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TDF Pro 5 Reviews

tdf pro5 reviews

TDF Pro 5 Review: The Official Tour de France Indoor Cycle BikeMan riding a Proform TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Machine

There are way too many indoor cycle machines out there to be to choose from

So where do you start?

To be perfectly honest with you theres only one thing better that buying this indoor machine

And that’s to get a real bike and get out into the fresh air

But if being outside in all weather isn’t for you and you would prefer to get fitter at home with a decent and up to date cycle machine

Then you are going to want to read this TDF Pro 5 Review

Quick Overview

Product Name: ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Bike

Where From:

Size: 157 x 63.5 x 142

  • IFIT® Technology
  • IPod Compatable
  • 24 Tour de France Workout Stages
  • Powered by Google Maps
  • 10″ Screen
  • 20% Incline & Decline
  • 30 Electronic Gear Changes

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TDF Pro 5 ReviewThe realistic road maps off the Tour De France routes

This is a pretty awesome bit of equipment that I know you’re going to love

There are some amazing ones about there but if it wasn’t the best exercise bike, the Tour De France wouldn’t put their name to it, would they?

It has 24 built in workout apps from the iconic Tour de France bike race

So rather than just watching it on the television you can get involved and compete with the best

You can create your own riding experience anywhere in the world with the IFIT® technology and be amazed by the real street views as you ride by the cheering crowds giving you the experience of a lifetime

Basically, you can ride anywhere in the world or any street view without having to leave the comfort of your own home due to it being powered by Google Maps and the amazing HD screen


There’s no other indoor cycle bike out there with was much technology that the TDF Pro 5 has

It has a 10-inch touchscreen console where you can easily create a riding experience that suits you and enjoy all your favourite training programs, fitness apps and workout stats all in high definition

From the main 10″ screen while you are cycling, you can check…Proform 10 inch HD digital screen

  • TIME

With just a touch of the web enabled screen

It’s also compatible with a BLE heart monitor which you have to purchase separately unfortunately but it still has the standard heart monitor sensors built in

Get Fit to The Beat

You can also connect your IPod up to it so you can listen to your favourite tunes at the same time through the intermix acoustics 2.0 sound system and the two 2″ speakers

It also has internet access so you can listen to all your music from any source you normally do online

Today I will be cycling to a bit of Bon Jovi’s “Halfway There” on my proform tour de france resistance bike to give me motivation

The Silent TreatmentSilent Magnetic Resistance wheel

You won’t be able to hear a thing with the SMR™ “Silent Magnetic Resistance™ which puts all the other cycle machines to shame

And you can finally have a nice and quiet house while you get fit… unless you have 4 screaming kids like I do!

Simulates Real Terrain

If you think that you will be getting a flat easy ride with this cycle bike, then think again!

For every course or track you ride you will be experiencing every uphill and downhill in real time as you travel across the world

If you think that the big hill in front of you isn’t real then you are in for a big shock as the ProForm has a 20% online and a 20% decline

Not only that, there are 30 electronic front handle gears for you to change which could give you a challenge if you wanted to test yourself and try to beat your best time on any world tour

So the landscape in front of you is going to be harder than you think… Or Is It?

Just take a look at this quick video to see how it works


On top of all the gizmos and gadgets this indoor cycle bike gives you there are a few other things it has to offer that might make your riding experience a little easierA hand holding onto the 30 handle bar gears

  1. Front Mounted Transport Wheels – If you haven’t got the room to keep the bike in just one place then the transport wheels will make it easy for you to move it from room to room
  2. Double Water Bottle Holder – You are going to need to keep hydrated if you spend a bit of time exercising using this bike so having room to fit 2 bottles of water is going to be ideal so you don’t have to stop and refill your bottle
  3. Foot Toe Cages & Straps – Rather than your feet slipping off the pedals all the time the cages and straps will keep them firmly in place so you can concentrate on your ride rather than your feet slipping
  4. Non-slip Adjustable Handlebars & Seat – Not everyone is the same size so you need to adjust both the seat and the handlebars to suit you. And as they are non-slip you should be able to exercise for longer

Pros & Cons


  • The HD digital screen will make you feel as if you are actually riding around the world on all the famous courses which should take your mind off how many miles you have actually travelled
  • It has an incline and decline of 20% and 30 different gear levels so any terrain that you come across on the screen will feel very realistic
  • You can link your IPod up to it so that you can listen to your favourite tunes as you ride along, either that or you can just stick it in front of the television
  • It can be easily transported from room to room as it’s very lightweight and the built in transported wheels will make things so much easier


  • The only problem I had personally with this cycle machine is that the seat wasn’t as comfy as I thought it would be, but I suppose you could just pop a pillow under your bum

Quick RecapTDF Pro 5 Reviews

Maximum User Weight: UP TO 125KG


Product Size: 157 x 63.5 x 142

Incline: 20% Incline & 20% Decline

Screen Size: 10 Inches

Get it today with a huge saving of £400

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Or take a look at the cheaper, less advanced ProForm 2.0 here

What I Think of The ProForm 5.0

I’ve had 2 indoor cycle machines before this one but it has to be the best one that I have used by far!

There is only 1 place you will find the TDF Pro 5.0 for sale so there was no need for me to look for it anywhere else

It was a little difficult to put it all together at first but once it was up and running it was amazing, you can even freewheel downhill if you want to take a break and take in the views

There are of course other exercise machines to get fitter but I love to cycle but that’s just my personal preference

Anything to Add?

If you have had any experience with the pro-form 5.0 then I would like to hear what you think or if you have any questions at all just ask below and I will get straight back to you

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8 comments on “TDF Pro 5 Reviews


Great review, I didn’t want an indoor bike before I stumbled across your page, but now I’ve stored it for later while I think about it.


im glad you liked it, theres no time like the present to buy one


Nice article.

I like the idea of being silent while riding. Pro form 5 looks pretty awesome.



It is pretty awesome i must admit


Nice one, this looks really cool. I like to run outside more but your review about this indoor cycle bike it is so interesting with all the google maps. It  made me so much interested.
Is there anyway you can keep track of your exercises while using the bike? I will love to understand more about it. I have book marked your post so that I can easily get back to it.
Thank you for sharing.


Yes, the onboard computer will keep track of all your progress and keep all the data for future cycles


This article is very much appreciated as I have been thinking for so long to get an indoor cycle bike. The ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Bike is beautiful and seems to have all the features that I would definitely want. This review is very in depth and highlights literally all the features that anyone would be interested in identifying if the bike has. The video was very informative and even more convincing towards purchasing this bike.

Overall, this review has definitely grabbed my interest and I will certainly be looking at the getting the ProForm TDF Pro 5.0 Indoor Cycle Bike or something similar from the website.


Glad I could help you decide about getting an indoor cycle machine


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