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Unisex M600 Sports Watch Review

Looking at the pace of life these days and the amount of fast food we are shovelling down our necks it’s no wonder that everyone wants to keep track of their every move and make sure we are exercising just enough to burn off the burgers. Getting The Best Out Of A Smart Watch With This Beauty! will be the  best purchase you will ever make to help you get in shape.

Product name:   Unisex M600 Sports (smart) Watch ActiveFitness

Where from:  Amazon
Price: Buy Now For Only $269.99
Brand:  Polar

Size:   Medium or Large

Colours: Black or White
Overall Rank:  92/100

Product Overview

A smartwatch that can track your steps taken, heart rate, gives you the weather, play music from your phone without having your phone with you, calendar, send text messages on the go by speaking to it, find out what song is playing around you just by a click of a button, gives you the weather forecast, waterproof, tracks your speed and distance whilst running and a built-in GPS so you will never get lost or end up in some random farmers field.

  • It’s built on Google’s Android SmartWare platform
  • Optical heart rate technology providing wrist-based heart rate
  • Measurements via 6-led solution integrated GPS
  • 24/7 activity tracking, and polar smart coaching



The Good & the Bad

The Good



# COMES IN 2 STYLISH COLOURS…BLACK OR WHITE (the white one is stunning)

The Bad


white polar smartwatch

white polar smartwatchwhite polar smartwatch

Who is the M600 for?

It’s for any person that wants to keep track on all their daily exercise, movement or even just to have a cool looking piece of technology that basically does everything apart from taking the rubbish bins out!

For both men and women click HERE

Picture the scene

You’re out in a club and a song comes on that you love but don’t know what it’s called, just a click of a button and the M600 can find out what song it is and store the details for when you get home.  So even if you ask the DJ and forget because you were too drunk when you woke up to remember, it’s there waiting for you on your smartwatch…..

I know it’s not the most practical of uses but still a pretty good feature 

How do you set it up?

It is really simple to set up that my 8-year old could set it up (saying that, most 8-year-olds these days could probably set up a whole website compared to us oldies)

The M600 Smart Watch needs to be set up with a compatible mobile device, either an Android 4.3 or above or an IOS 9.0 and above.  You can see if your device is compatible with g.col wear.

You need to download the correct app and make sure that your devices apps are up to date then once that is done, make sure the device is connected to Bluetooth and that it is connected to an internet source.

You then pair your M600 to your device via the Bluetooth and activate the POLAR app on your device…SIMPLES

Watch the “getting started” video here

How to get the best out of your M600

Wear it with the display facing upwards on your less dominant arm as you will be less likely to be holding any sports equipment giving it better accuracy reading for your heart rate.

Make sure it is just behind the wrist bone and in constant contact with the skin at all times, but not too tight and remember to loosen it a bit after exercising to let your skin breathe a bit.

The M600 tracks the movement of your wrist (get your dirty minds out of the gutter) so if you are doing anything like pushing a pram or any form of exercise where you don’t move your wrists as much you can use it with the heart rate sensor so you don’t miss any activity that you are doing.

Why Polar?

This state of the art smartwatch helps you see how active you are, I know others do the same but with the M600 it gives you a daily activity goal, kind of like a loving wife would (but it won’t make you do the dishes) and also rewards you for giving feedback (nothing like a loving wife would)

It will tell you if you have been staying still for too long and suggest an activity to do…… yes you guessed it….like I loving wife would do!!!

The Importance of Keeping Active

It is very important to keep active daily.  Healthy body, healthy mind   You need to avoid prolonged sitting as it will keep your bones, muscles, joints and weight at a healthy level.

Some little tips to get a bit more active.

  • Get up and do something while the ad breaks are on while watching television.
  • Work standing up whenever possible.
  • Get up and go for a 5-minute walk every hour
  • Park your car a little bit further away than you normally would from your destination.
  • Do the dishes the old fashion way in the sink rather than put them in the dishwasher.

white polar smartwatch

white polar smartwatch

white polar smartwatch



Not so much a “bonus feature” more of an extra bonus.  We all know how active we are while awake but do we know how active we are while we are asleep?

The M600 tracks the movement of your wrist so when you aren’t moving at all it classes it as “restful sleep” and when you are moving it turning over it classes it as “restless sleep” hence giving you an accurate reading of how much actual proper sleep you had through the night.

This is how it will show up in the apps

polar smartwatch apps main screen

polar smartwatch apps activity tracker








My Final Opinion of the M600 smartwatch

This has to be one of the best smartwatches on the market at the moment and it really does help you get a better, more active lifestyle and can really help you to motivate yourself.

Without a doubt one of my top picks

Change your lifestyle and order the M600 smart watch here

What to do now?

I have given you my knowledge of this smartwatch but now it’s down to you to do the rest.  Let me know if you have already got one and what you think about it.  Or if you are going to get one and need some more information, feel free to ask and I will do my very best to give you the answers.


Have any Questions or Comments?

14 comments on “The Best of Smart Watch-You need this in your life


I’ve been thinking of buying a smart watch for a little while now, but haven’t been able to decide between the Apple or the Samsung. After visiting your site I think I’m actually in the market for a smart watch that it actually geared towards exercise rather than a smart watch that does a little bit of everything. Also a bonus that it’s easy to set up because I’m not really that savvy with this sort of thing!


If your swaying towards an exercise smart watch then this is definatly for you. It has everything you need to keep track of your fitness and much more.  If you need anymore help decidingvwhich is the right one for you then dont hesitate to ask.  All the best


Hey there

I think these smart watches are so cool! They do so much and aren’t that expensive when you actually think about the amount that they can do.
I’ve been looking at the apple version of these and they are quite pricey! Thanks for the review I will keep this in mind as it has the same features as the apple version and looks great!


it is a really useful piece of technology and you definitely get your money’s worth the same as what you get with the Apple version.  I hope it has helped you decide what you want


Thanks for this great and complete review.

I’m planning to buy a watch to assist me during my workout sessions. It seems like Smartwatch will do the trick. After going through your post, I’m a little bit confused to make a decision. Is smartwatch ideal for physical exercise? Or should I buy a sportswatch?


with the smart watch you get so much more than a sports watch like I have shown in the review.  Although a sports watch can do some things it can’t give you an accurate reading like the smart watch can


M600 seems to be the fitness watch I am looking for. I prefer one that comes with wrist heartbeat sensor instead of having to wear a sensor across my chest. Any idea how long it lasts on one charge? I am using a Fitbit Surge and the battery life is not too bad but it’s monochrome and not a touchscreen. Been thinking of POLAR versus GARMIN. Till date, the M600 seems like a suitable choice.


The battery on this smart wtch will last around 12 hours fully charged so its really great at power saving


Greate review. Sounds like the right smart watch to buy. Greate features. I don’t have a smart watch yet andI do want to buy one. But isn’t a bit expensive?


Yes it is a bit pricey but its pretty much an average price for this type of smart watch


Thanks for this review. I had to get a cheaper phone when my iphone broke (and it doesn’t have the odometer feature). It will be awhile before I can get another iphone so this sounds like a great solution for me – I really need the motivation of something keeping track of my movement. Thanks for the thorough review!


They dont have all the main features of an I phone but they are the next best thing


This is so cool. I must admit that I am one of those people who is resisting smart watches. Have a smartphone. Why another device?

But your review is making me have second thoughts. It is really so cool. Plus I really must get more active. Have been working and playing on my laptop for too many hours. Will definitely consider this.

Thanks! 🙂


Its really a smart phone that you can wear on your wrist, lol. It does have some perks though like being able to check your stats without taking it out of your pocket.


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