL.

Thanks a lot 😛


I’m sure your friends would love them, lol

Martin Burt

There have always been sporty rivalries throughout the years and the English and Welsh rugby supporters are up there with the rest. I loved the jokes and just want to tell you a quick story. My friend was a steward at Twickenham and once when they played the welsh he happened to be in amongst some welsh supporters. England was leading at half time and one Welshman said to him I think I may leave and go to the pub, he convinced him to stay thinking he would have to sit through the second half and see an England victory. To the dismay of my friend, the Welsh won the game with an amazing comeback in the second half. The supporter went to find my friend to thank him for telling him to stay. Sporting rivalries love it 🙂   


Ah, I remember that game well, lol


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