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Top 50 Rugby gifts for men

rugby gifts for Men

Rugby Gifts For Men: 51 Ideas For The Rugby Fanatic

We have all got that “RUGBY FANATIC” male member of the family

Every year for Birthdays and Christmas you always find yourself looking for Rugby gifts for Men and always struggle to find the perfect gift for them.

Getting the gift that they want is very important and we don’t always get it right do we

So I have taken quite some time looking for the perfect ones that you can get so you don’t have to look all over the internet yourselves

Here Is A Quick Peak Of The Rugby Gifts

Being a rugby fan like I am myself the more rugby things you have given to you, the better.

You can, however, run out of ideas of what to get them

I’m Welsh and our most celebrated sport is Rugby so before you take a look at this list

Just spend a couple of minutes watching the 10 Best Welsh Rugby Tries Ever, who know’s, it might even inspire you on what to buy…

In this post, I have found My Top 51 that I know I would like to receive as a gift so you can be assured that any rugby fan will enjoy them also

So, if you are looking for a rugby gift for him indoors, Or just some funny rugby gifts

Then these rugby gifts from Amazon will not disappoint you or even the rugby fan they are for

Go straight to a category of your choice in this post simply by clicking on any of the links below
Books    Clothing    Cups Mugs and Containers    Novelty Items   Gift Sets

Here Are The Rugby Gifts For Men


1. Rugby Fanatic Book

You Know You're a Rugby Fanatic When...

AUTHOR: Steven Gauge

PUBLISHED: 01/04/10

If you want to know how much of a Rugby fan you are then if you can relate to any of these great quotes in this book then I can assure you that you must be one serious fan of the brilliant game they call… RUGBY!!!


2. Rugby Wit Book: Quips and Quotes for the Rugby ObsessedChristmas Gifts For Rugby Fans

Rugby Wit: Quips and Quotes for the Rugby ObsessedGifts For A Rugby Fan

AUTHOR: Richard Benson

PUBLISHED: 1/11/2014

An awesome collection of some of rugby’s quotes from players past and present which will keep any rugby-obsessed fan amused and happy to keep reading the hundreds of quips that are in this book

3. A Little Bit of Rugby Wit BookQuips and Quotes for the Rugby ObsessedGifts For Scottish Rugby Fans


PUBLISHED: 08/02/2018

Another book with quotes from rugby players, refs, and officials of the game

But this one has more up to date quips unlike the other one but that’s not to say that the previous one I showed you isn’t any good

They both have the same comedy value and will certainly keep the rugby fan in your life amused

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4. Rugby’s Funniest Joke Book

Rugby's Funniest JokesGood Gifts For Rugby Coaches

AUTHOR: Jim Chumley

PUBLISHED: 01/04/2009

Who doesn’t love reading jokes or hearing them and you won’t find better than the rugby jokes that are in this book

I have never laughed so much when I read it and I can tell you now that whoever this gift is for then they are going to love you for it

You can read more hilarious rugby jokes HERE if you want to have a good laugh

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5. A Rugby’s Strangest Matches Book

Rugby's Strangest MatchesRugby Gifts For Boyfriend

AUTHOR: John Griffiths

PUBLISHED: 01/05/2016

This book looks back at the last 150 years of rugby and tells the strange truth about genuine things that have happened during rugby matches

One of them being that the entire Welsh Rugby Team was sent off during a game

What was the ref thinking?

6. Rugby “On This Day” History, Facts & Figures Hardback Book

Rugby "On This Day" Hardback Book History Fact and FiguresRugby Gifts For Him Scotland

You can personalize this book for anyone you want to and it will give you all the rugby figures and facts for the whole year that person was born

How good is that?

I’m sure they are going to love it.


