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Sport Supplements and Nutrition – How can they help your game?

Natural supplements

Can you really benefit from supplements?

Fit Female
Female Fitness Trainer

Supplements can be taken the wrong way if you don’t know anything about them. You can sometimes hear others say that he must be taking a drug to get a body like that but 99% of the time its just all about eating the right foods, exercising right and knowing what to put into your body.

Now we all want to be the best we can be in our sport, and some people will do anything they can.  Even going to the extreme of taking illegal steroids to make them bigger, stronger, fitter……BUT WHY???…there’s no need to take that route.

There are plenty of natural supplements on the market these days, and some not so natural but legal and safe to take as well as a regular training regime.



Supplements to Keep You Fit
Keeping Fit

Training is definitely the main, and best way to get better at football or rugby.  Even at an early age you’re training and learning every time you pick up that rugby ball, or every time you kick that football….YOU ARE TRAINING!!!

Not everyone sticks to a strict balanced diet while playing a sport (not even the pros) so adding more nutrition to your weekly diet through the form of powders, pills, shakes, smoothies, oils and even health bars are becoming more and more of “the norm” for budding new football or rugby stars, or even if you just play to keep fit.

We all know what is good for you, and what is bad but here is just a small list of some Supplements and Nutrition that you can take, and their benefits.

Check out my pre-training supplement review here



Glass of Water Supplements
Water is a Natural Supplement

Let’s start off with good old Council Pop (WATER) It’s an obvious one but not everyone understands the benefits of just drinking plain water.

  • Our brains are mostly water, so drinking plenty will help you focus and be more alert on the field.
  • Reduces hunger so you don’t have to stuff your faces, raises your metabolism and helps remove by-products of fat.
  • Flushes toxins and gets rid of waste from your body through sweat and urination.
  • It has to be the best anti-ageing treatment that is out there, so if you are knocking on a bit you can still look that little bit younger?
  • Prevents headaches + back pain.  And also keeps your joints lubricated helping to prevent cramps and sprains
  • Last but not least…..It’s FREE!!! Even if it’s bottled, it’s still cheaper than that fizzy crap!

Coconut Oil Supplements
Half a Coconut

Extracted from the flesh of a coconut, COCONUT OIL has loads of health benefits for you.

  • Gives you more energy and endurance, which is exactly what you need for either 80 or 90 minutes of running around a pitch.
  • It reduces hunger so you won’t have to snack on a chocolate bar before the game.
  • Improves digestion breaking down foods almost immediately after consuming.
  • And reduces belly fat so you are over 40s don’t have to breathe in whilst trying to chase after the football.

Caffeine Supplements
Coffee Cup with Coffee Beans

Believe it or not, this next one you can get at your local corner shop…CAFFEINE, yes, a nice cup of black coffee is just what the doctor ordered apparently.

  • Accelerates fat loss.  Causes fat cells to be used as an energy source
  • Increases performance and improves focus keeping workouts productive and effective
  • Decreases muscle pain meaning you can run faster and longer during cardio workouts.

Jar full of Green Supplements
Algae Supplement

GREEN SUPPLEMENTS are basically vegetables, fruit, algae, and grasses all compacted down into either a powder or tablet form which can either be taken on its own or added to a healthy smoothie.  It contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients.

  • Helps digestion.
  • Reduces cravings for sweet things.
  • Also gives you a healthier heart.

I wouldn’t recommend just taking these and using them as a substitute for actual fruit and veg, but as well as your 5 a day.

Green Veg Supplements
Eat Your Greens


Woman Lying In The Sunshine Vitamin D
Natures Natural Supplement

VITAMIN D….also known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced in the skin when it is exposed to sunlight. (I live in Wales so I don’t see a lot of sunshine☔)

  • Makes your bones stronger and healthier.
  • Supports lung function and cardio health.
  • Helps weight loss.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.

Omega 3 Supplements
Fish Oil Supplements

FISH OIL is full of OMEGA3 and is some pretty good stuff considering it comes from something that swims in its own p##s and s##t ?

  • Speeds up workout recovery.
  • Boosts reaction times.
  • Helps burn excess fat.
  • Makes your bones stronger.
  • Makes your muscles work better.

Bacterial Supplements
Probiotic bacterial supplements

PROBIOTICS are live friendly bacteria which help fend off harmful bacteria and parasites in the body and are found in many things these days, from yogurt to chocolate….Yes, I said chocolate.

