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The Best Exercise to Strengthen Legs-Rugby Power

exercise for stronger legs

Best Exercise to Strengthen Legs: A Workout Machine That Will Work WondersHey Skinny Legs!


Yes, I’m talking to you……

So you want stronger legs, do you?

Me too, I sometimes even struggle to get up the stairs with my skinny legs!

But that might be a thing of the past when I show you what I will be getting soon

So I can easily do The Best Exercise to Strengthen my Legs from the comfort of my own home.

Having strong legs if you play rugby or any sport for that matter,

Can improve your game significantly

Especially if you play as a Rugby Forward, or in the pack as they are known.

Power up!

All rugby players need to have high-level agility, endurance, and technical skillPower up your rugby tackles

But the stronger player will mostly win in the physical area such as the tackle, scrum, or ruck.

If you want to know more about what the muscles in your legs can do.

Then check out what our friend Wiki says about them HERE

Having that power in your legs can give you that edge whilst running with the ball in hand

And although you might think that power and strength are the same they are actually slightly different.

Strength Vs Power

Having power in your legs you do need strength and speed

But to have strength in your legs you need to train them and work every muscle to its full potential.

Strength is your ability to lift heavy things, Power is your ability to lift them fast Click To Tweet

So where do you start?

Well, firstly you can start by getting your ass off the sofa and go and dust off your lycra training shorts

And show the world your soon to be Bigger, Stronger legs” 

Because after using this machine you will be flexing your quads and calves out in public in no time.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you…

The Best Nordic Track A.C.T Commercial 7 Elliptical ReviewThe Nordic Track A.C.T Commercial 7 Elliptical

Price: Buy it now for only £1,499


Exercise in Comfort

 comfortable textured cushioned pedals

The comfortable textured cushioned pedals can be adjusted to 3 different heel to toe angles

So that they can adapt to your way of exercising and create a much more enjoyable experience.

Half The Size And Twice as Nice

half the size of a standard elliptical machine

The length of this machine has been reduced by nearly half the size of a standard elliptical machine

And also put the pedals above the drive system for better balance

So try not to fall off will you!

Your Workout Preferences

adjust the stride length of your workoutsYou can easily adjust the stride length of your workouts from 18 to 22 inches in quarter-inch increments

By simply adjusting the knobs on each of lower workout arms

Giving you that personalized workout every time.

Yes, I know I said “knobs” but if you can stay with me without laughing that would be great

Oh, And it has a water bottle holder just in the middle…BARGAIN!!!!


Move And Groove

Best Exercise To Strengthen Weak Legs

It has an Integrated tablet or iPad holder

So that you can watch movies or sing along to your favourite songs whilst working up a sweat.

The tablet or iPad is not included, unfortunately!

Play The Music You Love

Or you could just plug in your iPod and get rid of your earphones

So that you can listen to your music through the 2 brilliant 2-inch speakers that are built in.


on-board technology has everything you might need

Its onboard technology has everything you might need to get the perfect workout and get you fit

As well as strengthen your legs,

It even has a built-in colour web-enabled 7-inch screen

But make sure you are working out on here and not just surfing the web!

You know you would!

The wind beneath your wings

It’s bound to get warm with any exercising indoors

But you can forget getting too warm with this built-in oversized workout fan

It automatically adjusts itself to the speed you are going on the machine.

Excuse the pun, but how cool is that!

35 Workout Routines

You will never get bored of jumping on this bad boy to workout

It has been designed by a certified personal trainer so you can choose which path you want to take.

Speaking of Paths…

Activate your experience

Travel the world with this great feature

It is iFit enabled where you can follow real-life tracks from Google Maps and the Elliptical will adjust itself to move with the actual terrain that you will be going along.

It requires an Ifit subscription which is sold separately

I’m sorry for this outburst in advance but…



This workout machine is super simple to assemble whith the correct “How To” video

And it just so happens that I have the perfect one just for you here


How easy was that?

Who is it For?