7. Personalised Rugby Historic Newspaper Memorabilia BookRugby Gifts For Teachers
Personalised Rugby Historic Newspaper Memorabilia BookThank You Gifts For Rugby Coaches

Another awesome keepsake for any true rugby fan as it can be personalized with a message and a name of the fan

The hand bound, leather, hardback book with an optional Gold Embossed Front Cover just looks really special and keeps the inside like brand new for years to come

It has all the tabloid stories from the past that actually went out in the newspapers but with that unique personal touch


8. The Oval World Book

The Oval World: The Best Rugby Gifts For Men

AUTHOR: Tony Collins

PUBLISHED: 01/09/2015

A masterpiece rugby history book is written in a way that just makes you want to keep reading and learning about the game, even if you have no experience in rugby and its foundation

This book really is a must-have for any rugby fan new and old

If the person you are buying it for want’s to get into rugby coaching then you could buy them rugby coaching books that will teach them so much


9. Rugby Book: Let’s Get QuizzicalBest Gifts For A Rugby Player

Rugby: Let's Get QuizzicalChristmas Gifts For Rugby Fans

AUTHOR: Gwion Prydderch

PUBLISHED: 11/09/2014

Does the rugby fan in your life think they know everything there is to know about the game?

Why don’t you test them out with this book full of quizzes, spot the odd one out, and so much more

Keep them occupied for hours if you need a bit of peace and quiet for a change


10. A Game For Hooligans Book

A Game For HooligansGifts For A Rugby Fan

AUTHOR: Huw Richards

PUBLISHED: 22/11/2007

Another rugby history book here but it will be the perfect gift for a rugby fan that wants to learn a bit more about rugby union evolving in the last 20 years

The stories they will read here might not be news to them but they will enjoy reading about them all again and even learn something new that they might not have known

The author really knows his stuff, or has done his homework…

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11. God Made Rugby

God made rugby players so football players could have heroes tooGifts For A Rugby FanA brilliant quote that any rugby fan would love to look at every morning whilst drinking their morning coffee or tea

I don’t think a soccer fan would appreciate this as a gift though but it might be fun to try…

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12. Rugby Scene 1 Pint Pewter Tankard

Rugby Scene 1 Pint Pewter TankardGifts For Scottish Rugby FansSometimes, if your rugby team has just lost a game it’s time to hit the hard stuff and drown your sorrows and that’s where this 1 pint tankard will help you do just that

I personally don’t like drinking beer out of one of these as it doesn’t taste right so there’s only one question here… What would you fill it with?

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13. Rugby Evolution Pint Beer GlassesRugby Gifts For 18th Birthday


Maybe the hard stuff above is a little bit too much for you to handle so just having a pint of whatever takes your fancy would be better for you

These pint glasses are not only stylish but would be an ideal gift for a rugby and drinking fan

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14. Stainless Steel Engraved Hip Flask with Rugby Player

Stainless Steel Engraved Hip Flask with Rugby Player

I know I’m sticking with the alcohol theme here but there are not many people that watch rugby that doesn’t like a tipple or 3 and this stainless steel engraved hipflask with a rugby player on the front could keep the rugby fan in your life warm on a cold day watching a game if it’s filled with a drop of the good stuff

Providing they are of the age of course!

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15. I’m Playing Rugby Coffee Mug

I might look like I'm listening to you but in my head I'm playing rugbyRugby Gifts For Him Scotland

Another great quote that is written on this coffee mug that I’m sure plenty of rugby fans have had entered their heads at one time in their lives, especially if they haven’t had their coffee yet


16. I’d Rather Be Watching Rugby Travel Mug

I'd Rather Be Watching The Rugby Travel Mug

How many times have you been at a rugby game freezing cold and in need of a warm drink?

