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Storelli Exoshield Head Guard

Storelli Exoshield Head Guard Review

Storelli Exoshield Head Guard: A Complete Review 2019What do you think of the Storelli Exoshield

Forget all the negative reviews you have read about the Storelli Exoshield Head Guard before and take a quick look at the benefits that it will give you while playing soccer

We all want our children to be safe on the soccer pitch so I have been looking into head protection to see what works

Not only will you find this one of the best protection for your head in soccer

But I’m pretty sure you will be converted into wearing one yourself for every soccer game you play

I have found a few that work really well but this is probably one of the best soccer headgear on the market today

Quick Overview

  • Storelli Exoshield Head Guard
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    Does Soccer Headgear Prevent ConcussionBest Place to Buy: Amazon

  • Colour: Black With Gold Writing
  • Sizes: 20″-20.5″/20.5″-21″/21″-21.5″/21.5″-22.5″/22.5″-24″/23.5″-24″

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Storelli Exoshield Head Guard Introduction

This stylish and comfortable head protection is worn by a few top world-class players from the Champions League and English premier league so you know it’s going to be up there with the bestStorelli Exoshield Head Guard Introduction

The lightweight foam which is 9mm on the front and 12mm on the back is the same as what is used for Combat-Grade Military Helmets which gives you the protection that you need in the vital areas of your head

And also the temperature-control material will help you feel cool during those tough, under-pressure moments

The ExoShield HeadGuard is designed to reduce head injuries and concussion and not prevent them altogether

So don’t think you will be indestructible on the pitch

Here is a Quick Official Video by Storelli

Who is it For?

Obviously, it can be worn by any soccer player whatever the position you play but not all players can deal with them being on their heads

This works much better than the Full 90 if you have long hair or a ponytail with it only being like a headband so you have more room for your hair but still giving you the protection at the same time

My Opinion

With this head guard not having any under the chin strap it can feel like it’s going to fall off

But with it fitting on your head at an angle, unless somebody physically pulls it off you, It should be OK

You just need to make sure you get the right size by following this storelli exoshield size chartStorelli Exoshield Head Guard Size Guide

The best way to measure your head for this soccer headguard is to put the tape measure around the widest part of your forehead and around the back of your head

If your measurements are in between sizes then go for the lower size as this material will stretch over time as you wear it more

It does have a great feeling of protection though especially on the back of the head

And as a result of that, it might give you a feeling that you can take any hit to the back of the head but that’s not true so be careful

And on top of all that I think the design of them is pretty good

It’s not like they look like a big bulky bicycle helmet

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Quick Recap

  • Black Storelli Exoshield Soccer Headgear
    Buy Now

    Does Soccer Headgear Prevent ConcussionBest Place to Buy: Amazon

  • Sizes: Between 20 Inches & 24 Inches
  • Colour: Black With Gold Writing

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Just Before You Go

So, If you have ever worn the storelli headgear then I would love to hear what you think of it

Do you think they hinder your performance on the soccer field?

Let others know what you think and if you think they are a good idea to wear them or notshwni signiture

Have any Questions or Comments?

8 comments on “Storelli Exoshield Head Guard

Hi, My son plays Touch Rugby and gets irritated by the chin strap. Is this head gear suitable for Touch Rugby? Obviously its not full contact. Any help would be appreciated.


Im actually a rugby coach for my local rugby club which ive been doing since my eldest son was 5 playing for them. They play tag rugby up untill the age of 9 then it goes to contact rugby, but the amount of head injuries i have seen at the younger age groups in tag rugby im suprised the WRU (im from wales) hasnt made it compulsory for children to wear these.
This head sheild would be perfect for the younger children playing touch or tag rugby and there is no law saying they cant wear them so its better to be safe than sorry and try it out to see if it helps your son in any way.


Very interesting piece of equipment. Does it help prevent concussions?


The simple answer is NO, but it will reduce the risk of head injuries to the head should anyone who wears them have a bump to the head. im no doctor but even if you were wearing a big bubble wrap helmet and took a hit to the head you could still get concussion i would imagine but the odds are reduced if you have some sort of protection


Protection is never to be underestimated, you should always try to protect your self as much as you can and this Head Guard looks great. How many times players have hit their heads looking for the ball? This Head Guard looks like it can greatly reduce the risks of a head concussion. How does it work with sweat? Can you clean it easily?


Of course, your head is a delicate thing so it should be protected at all costs i think during any sports. This head guard absorbs the sweat that comes from your head and can be easily put into the washing machine or even hand washed so it doesnt start to smell


Really a nice article, I really like this headgear because it doesn’t have a chin strap and I really hate chin straps because I would be annoying. I think that headgear is the most important safety gear and safety is more important than winning. It is nice to hear about the Storelli Exosheild headgear and I would gift this to my cousin.

Thank you for sharing such useful information.


My pleasure, glad you liked it 🙂


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