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Top 3 rugby balls for sale-Find out how they came to be

BALL’S TO THAT!rugby ball vector image

Just think of this, that old rugby ball which has seen better days that you use to practice with suddenly pops and you don’t have another one to use, how are you going to carry on with your training?

Rather than wait to borrow somebody else’s, why don’t you get yourself one of these top of the range rugby balls so you won’t have to stop training and you can guarantee that they are very durable which will last you a long time. So this is why these balls that I will show you soon, make it on the list of the top 3 rugby balls for sale.

One of the toughest sports in the world needs to have a very durable and strong ball as it will be going through a lot on the field. Even though they are quite light these days, they are very tough and can withstand the heaviest of rugby players landing on top of it without bursting!

Well, Most Of The Time. Take a look at this…


Ever since William Webb Ellis picked up a ball and started running with it in Rugby School in 1823 creating one of the greatest games in the world, manufacturers have been trying to perfect the rugby ball for a better game.

Unless they can make one that scores the tries for you I think they have got it mastered!

Just a brief history of how we have got the rugby balls we have today then on to my top three rugby balls for sale.

The Beginning

In the 1800s two men, Richard Lindon and Bernard Solano started hand stitching four leather panels together to form the casing around a pigs bladder to make what we now call “the rugby ball” and hence why they are called today “pigskins”

Obviously not all the bladders were the same size so no two rugby balls were the same or the shape they are today.  They were more rounded and spherical than they are now as they only had the shape of the bladder to go to when it was inflated.

They didn’t have ball pumps back then so the pig’s bladders were blown up by mouth through a clay pipe inserted into an opening of the bladder.

I can’t imagine there were many people queuing up for that job!

“So what do you work as these days dave?”……”Oh just the usual…I blow up the bladders of pigs with my mouth”

That job is not for me I’m sorry, I like the pigs near my mouth cooked and crispy!

Gone Are The Pigs

Richard Lindon in 1880 with 2 rugby balls that he made
Richard Lindon in 1880 with 2 rugby balls that he made

It wasn’t until 1870 that rubber inner tubes were put into the rugby balls by the legendary Richard Lindon, and with the rubber being more pliable than those poor piggies insides they started to form more of an egg shape that we have today rather than the sphere.

In 1892 the RFU made it compulsory for all rugby balls to be oval in shape so over the years they have been gradually flattening them to the required shape.

Changing With The Timesan early hand-made leather rugby ball

All rugby balls were traditionally made of brown leather but were like catching a boulder if they got wet as the leather would get water-logged, so in 1980 the leather casing was replaced by synthetic waterproof materials which didn’t drink all the water off the pitch like a thirsty camel, had a much better grip and much lighter making it a faster and more exciting game to watch.

Rules And Regulations

Nowadays rugby balls are still required by the RFU to be made with four pieces of material stitched together but with the help of machines doing all the work they can be made a lot quicker and mass produced.

The material is still made of leather and a variety of synthetic substances and the surface is dimpled for that extra grip.

The regulation measurements for today’s rugby ball are…..

  • 28 – 30 cm (11 – 12in) long
  • 58 – 62 cm (23 – 24 in) in circumference at its widest point
  • 410 460 g (14 – 16 oz) in weight
  • Inflated to 65.7 – 68.8 kpa (9.5 – 10.0psi)

The modern rugby ball has come a very long way since the pigs bladder they use to kick about and there really is some superb examples on the market today.  So I have looked all over trying to find what I think are the top 3 rugby balls for sale but it is only my opinion.

As Well As Rugby Balls To Play The Game, Rugby Safety Equipment Is A Must To Play A Safer Game

And Here They Are…


 Best rugby ballsCanterbury Thrillseeker Fluro 

Canterbury Thrillseeker Fluro Rugby Ball – Safety Yellow / Black

  • Grain Grip – Improves handling.
  • Submerged Valve – For increased flight accuracy.
  • 2 Ply Rubber Blend
  • Latex Bladder
  • Aesthetic Pattern

This is a great choice for those matches with friends in a park. Its design made of rubberized textile promises that passes are smooth and handling the ball is comfortable.10

My Rating – 8/10

The Best Place to Buy: AMAZON


 Rugby balls to buyTop threeGilbert Barbarian Match Ball

Gilbert Barbarian Match Rugby Ball with a Standard grip and Patented Truflight

  • Standard grip.
  • Truflight valve.
  • 3 ply core spun polyester and cotton laminate.
  • Functional rubber surface.
  • Hand stitched.
  • Level – senior club/schools.
  • Conforms to World Rugby specifications.

This Gilbert barbarian is a good solid ball with excellent grip in all weather, although I have noticed it tends to go down more often than the average rugby ball.

My Rating – 9/10

The Best Place to Buy: AMAZON


red white and black rhino rugby ballRhino Vortex Elite 

  • Fitted with In-Seam bladder with dual balance to produce a more accurate flight path
  • Aerosensa grip technology D – senses air movement helping the ball to attain more lift and drag when in flight
  • 4 Ply laminated construction
  • Hand stitched
  • Weight: 455 grams 
  • Dimension: 75cm/58cm

The Vortex Elite is a top-level rugby ball suitable for all rugby teams of most age groups.  It is the official match ball of the British and Irish Lions and is the official ball in the PRO 12 competition in the UK.

My Rating – 8/10

The Best Place to Buy: HUGERUGBY

Which One Do You Prefer?

I have to say that my favourite out of the top three rugby balls for sale I have shown you I like the Gilbert Barbarian the best, even though it has a tendency to deflate quicker than most I prefer the handling and the grip of it better than the other two.

If you have a favourite rugby ball here or even not on my list, feel free to let me know in the comment section below




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6 comments on “Top 3 rugby balls for sale-Find out how they came to be

Oh my gosh! I can’t believe how rugby balls where first made from pig’s bladders! Gross! I really just wonder how Richard Lindon and Bernard Solano thought “hm Im going to blow up a pig’s bladder today!” But so interesting! I love the history of any sport seeing how to came to be. I’m not a rugby player but I have lots of friends that are and will share with them the balls you suggest.


Its not the job that i would want thats for sure! Thank God that the pump was invented and those piggies bellies are safe


Interesting story! I really enjoyed the history of rugby balls. I have heard similar stories from other sports too. People can be really creative when they are passioned.

I think that the best ball for me is the Canterbury one. I just need one to play once per week with my friends. It sounds like a good choice.


The Canterbury one is a great choice!


That was quite a story, I really enjoyed it.
As a basketball girl myself, I’ve never really been into the rugby, but it’s always nice to get to know other sports as well.
I don’t know why, but I think I’m in love with the Gilbert ball. It’s hard to expain, but I think you get it!


Gilbert will always be a contender in the rugby ball world and it will take something special to best it that’s for sure


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