This travel mug will keep your drinks warm for much longer than in one of those polystyrene cups that you normally get

The quote on the front is quite apt as well…

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17. Rugby Position Mug

Rugby Player Position Mug

Welsh Rugby Gifts For HimThis cup is both useful and informative. You could ask someone that doesn’t know the correct formation of a rugby team to make you a cuppa and have them learn how the team is set up at the same time without you having to draw it out on a piece of paper for them… WIN, WIN…

18. Men Rugby, Women Football Mug

Men Rugby, Women Football MugBirthday Gifts For A Rugby PlayerThis coffee mug could is a bit controversial and might cause a few arguments if a football/soccer fan see’s you drinking from it

A rugby fan will love this and will probably send a picture of it to all his football fan mates to wind them up

I don’t think soccer players are soft at all, have you seen what you need to have to become a successful soccer player?

19. Old Man Water Bottle

My favourite rugby player calls me old man

This water bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and will hold up to 16oz of whatever you put into it

It has a carabiner at the top of it so you can easily clip it to a bike or even your bag if you want to

I love the quote on here as well because the rugby players on the team that I watch regularly are getting younger and younger

It’s not me getting older!!!

20. World Cup 2015 Hip Flask

World Cup 2015 Hip Flask Gift SetGifts For A Rugby Fan

OK, OK…I know it’s not 2015 anymore but this hip flask box set could be a bit of a collector’s item if you keep it in the box for a few years, and even if you don’t, you still have a very stylish piece of sought-after Rugby World Cup Memorabilia

Do you know anyone that collects things like this?



21. Keep Calm And Play Rugby T-Shirt

Keep Calm And Play RugbyGood Gifts For Rugby Coaches

I don’t care what you say, You are not a true rugby fan if you don’t own a T-Shirt with a rugby slogan on, so what better way to start buying them than to get the famous “Keep Calm” quote on one

There are not many T-shirts that have a better quote than this on the front and a rugby fan will love to wear this. It does come in other colours if you don’t like this one


22. I Love Rugby Sports Novelty Socks

I Love Rugby Sports Novelty Socks

They say only a real man can wear pink so how many rugby fans do you know that would wear these socks just to prove that point? I can’t imagine many wearing them out in public though but they will certainly enjoy wearing them around the house with a nice pink onesie maybe?

23. Rugby Gifts For BoyfriendTim And Ted Rugby Long Sleeve

Tim And Ted Rugby Long Sleeve


Another Rugby Gift here that has a dig at football players making it look like football players are babies compared to big tough rugby players

Can you imagine giving this to a rugby fan and getting them to wear it down to the pub on a football match day, he might not make it back home in 1 piece…


24. Ireland Alternate Pro Rugby Shirt

Ireland Alternate Pro Rugby Shirt

I’m not saying to get a rugby fan that you know an Ireland Rugby Jersey, this gift represents any rugby jersey of the team that they follow

This has to be one of the best gifts you can give a fan but they can be a bit expensive so make sure that you get the right team or they might not speak to you…unless that’s what you were going for!


 25. Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage T-Shirt

Crouch, touch, pause, engage rugby t-shirtRugby Gifts For Boyfriend

If you are going to buy someone this Tshirt then it goes without saying that you don’t buy it for children! It’s not for the faint-hearted and might offend people but as soon as I saw it I just had to put it on the list…CROUCH, TOUCH, PAUSE, ENGAGE…SCRUM DOWN!

26. British & Irish Lions Men’s Acrylic Scarf

British & Irish Lions Men's Acrylic Scarf


One of the most famous rugby teams in the world The British And Irish Lions have some awesome looking rugby clothes which any rugby fan would be very happy to have as a gift so getting them this scarf for the cold weather while they are watching a rugby match will be very much appreciated

You could get them a football scarf if you fancy a bit of a joke with them I suppose

27. Weekend Rugby Forecast Apron

Weekend Rugby Forecast with a chance of drinking Apron

Who doesn’t love a good barbeque? and of course, the man of the house has to be the chef, a beer in one hand and a set of tongs in the other to turn the burgers overWelsh Rugby Gifts For Him

If they are anything like me though they will get more food over their clothes than on the plates so one of these aprons will stop them ruining their clothes.

