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The Importance of Football Training equipment for kids

Train Hard Now, Play Your Best Later

Have you ever thought how the football stars of today got to where they are? It wasn’t sitting around playing on the Xbox or on the IPad I know.

Getting some regular training and coaching is key to success for their future so I want to share with you what I personally think are some excellent pieces of football training equipment for kids that could greatly improve their game.

Nurture them young

Children are like sponges, and I don’t mean if you don’t ring the water out and leave them they start to smell! Everything you teach them at a young age they just soak it up so starting them Football training at a young age will only benefit them in the long run.

Just by putting a football in front of them when they can walk is teaching them to kick it and I’m pretty sure that’s how all the superstars of today first started.

And some still need it put in front of them!

Training Tips for Kids

Don’t underestimate your children’s abilities, OK some are born to this world with 2 left feet like my eldest boy but if you can see them either being able to kick the ball quite far or being able to header the ball from a young age just keep practicing with them. Don’t push them into it though as they will just resent you and just quit altogether.

A Few Things You Could Try With Them

  • The most important training advice I can give you is….MAKE IT Football equipmentFUN! Ask fun and silly questions like “Do we use our hands to kick the ball?” Keep letting them know the basic rules and ask them to repeat the answers back to you so it sticks in their heads.
  • Find a place where they have space to do whatever they want with the football, the more space they have the more room for improvement.
  • Teach them how to control the ball but putting their foot on it, it might take a few tries but if they can master that you could start getting them to do it with both feet.
  • Get them to kick with the correct part of the foot, either the side or the top of the foot and get them out of toe punting it as there is no control there.
  • Controlling the ball in the air is going to be a tough one to master but with some persistence and practice they will soon be controlling the ball on their chest and volleying it into the top corner of the goals.

Football Training equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment for football training at all but if you do want to try something different I have found some great training equipment for different aspects of playing football so just click on the links that you want your children to improve on and you can see what I would suggest.

Kids football training equipmentShootingFootball equipment
Free Kicks & Penalties 
Kicking Power


If you have some great tips on how to train kids in football I would love to hear about them so just leave them in the comment section below and share them with everyone.

Kids football training equipment

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2 comments on “The Importance of Football Training equipment for kids

Great post on training for kids in this sport. I used to play little league as a kid and it really does help with social interaction and confidence through positive activities! Well written!


Thanks, i couldnt agree more


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