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The best home treadmill review- M500 incline trainer

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Get Wet From Sweat, Not The Rain

I don’t know about you but I hate running in the rain (unless I’m running to the pub) but who’s to say you can’t always exercise because of the bad weather? The number of home exercise machines that you can buy for next to nothing these days, and how compact they can be. I’m surprised that every home doesn’t have at least 1 machine to keep fit in the home and I think you might be joining the thousands of homes that already have one when you take a look at The Ultimate Home Treadmill Machine Review called the M-500 Incline Trainer.

Apart from doing some Easy Fitness Routines At Home, there will be times you just want to burn off a little more energy and go for a run but the weather is to bad.

If your anything like me you’re made of sugar and will melt like the witch from the wizard of oz if a drop of rain lands on you

Training in comfort

I have looked around and found this great running machine called the M-500 INCLINE TRAINER which I think would be perfect for me to watch television and exercise at the same time….RESULT!!!

OK……it is a bit pricey at nearly £2,000 but you get what you pay for don’t you?

Which is strange because I cant remember ever paying for a balding head and a low bank account

Moving swiftly on…

This state of the art running machine the M-500 incline trainer has a more intensified performance.  The incline on this can reach up to 40% and has the same effects on your exercising as a cross trainer, step machine and treadmill all in one.


incline trainerTHE M500 INCLINE TRAINER

What this incline trainer gives you for your money

  • 40 levels of power incline to help burn more calories
  • Top speed of 7.5 mph
  • Has a wider range of motion than other treadmills
  • Has a shock absorbing system for a more comfortable run
  • Easy one-touch control buttons
  • 9 workout programs so you will never get bored
  • You can check your heart rate through the built-in hand sensors on the hand grips or the wireless receiver and an optional chest belt
  • Built-in mp3 audio port, speakers and a high contrast backlit LCD console
  • A cooling fan if you are getting a bit hot under the collar watching something you shouldn’t be on the television
side view of incline trainer and calorieburn percentage
40% incline running

What this incline trainer “doesn’t” give you for your money

  • Pneumonia
  • Sunburn
  • A back or foot rub

JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!! (and I mean the treadmill and not the woman using it)

Some specifications about the treadmill

  • Motor 2.5 CHP
  • Inclineup to 40% with one touch controls
  • Speedup to 12kph (7.5mph)
  • Running Deck Size 48cm x 133cm
  • ConsoleLCD Blue Backlit Console
  • Programmes 9
  • Heart Rate MeasurementWireless Reciever and Hand Grip Sensors
  • FoldableNo
  • SizeL 155CM x W 79CM x H 146CM
  • Product Weight108kg
  • Warranty1Year

LCD Blue Backlit Console

State of the art LCD console

final thoughts

You can get these from and I think that it may just be my next big purchase.  As well as keeping you fit it doesn’t look like it would look out of place in any room of the house with its modern look and brand new technology.


A quick recap…

What it is – An Incline Treadmill

Name – M-500 incline trainer

Best place to get it –


Deliveries to the UK only

Before you leave this balding man’s post!

If you already have an M-500 INCLINER TRAINER I would love to hear what you think of it.

Do you think its worth the money?

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below telling me all you know about this treadmill to help others know a bit more about it.

Or if you are looking to get one and want to know more I will happily answer any of your questions that you may have.

cheers shwni signature

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18 comments on “The best home treadmill review- M500 incline trainer


Hi, I had many problems with treadmills in my gym. I just can’t control the screen with my fingers. I think that happened because of hand sweat. Will I have this problem with m500?


Not at all, the LCD panel is designed to withstand body sweat and will still work perfectly when you hit the buttons. I had the same problem with my last running machine which is why I was looking into getting the M-500


Hello!! This sis great review of some excellent exercise equipment. You are very thorough in our review which will certainly help you unload a few of these runners!! the runner itself looks pretty high tech and attractive to buy, too!!


It is a great looking piece of exercise equipment and I’m hoping that if I get it that it won’t just be used as somewhere to put the laundry?


Hey Shwni, was looking for M-500 Incliner Trainer. I ‘m glad I ran across your site and see what I’m looking for.
It’s a little bit pricey compare to paying by USD, but looking into detail seems really worth the price.
Definitely, try it out.
But one thing I would like to know is if it safe for me cause I had knee surgery.
BTW, thanks for putting up this review.


It is a bit pricey, but think of it as an investment. With a 1 year warranty you have time to see how well it works.
I would advise you to check With your doctor first before you use it but I’m sure with their advice you could start by just gentle walking on there first


Thanks for the review,

I wondered what you thought of the top speed. I was looking for something I could put on the extreme incline and use as a kind of step master but I also wanted something I could do my HIIT sprints on. I was worried that 7.5mph may not be fast enough for doing these sprints and wondered if you had any experience with doing HIIT workouts on this machine??




I’m a bit unsure as to what “HIIT sprints” are if I’m honast, could you enlighten me?

Mr BEazzy

Hello Shwni. Thanks for sharing this review of the The Ultimate Home Treadmill Machine which is “M-500 Incline Trainer”. Treadmill are awesome and fun while running on them. They can help us do exercise and get sweat indoors. This is a well detailed review of the M-500 Incline Trainer. It’s expensive though.

Keep sharing Awesome Contents


Yes it is a bit pricey but think how much it would save you if you went to the gym all the time


Thank you for sharing this amazing product review about The Ultimate Home Treadmill. It looks awesome and for all the features described, the price is fair. I have workout equipment in my house but I don’t have a Treadmill. I think that it can be a good addition to my tiny gym I have at home in my basement. 

The pictures and videos definitely add a lot of value to your high-quality article. Good job!


Thanks Victor, it really wouldn’t look out of place in any home that’s for sure


As much as I do not like to workout, I would much rather do it at home then to have to go out in the rain and cold or to the gym.I really like the look to the M500 incline trainer.  The incline does look a little bit steep to me but that wouldn’t matter since it is adjustable.I would definitly love to watch T.V. while working out.  It is perfect to get two things done at once, and it is better for you then sitting and eating while watching T.V.


You can make the M500 Incline Trainer as steep or as flat as you want it to be so don’t worry about that 🙂


A good treadmill is absolutely what I am looking for.  The problem is I didnt realize a good treadmill would cost this much.  However I do understand it is the Cadillac of treadmills.  Treadmills are my favorite piece of gym equipment.  I do have a question though.  I read and didnt see the answer as to a weight restriction.  Could you tell me that?


Hi Dale, the maximum user weight is 130kg (286lbs) so it can take a bit of weight on it


Oh that’s a pity that it doesn’t give a back or foot rub! Haha, that’s pretty much the only thing it can’t do, right? This looks really professional, no more reason to go to a gym if you have this baby at home. 

I seriously think this is just as good as what you get at a gym, without having to wait until it’s your turn.


Yip, that’s pretty much it that it can’t do, lol


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