28. Men’s Sexy Novelty Rugby player Apron

 Men's Sexy Novelty Rugby player ApronRugby Gifts For TeachersThis novelty apron might be more for the people looking at the rugby fan cooking on the barbeque rather than the beer-bellied plump looking man that you give this to

It is quite funny though but be careful that it doesn’t give him a complex

29. Tubular Neck Warmer 

Wales Tubular Neck Warmer 

Coming from Wales myself I had to get something from my home country on the list didn’t I

This tubular Christmas Gifts For Rugby Fansneck warmer is very versatile and can be used to keep you warm at the rugby match in a few different ways as the durable stretchy material can be put up over your head from around your neck or just used as a bandana


30. “Warning May Start Talking About Rugby” Hoody



This high quality made hoody is both a great looking piece of clothing and a bit of a warning to those that are around a rugby-mad fan to let people know that they can’t stop talking about the sport that they love.

Do you know someone that this hoody would be perfect for?



31. Rugby Ball Novelty Collectors Miniature Clock

Rugby Ball Novelty Collectors Miniature Clock

This miniature rugby ball clock isn’t really something that you would put center stage in your living room as it only stands at 6.2cm but it would look great on the bedside cabinet or even in their mancave if they have one

It’s made of a matt silver and has a quartz movement so it’s not just a cheap bit of tat


32. Guinness Mini Stress Rugby Ball

Guinness Mini Stress Rugby BallGifts For Scottish Rugby FansPicture this… The rugby match is on the television and it’s down to the last few minutes with the rugby fan’s team winning just by a few points and they are so nervous that they are ripping newspapers up, throwing things around the room, mumbling to themselves, well, basically getting on your nerves!

They need something to take that stress out on instead of taking it out on the household goods, maybe even giving the cat a bit of a shouting at.

ENTER THE MINI STRESS RUGBY BALL…Now isn’t the small price of one of these worth paying?


 33. Men’s Gift Designer Rugby Ball Cufflinks

Men's Gift Designer Rugby Ball CufflinksGifts For A Rugby FanI won’t lie to you, but there are not many times when you will have to wear cufflinks really but wouldn’t it be great if you could have these ready for when you have to wear them for a wedding or something like that?

You could play with these balls instead of adjusting your own


34. Leather Rugby Washbag

Leather Rugby ball Washbag

A genuine leather rugby ball-shaped wash bag could be the perfect gift for any rugby fanatic as it can be used for every day use and not just if they play rugby or to take to the swimming pool with them

Its 28cm x 13cm in size and has an additional zipped pocket inside as well as the big main compartment so there is plenty of room for their toiletries

Good Gifts For Rugby Coaches

 35. Rugby Ball Money Clip

A silver Rugby Ball Money ClipGifts For Someone Who Loves RugbyWhat man doesn’t use a wallet and what rugby fan wouldn’t love this personalized wallet with a rugby player on?

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36. Beer Buddies Bottle Opener

Beer Buddies Bottle OpenerRugby Gifts For 18th BirthdayWe all know that having a beer watching the rugby game at home goes without saying but we don’t always have a way of opening those metal caps, unless they are screw top bottles or you have a boring bottle opener

This angry looking rugby ball bottle opener can be fixed to the wall easily so you don’t keep losing that little bottle opener that you always use, and always lose

Get something like this as a focal point in the kitchen or even in your man-cave so you can open a bottle any time you want to.

37. Sterling Silver Catholic Saints Medal Pendant

Sterling Silver Catholic Saints Medal Pendant with rugby player emblemRugby Gifts For ChristmasA little bit of bling never hurt anyone. I’m not saying this is full of diamonds and pearls but a sterling silver pendant on a chain around a rugby fans neck isn’t exactly like having the crown jewels on the queens head either

If that man of yours loves rugby and has a chain around his neck then he is going to love this Saint Christopher pendant with a rugby player on the front of it, Why wouldn’t he?