  • Keeps your cholesterol levels low.
  • They detox your colon and help with regular bowel movements.
  • Stops bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

Creatine powdered supplements
Powdered Creatine

Whatever people might believe, CREATINE is extremely safe to use.  It is a natural supplement to help boost athletic performance and build muscle and strength.

  • Muscle cells produce more energy creating more muscle mass.
  • Improves exercise performance.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels.
  • Can improve brain function
  • Reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Protein Powder Supplements
Pure Protein

PROTEIN POWDER is used if you don’t eat enough protein and used a lot by people who visit the gym regularly.  There are 3 main types which are whey, soy, and casein but whey is the most popular.

  • Some can help you lose weight and gain lean muscle.
  • Help improve sporting injuries quicker (muscular)
  • Reduces hunger so you won’t fancy scoffing a burger.
  • Increases size and strength.
  • Reduces stress.

Try crazybulk for the number #1 protein products 



All these I have mentioned are not a balanced diet and should not replace food altogether, but used in the right way and with plenty of training, exercise, rest and regular healthy and nutritious meals you will soon be on your way to being the best you can be at your sport.


Lucky Clover Supplements
Three Leafed Clover

If you have anything to add or any comments at all, please feel free to do so below.


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12 comments on “Sport Supplements and Nutrition – How can they help your game?


Hi Shwni
Thanks for this great information. It was straight to the point and fun to read. There is so much written about nutrition and exercise that it can be confusing at times. I found your simple straightforward approach to be helpful. You made important points about water which is sometimes assumed but often forgotten. I will go and try some more Green stuff! The combination looked amazing. I am sure even Wales has enough sunshine for Vitamin D production. I believe people just need to get out more. The great thing for me for sports like soccer and rugby is that it gets people outside exercising.
Thanks again really helpful.


Hi Keith, thanks for taking the time to read this, what I think is an important subject in sports.

Obviously plenty of training is the best to get yourself better at the game but I just wanted to show a couple of other ways you can get a little bit better.

Sport is a very enjoyable pastime in my household, and like you said it gets people out of the house.

I am glad you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you back soon.




Great information and fun to read! Thanks!


Thanks kelley, much appreciated. I hope you keep coming back for more information 🙂


I’ve read supplement websites in the past but none have made it as simple and straightforward as this. Very refreshing! When I am focused and are working on my health I am happy to say that I use most of the things you mentioned here minus the creatine. Just never got into use it. But, I can attest to the fact that these items here do in fact help. Being a non-athlete, when I ate right having a protein shake right after working out did help build muscle faster than without it. Great job on this post. This is helping motivate me to get back on track.


Hi Juan. I am really pleased you enjoyed this post and that you found it easy to follow.
With the right diet, exercise and supplements you will soon be back on track I’m sure.
Let me know if there’s anything I can help you with, and the best of luck.


A very honest post Shwni. Diet and nutrition is the cornerstone to high performance and knowing when to supplement is important.

Great recommendations and really enjoyed your post.


I’m glad you liked it, please come back for more of the same 🙂


Great article, lots of good info. Thank you for all the ideas of supplements and how to be healthier. I am always looking for different ways to incorporate more nutrients into my diet and I would prefer to do it the healthiest and most natural way possible. This helps a lot!


It’s my pleasure, im glad you enjoyed it 🙂


What an awesome read. I completely agree with you, training is by far the best way to get better at both football and rugby. When we were kids we did not have a need for supplements or at least they had no place in our diets because we were still developing. Now, however, most of our diets are incomplete or lacking in some areas and we need to fill in the gaps with preferably natural supplements.

Drinking plenty of water is by far the best way to perform at your peak. I’m an avid hiker, trekker, outdoor enthusiast, take your pick. When i am well hydrated i’m more alert, have more energy, my joints don’t hurt afterwards.

As for pill supplement i like to keep it basic with a multivitamin, fish oil, and red rice yeast. Other than that i don’t like all the phony powders that are pumped full of garbage and severely under dosed.

Protein powder is an excellent way to fill in the gaps when you cant get to a healthy meal. I just recommend reading reviews because a lot of the big companies have been busted for not putting in proper doses or even what they marketed to be in it.

I really liked this article because it was full of viable facts and it was easy to digest and i feel that anyone reading this has been able to take away something useful. I for one am going to incorporating coconut oil in my regime.


Coconut oil is amazing! I strongly suggest it


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