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Strength Conditioning for Rugby Players

Strength conditioning for rugby players

Strength Conditioning For Rugby Players: A Little Tip to Improve Your Game

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There is no better time to become a Faster, Stronger, and Fitter Rugby player than now

Your season is about to start and you have been at the stodgy, unhealthy food for a while now

And you need to improve every aspect of your health and fitness

So that you can be the Rugby player that both you and your teammates need you to be.

Strength Conditioning For Rugby Players can greatly improve performance whilst on the field and in training sessions

It can also help with the prevention of injuries

And increase your ability to come back from injuries quicker than you normally would.

It’s more than just pumping iron

It’s all about your physical development as a whole mixed in with other aspects of Rugby Training which include…

  1. Speed & agility
  2. Endurance & Core Development 
  3. Plyometrics

These three things along with strength conditioning can make the difference to you just playing down the park with your mates and becoming a professional rugby player.

Every rugby player needs to work on every part of a training regime regardless of what position you play Click To Tweet

But let’s say your one of the backsstrength conditioning for rugby players

Your main focus should be on speed and agility in order to get some ground and go for the try line.

If you want a few exercises to get your fitness up and build your muscles, then TRY THIS 4 DAY WORKOUT ROUTINE

As a forward, it’s all about the strength to be able to win the ball in a ruck or to drive a maul towards the try line.

Getting the right balance of training with all the key points I have shown above is down to you to decide how to work it out.

Take a look at this video from to see how you can create training to get stronger

One way to make your training more intense is to incorporate a weight vest into all your rugby training

Apart from the tackling side of things as that could injure both you and the other player.

Using a weighted vest is the only time that carrying a little extra weight is acceptable

And will improve your performance on the field because of the resistance your muscles will get from wearing it.

They can help to build core Strength and work your abs

As well as other muscle groups making your whole body much stronger.

And if it gets too easy you could just add more weight to the vest

Weight Vest Exercises For Strength Conditioning

DKN adjustable weighted vestOne of the best-weighted vests I have used is the DKN adjustable weighted vest which is only

With this vest, the weight is evenly spread out over your body

So it is quite comfortable to wear and increases the efficiency of the extra resistance.

It has a hi-grip Velcro belt which means it can be securely fastened to whatever your body shape is

And minimizes chafing, which is always a great bonus

You can also add or remove the weight packs to suit your preferences

Making it a very useful item to have and improve your strength, speed, and agility on the rugby field.

Vest overview

Where From:

Weight: 20kg

How Much: BUY NOW FOR ONLY £99

Bodybyboyle Online

Before You Leave…

If you have used this weight vest to improve your strength conditioning

I would love to hear what you think of it so leave your thoughts in the comment section below

Or if you haven’t and want to know more about it

Just ask and I will get straight back to you.


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Gary Krueger

I never played the game but it looks more dangerous than American Football. Why don’t they wear helmets?


I think with American Football they use their helmets as a weapon more than protection don’t they. I think Rugby is more technical and more thought about if I’m honest


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