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Steven Gerrard Signed Photo

steven gerrard signed photo

Steven Gerrard Signed Photo: Authentic Autographed MerchandiseSteven Gerrard Liverpool Legend

If you don’t know who Steven Gerrard is then where the hell have you been for the last 20 years?

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I would like to tell you all a little bit about this Legend of football

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Steven Gerrard

Who is Steven Gerrard?

Steven George Gerrard who was born 30/05/1980 in Whiston, Merseyside, is a former football player who now manages a Scottish Premier football club, Rangers. He started his football career for Liverpool FC Academy at aged 9 where he stayed up until signing for LA Galaxy in 2015

Top 10 Steven Gerrard Premiership Goals

There’s Only One Stevie G!

For his biggest fans, he’s the embodiment of Roy of the Rovers

For his fiercest critics, he held back his hometown club from winning a much-needed Premier League title

One thing is for sure, though; Steven George Gerrard, born 30th May 1980 in Whiston, England, is one of the greatest players to ever wear the Liverpool red or the white of Englandfranck ribéry trying to tackle steven gerrard

Having played and captained his hometown club and his boyhood heroes from a young age and through the majority of his career, Gerrard lived the dream

To have such a catalogue of fantastic events and big games where he helped his club win major honours, though, is special

Despite nearly losing a toe when he was younger by kicking a garden fork by accident, a young Gerrard soon passed through the Liverpool ranks and became one of the most naturally talented players of his generation

Making his debut on 29th November 1998, he made a good impression and from then on was around the club for some time

By May 2000, he’d played for England seniors and was beginning to become one of the most rated players of an era that had been dominated by his hated rivals, Manchester United

In fact, Alex Ferguson tried numerous times to sign him, but his love for the Reds meant he never left.

Even when he did nearly leave, to go to Chelsea in London, he changed his mind and continued to wear the Red until 2015, when he left and joined LA Galaxy.

Growing up, though, his career was blighted by injury in his back and his groin

Back problems came from a quick growth spirt that seen him exceed 6ft in a very short space of time

He missed the 2002 World Cup due to these injury issues

Progressing Forwardthe back of steven gerrard celebrating after scoring a goal for liverpool

However, it was not enough to hold him back

In 2003, he was appointed the captain of Liverpool, replacing Sami Hyppia, and soon grew into the role and used it as a way to help mature and grow on and off the pitch as a man

That shone through, as he took his game to a new level under Gerard Houllier, stepping out of the shadows of a number of players and establishing himself as a world-class young talent in his own right.

He first captained his country, too, in 2004, and that continued many times across his career

His leadership, never-say-die attitude and ability to keep going when others would admit defeat has seen him leave an almost eternal mark on his beloved club

Arguably his best season, though came in 2004-05, his first season under Spaniard Rafael Benitez

The two would enjoy a hot/cold relationship, but Benitez got the best out of Gerrard

This was shown when he came third in the Ballon D’Or trophy in 2005, following incredible displays that took an unfancied (and frankly average) Liverpool side from the brink of a Group Stages exit to the Final in Istanbul overcoming the same Chelsea side he would nearly sign for in the summer beforehand

At 3-0 down at half-time against one of the finest AC Milan sides in history, it felt over

Liverpool were destroyed across 45 minutes by a better team, however, in a whirlwind second half Gerrard scored a bullet header and then won a penalty to put the club in a position to rally from 3-0 to 3-3steven gerrard with 3 other liverpool players standing by the liverpool fc crest

Eventually, they held on, won the Champions League on penalties, and became heroes as the club managed to lift its fifth Champions League trophy

The Legend Continues

A player of exceptional talent, drive and physicality, he soon formed the best partnership of his career when Spanish forward Fernando Torres signed

The duo were dynamic, and injuries alone stopped them from being able to push Liverpool to win that much-needed League title in 2008-09, pipped at the end by Manchester United

From the amazing 2006 FA Cup Final, where he scored a tremendous 30-yard drive in the last moments to take the game to extra time and eventually win the Cup on penalties

To the heartbreak of league championships and Champions League final losses, Gerrard has seen it all

His final two seasons at Liverpool were excellent summaries of the highs and lows he suffered

In 2013/14, he played a major role in helping the lethal Sturridge, Suarez and Sterling partnership take the Reds to the brink of the title

A fateful slip near half-time, though, seen Gerrard give Demba Ba possession, and the Senegal striker tucked home to bring about the end of the title charge

His final season in Red was a disaster, a Group Stage exit from the Champions League, being dropped for big games and then seeing the club lose out to Aston Villa in the FA Cup semi-finals was a bitter blow to takeSteven Gerrard on the football field wearing an LA Galaxy football kit

He moved on to play for LA Galaxy briefly before hanging up his boots and calling time on one of the most amazing careers of a player of his generation

Despite never winning the League for his beloved Reds, a Champions League, UEFA Cup, UEFA Super Cup, 3 League Cups and 2 FA Cups is a fine trophy haul

He is a major part of the reason why, despite falling behind the ‘new elite’ of the 90s and 00s, that Liverpool were still able to maintain trophy-winning form despite having far less elite squads

A Legend

In total, Gerrard played 710 games in the red of Liverpool, scoring 186 goals and making sure that he keeps his place in the history books of his club

A further 114 games came playing for England, too, making him a rare centurion at international level

A stellar career that is loaded with highs and lows, Gerrard has left a mark on the game that only a few players before his time were capable of

For many, he is the very epitome of a local kid who managed to live the dream of playing for his local club

To do so over 700 times, and hold the awards and accolades he has, is something that may never be topped in the modern era

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6 comments on “Steven Gerrard Signed Photo

Jeff Marshall

Loved your very inspirational story about, Steven Gerrard!

To come back after having serious injuries such as back problems due to a quick growth spurt.

I could only imagine how painful this would be and to come back playing football from 2004 to 2005 is just incredible.

If I bought a signed Steven Gerrard Photo, how much would this cost me and kept for say, 10 years – how much do you think it would be worth.

Many thanks, Jeff.


I can only imagine what it would be worth in 10 years time but I bet it won’t lose you any money 🙂


very interesting writing you have about the great Steven Gerrard here. I actually named my son after him. I’m a Liverpool fan and as such, I got to watch most of his matches. I wish we can have someone like him again with all those spectacular shots. And indeed, his pictures would come in demand sooner.


Haha, what an awesome name your son has then. I’m pretty sure there will be another player similar to him pretty soon playing at Anfield

Smart Mzumara

Hello! Shwni,

Thank you for the the articles you have posted on this website. They are very informative. I am a football (or soccer) fan and and watched many English clubs play league games. For sure Steven Gerrard was a great player for Liverpool and also an international player. I did not know that he had sme serious health issues he had to endure before coming back to play football. He was a passionate player and what you have posted, including photos,  shows that he contributed so much to the advancement of the game..

Once gain thank you for the articles and I will continue to read more from your website.



Gerrard is a legend of football in my eyes, glad you like the post 🙂


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