38. Remedinature Rugby Players Muscle Rub
Remedinature Rugby Players' Muscle RubRugby Gifts For Teachers

Not all rugby fans are just rugby fans, some of them play a little as well so they are going to take a bit of battering on the field and that’s where this muscle rub will come in handy

They, of course, will be wearing the correct safety equipment to play but that doesn’t make them immune from injuries, does it?

It’s made with all natural ingredients an should be applied to any muscle in the body that is aching or cramping up.

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39. Mans Evolution Key-ring, Ape to Rugby Player

Mans Evolution Keyring Ape to Rugby PlayerWelsh Rugby Gifts For HimYes I know it’s only a key ring but there is something about having a big bunch of key rings that a man loves, maybe we are trying to compensate for something else?

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40. Rugby, Up N’ Under Belt Buckle including Presentation BoxBirthday Gifts For A Rugby Player

Rugby, Up N' Under Belt Buckle including Presentation BoxBirthday Gifts For A Rugby PlayerDo you know a rugby fan that loves new and different belt buckles

There is only one belt buckle to get them as a gift if you do

Why not spoil them and give them a third ball to play with by their groin area?

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41. Dove Men+Care Rugby Ball Gift SetGifts For Rugby Enthusiasts

Dove Men+Care Rugby Ball Gift SetGifts For Rugby Enthusiasts

Ah, the famous deodorant gift set that every man gets from relatives on every special occasion that occurs in their lives

If in doubt, buy your man some fragrance

You also get a miniature rugby ball just to entertain them when the are applying their body odour concealer

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42. Bountiful Rugby Gift Set For Men

Rugby gifts for menGood Gifts For Rugby CoachesA nice little gift set for the rugby fan with a taste for the finer things here

It comes in a beautiful looking gift box which contains 1 Bottle of Belvior Chardonnay, 1 Box of Beligid’Or Marc De Champagne Cocoa Dusted Truffle, 1 Boulvard of Cheese Nuggets, and to make it perfect for a rugby fan, A Rugby Techno Clock…

It’s a bit random but a nice gift anyway

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43. Engraved Pewter Rugby Feature Pocket Watch and Hip Flask Gift SetRugby Gifts For Boyfriend

Engraved Pewter Rugby Feature Pocket Watch and Hip Flask Gift SetRugby Gifts For Boyfriend

Another great gift for a rugby fan that likes to have a tipple close to hand and needs to know the time

A stainless steel hip flask and pocket watch which can be engraved to personalize it for whoever you want to buy it for and they both have a rugby player on the front, running with a rugby ball

I don’t know about you but I would prefer to keep it in the box

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44. Rugby BBQ Gift Set with Apron

Rugby BBQ Gift Set with Apron

A man is never happier than when he is cooking over a barbecue and drinking a beer on a warm sunny day after watching their rugby team win a game

If you are looking for a gift that combines both rugby and barbecues then this is the one for you

Give the rugby fan in your life all the tools they will need to cook you up a nice burned burger

45. Greatest Moments of the Rugby World Cup DVD/Book Gift SetRugby Gifts Ideas

Greatest Moments of the Rugby World Cup DVD/Book Gift Set

If there comes a time when there is no rugby match on the television and someone needs their fix of the game then how would they like to receive this pretty awesome DVD & Book set of the greatest moments that happened during various years of the Rugby World Cup?

They will be able to look back at some of the famous games that caused the crowds to go wild with excitement

46. Men’s White Handkerchiefs With Different Rugby Motifs

Men's White Handkerchiefs With Different Rugby MotifsBest Gifts For A Rugby Player

Whether this gift is to wipe a nose or to wipe the tears away after seeing their rugby team lose, these cotton handkerchiefs are a nice gift to give a rugby fan, It’s better than just using tissue paper, isn’t it?

