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Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear

Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Reviewed

Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Reviewed 2019

As much as they can be a pain in the ass sometimes

We all want our children to have all the protective gear on the soccer pitch

And sport safety for children is paramount!

So I have been looking into head protection and I have found quite a few

But this is a review on the Unequal Halo 3 Protective HeadgearBlack Unequal Halo 3 Protective Soccer Headgearsoccer head guards


COLOURS: Black With a White Logo

SIZES: 1 & 2

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Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Review

This 83% polyester & 17% spandex headgear for soccer is just like a headband

But it has an added bonus of a 6mm thin patented military-grade material which absorbs the impact from the soccer ball or a bang to the head during a game

It provides protection right around your head but it does leave the top of your head exposed

It’s closed loop design slides on easily for a comfortable fit whatever the shape of your head and it’s antimicrobial fabrics and moisture-wicking material helps to manage sweat and oder

Halo 3 Size Guide

Unequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear Size Guide

My Opinion

As head protection goes it has to be the most comfortable one but it doesn’t really cover all your head

I know it’s not the law to wear head protection in soccer but if you want to wear something that has a thicker protection you might be better going for the Full 90 Headgear

Even with it being just like a head band with no strap holding it on your head

It stays on even in the toughest of challenges on the pitch

It would be a great gift for any soccer player that you know

Watch this short video to see how strong the material is that they are made from

Pros & Cons


  • It’s recommended by Dan Blank who is the author of the best selling soccer book, Soccer IQ: What Smart Players Do.
  • It is very lightweight and durable.
  • Made with military-grade material that absorbs any impact and spreads it across the band.


  • Doesn’t cover the whole of your head.

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Quick RecapUnequal Halo 3 Protective Headgear


COLOURS: Black With a White Logo

SIZES: 1 & 2

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Before You Go…

What did you think of this unequal halo 3 review?

If you have ever worn one of these soccer head protection bands then I would love to hear what you think of them

Do they send the ball in a different direction than you want it to go if you header the ball?

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