I’m not going to lie to you but this would benefit everybody

If you want to get fit and improve your upper and lower body strength from the comfort of your own home

Or even the garage if your better half won’t let you have it in the house

Just a Few More Specifications

If what I have shown you so far wasn’t enough

There are still a few more things I want to tell you about.

  • 24 digital resistance levels for a varied workout
  • Heart rate monitor sensors built into the soft touch upper body grips
  • An included ifit wireless chest strap which uses Bluetooth to send information to the display unit
  • Front mounted transporter wheels for an easy way to move it around
  • And who could forget the water bottle holder!

Important Specifications

  • Max User Weight: 135kg
  • Product Weight: 105kg
  • Dimensions: 165cm L /81cm W /162cm H
  • Boxed Weight: 124kg
  • Boxed Dimensions : 132cm L /78cm W /65cm H
  • Warranty Information: 5-year frame warranty, 2 years parts and Labour warranty subjected to registration within 28 days of purchase

For all the delivery information click here

For all the secure payment details click here

For all the details about getting finance and not having to pay the full price upfront click here

A Quick Recap

What is it: Nordic Track A.C.T Commercial 7 Elliptical

How much : 

Where from:

One Last Thing Before You Go

I have to say I have really enjoyed showing you the Nordic Track A.C.T Commercial 7 Elliptical as I hadn’t realised you could get so much for your money.

So when you are walking down the street with strong muscular legs just stop and tell people about where you heard about this awesome machine

And make sure you come back for more brilliant body changing exercise machine reviews to get you the best you can be at the game you love playing

If you liked the look of this why don’t you Take a Look at Another of Nordic Track’s Amazing Exercise Machines Here


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14 comments on “The Best Exercise to Strengthen Legs-Rugby Power


I did track in high school, I wish we would have had this machine. I believe that when I get my own home, this will be a nice addition to my personal gym.


Oh this would definitely make an excellent edition to your home gym, if not the main attraction


That is a cool Elliptical machine literally (pun intended). It has all the fun gadgets and amazing technology. I used an older version in a gym before and it was very effective. I love the life tracks google map option. It gives you an interesting virtual experience. Thank you for the informative review. I shall definitely keep this machine in mind for my next exercise equipment purchase.


I’m glad you found this review helpful and I’m sure it will make a nice edition to your home when you are ready to get a new piece of training equipment

Heath L.

Who doesn’t want stronger legs!! I know I sure do and appreciate the kick ass review on this piece of equipment!! I hate the treadmill and most definitely like the idea of an elliptical but it can be very overwhelming going to browse at your local fitness shop and being bombarded by pushy salesmen looking to make a quick buck by trying to sell you the most expensive machine! I love the features of this eliptical! Thanks again for the info!


H that’s the worst isn’t it! All you want to do is browse at your own leisure but you always get some salesman come up to you which just drives you out of the store!


Nice post here, I agree that lower body strength is vital for peek performance in any sport. Will you be writing something on core strength in the near future. Looking forward to it. Thanks.


I have some ideas about core strength that I would like to get out there so keep dropping by to check


The Nordic Trac looks amazing. I definitely make exercise a part of my daily life. I try to get 60-90 minutes of exercise each day. I have an elliptical machine. I know this machine would be even better.


It really is a brilliant piece of exercising machine, The workout that you get from it is awesome I have to say


I have an elliptical as well as a treadmill. However, they are a bit old and are lacking all the good technology that this one has. Yes, they get the job done. However, Now I am really looking at replacing them. Thanks for this review.


You will be getting the best of both with this machine so you could sell both your elliptical and treadmill and use the money to buy one of these bad boys 😉


Hi Shwni,

I liked your logical progression in your post about strengthening your legs. There are some who are not athletes but still wish to work on our leg strength, so good information.

You provided really good selling points on the machine. I think that providing the cost will eliminate people who couldn’t or wouldn’t make that kind of investment. You will only have to deal with people who can “step up” (pun intended) and purchase this wonderful workout equipment.



Thanks Betty, Yes, This machine is not just for rugby players. It will benefit anybody that wants to strengthen their legs. If you are unsure if you can use it then I would advise that you check with your doctor first to see if you would be ok to use it. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


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