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47. England RFU Official Rugby Golf Gift Set

England RFU Official Rugby Golf Gift Set 

As a Welshman, England isn’t my favourite choice of rugby team to have on anything I own, but I have to say this Christmas Gifts For Rugby Playersgolf gift set is pretty cool

If you know someone who loves the England Rugby Team and also walking across big fields hitting a small ball towards a small hole with a stick then this would be perfect for them

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48. Stainless Steel Hip Flask With 4 Shot Glasses & Dispensing Funnel

Stainless Steel Hip Flask With 4 Shot Glasses & Dispensing FunnelGifts For Rugby Enthusiasts

Yes, I know, again with the alcohol-related gifts, but what can I say, they are great gifts for rugby fans

This stainless steel hipflask, pouring funnel, and 4 shot cups would be brilliant for a rugby fanatic which you can get personalized on the front

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49. Pocket Watch with Rugby Player Case in a Presentation BoxGifts For Scottish Rugby Fans

Pocket Watch with Rugby Player Case in a Presentation BoxGifts For Scottish Rugby Fans

I actually had one of these solid pewter pockets watches with a rugby player on the front given to me a few years ago for being a best man at a wedding and even though I haven’t used it I think it’s a stunning gift to have

It can be engraved with a message on the back of it and the satin lined gift box really sets it off

I know for a fact that whoever you buy this for will be over the moon with it

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50. Ultimate Rugby Mug in Tin Gift SetRugby Gifts For 18th Birthday

Ultimate Rugby Mug in Tin Gift Set


I know what you are thinking, why would you want a mug in a tin? It’s not so much the tin and the mug, it’s more about what is written on the mug that makes me want to put this in the best rugby gifts for men

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51. Rugby Wedding Cake Topper

Rugby Wedding Cake Topper with the bride diving for the hroomRugby Gifts For Christmas

Now some would see this one as a life sentence rather than a first but it made me laugh when I saw it so I had to share it with you.

Do you know any rugby mad fans that are due to tie the knot?

If so this wedding cake topper would be an awesome gift for them… If they’re “soon to be” wife will let them put it on the cake

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Didn’t see anything you liked? 

Try Here For More Rugby Gifts For MenRugby Gifts For Christmas

Or if you want to really impress the rugby fans you know with a bit of rugby knowledge, have a look at some excellent rugby facts here


Before You Go…

Everything a rugby fan needs and wants in one place so don’t forget to bookmark this post so you can keep coming back time and time again

If there’s anything you need to know about any of the products here feel free to ask me in the comment section below

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8 comments on “Top 50 Rugby gifts for men


This looks cool, my dad loves rugby and its gonna be his birthday soon, so I can get him one these as a present, probably the mug and tin gift set. Thanks!


Your dad is going to love that as I bought it for my father in law for his birthday. It’s only a mug but it’s a bit of a keepsake as well 🙂


These are very cool gifts for rugby players. What’s interesting for me though is that I know more girl rugby players than guys. I know, not the most natural, just that in my friend group, the girls are more manly than the guys.

It’d be great if you could create a list for women (if you can find enough information). I’m thinking some the things you could give to female rugby players on this list are probably the keychains, rugby balls, and stress balls. Those seem the most gender neutral. Great article!


That is going to be my next project so thanks for reminding me 🙂


Hey, thanks for a brilliant list, just solved a last minute Christmas headache, I can even forgive the fact your Welsh. I’m even thinking of buying myself item 28 the men’s sexy rugby player apron, luckily that’s how I look when naked but it’s a pain in the kitchen when frying things as I keep getting burnt, so with this the missus won’t know the difference!! Thanks again for a great fun list and some great ideas for the Rugby fan. Kev (swing low sweet chariot!!)


Your lucky I’m letting you write those chariot words on here, lol. That apron is so funny I even bought one myself now my wife doesn’t want me to take it off hahaha

Barry Bullard

I’m secret santa this year for someone who really loves rugby and I’m so glad i found this post as I know nothing really about Rugby.  

I think i’ll pick up the Rugby funniest joke book as that really does look like a winner and perfect for him.

Thank you again.  You are truly a life saver!


Its hilarious, the person you get that for is going to love it


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