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Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Reviewed

As much as they can be a pain in the ass sometimes but we all want our children to have all the protective gear on the soccer pitch so I have been looking into head protection and I have found a few but this is a review on the Unequal Halo 3 HeadGearHeadguardsoccer head guards



SIZES : 1 & 2

soccer head protection



This 83% polyester & 17% spandex headgear for soccer is just like a headband but with an added bonus of a 7mm thin patented military grade composite which absorbs and disperses impact from the soccer ball or a bang to the head during a game.

It provides 360 protection for your head but does leave the top of your head vulnerable. Its closed loop design slides on easily for a comfortable fit whatever the shape of your head and it’s antimicrobial fabrics and moisture-wicking material helps to manage sweat and Oder.Headguard

My Opinion

As head protection goes it has to be the most comfortable one but it doesn’t really cover all your head, I know it’s not the law to wear head protection in soccer but if you are going to wear something you might as well wear the Full 90 Premier Protection

Even with it being just like a head band with no strap holding it on your head it stays on even in the toughest of challenges on the pitch.

Quick Recap

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Just before you go

If you have ever worn one of these soccer head protection bands then I would love to hear what you think of them, do they send the ball in a different direction than you want it to go if you header the ball?

soccer head guards

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