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The Best Tackle Bags for Rugby-Improve Your Game With Centurion

Keep Your Tackle Safe

There are many types of tackle bags for different sports that you can practice with but which are the best tackle bags for rugby? And what do you want to achieve using these?

Which tackle bag to get and why

Tackle bags are used during training to perfect a players tackles before can put it into practice in a game or to warm up before a match.

Made out of strong outer material and a padded inner they help to improve your rugby tackle without having another player involved and lessens the risk of getting another player injured.

There are two types of tackle bags, the Rucking shield and the Tackle bag

  • RUCKING SHIELD : held in the hand of a coach or teammate to allow the tackler to drive against it safely without injuries.
  • TACKLE BAG : stands upright on the ground and is held loosely by either a coach or teammate allowing the tackler to practise a full on tackle without having to injure another player.

In-Home Training

I have been a children’s rugby coach for a number of years now and every single training session we use both of these with brilliant effect on the development of the children’s tackling and confidence going in for a tackle.

I have 3 boys that play rugby and another one that is a bit too young to start yet, but the best investment I have ever made is buying my own tackle shield so my boys can practice in the house.

Even though they train twice a week it still is a great piece of rugby training equipment to have at home so they can practice anytime they want.

I won’t lie to you, it normally ends in tears in my house when the sheild is out and my boys are all tackling each other!

There is one brand of tackle bags that have a brilliant reputation and always deliver in quality and they are….



Kids tackle bagsRugby tackle bagsBUY NOW FOR ONLY £37.68

With a wedge at the top of the shield to stop players from slipping over the top of it and giving the person holding it a bit of a sore head.  It has been designed to absorb maximum impact as its made of a heavy duty PVC cover and foam innards.


see other options hereTackle bags


Kids tackle bagsRugby tackle bagsBUY NOW FOR ONLY £70

The stand up tackle bag contains a one piece high density solid foam core for those big hits.  It’s high tenacity waterproof PVC cover and reinforced seams it is extremely durable in all conditions and can be held easily by its 50mm webbing handles.


see other options hereTackle bags

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One more thing

If you would like to know more about these tackle bags or have already got one, just leave your messages below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Kids tackle bags





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2 comments on “The Best Tackle Bags for Rugby-Improve Your Game With Centurion

Great info, very well put together. I love the easy navigation and the different options that are given in regards to the different tackle bags and rucking shields. This is a wonderful site. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


Each tackle bag or sheild serves a different purpose so I wanted to explain what they were all about, thanks for dropping by


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