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Sports Water Bottles UK

Sports Water Bottles Uk

Sports Water Bottles in The Uk: 10 Most Durable Bottles in 2019Reusable Sports Water Bottles VS Crappy Plastic Bottles

The reason for drinking plenty of water if you are playing rugby or football is pretty self-explanatory

But if you are not sure why then Read This Article which will explain the effects of hydration in sports performance

Then come right back to see the best Sports Water Bottles UK versions

And why you should invest in one rather than drinking out of a normal plastic bottle

You might not want to pay for a water bottle when you can just buy a plastic bottle full of water from the shops and then reuse that

If you are anything like me however you will have a house full of empty plastic bottles as I keep forgetting to take the old water bottle with me to exercise

Since buying a proper reusable water bottles though, not once have I left it behind which has saved me a lot of money in the long run

So why wouldn’t you buy one for yourself?

Here are some quick links to the reviews of the bottles or to go straight to buy them

Choosing The Right Water Bottle For YouA blue glass bottle tipping water into a small glass tumbler

Yes, you can get some cheap ones but you are only going to get what you pay for, to be honest

They can range from a couple of pounds up to around £50 or £60

And I know what you are thinking…

Why would I want to pay all that money just to carry some water around with me?

Well I wouldn’t personally pay that much

But if you do a bit of shopping around then you will get a really good reusable water bottle for about 10 or 15 quid

Which you won’t regret if you are going to be taking it to all your training sessions and games

You know for a fact that it’s going to be strong enough to last quite a while

So How Much Should You Spend?

Just by spending a bit more than you normally do on a sports water bottle then you could be getting some very useful little features, such as…Sports Water Bottles Uk

  • Insulation inside the bottle
  • Leak-proof lids and caps
  • You can even get some with water filters built in them so that you can purify your tap water even more… DRINKING WATER JUST GOT BETTER!

Now the main worry we all have with a water bottle, is it going to break in your bag on the way to training or a game?

The last thing you want is to get where your going and find out that you have no water left and all the things in your bag are soaking

At the end of the day, It all depends on what you are going to use the bottle for, and of course, your budget

If it is going to be your main source of fluid intake every day though you might want to spend a little bit more so you can keep your water cooler for longer

Especially in the summer when you need that fluid intake the most

The Science Behind It AllA woman wearing a white vest jogging holding a water bottle in her right hand

You probably won’t even notice this but if you have a water bottle with you at all times you will tend to drink much more H2O, and that can only be a good thing, Right?

Scientists have said that drinking from a plastic bottle rather than a reusable one can harm the environment

I don’t think that drinking from them is going to do much damage now and again but I suppose the less we drink from them the better things could be

Another thing the brainiacs have said is that there is a chemical in some plastics that could be harmful to our bodies

So if you think that your body is a temple then why on earth would you do that to yourselves?


So what do you think about buying a reusable sports water bottle and refilling it with your tap water rather than buying a new plastic bottle full every day?

Whatever sport you are training for it is important that you keep hydrated at all times so it is handy that you have a water bottle by your side at all times

The Benefits of Drinking Water During SportsA plastic water bottle tipping out water

Lack of water during sports can lead to muscle damage, cramps and of course fatigue

Dehydration can be a problem as it causes a decrease in mental and physical performance, dizziness and lack of concentration

So it is imperative that you keep your body fluids topped up to maintain the best that your body can be

Read this brilliant article that is on the website which was written by Cathleen Murakami if you want a more in-depth knowledge of the benefits of drinking water during sports

It really is a great read and you should go and check it out

Below are 10 best sports bottles which I have personally tested out myself and the reviews are just my opinions#

10 Best Sports Bottles in The UK

10. Nalgene Plastic Bottles

Blue Nalgene Plastic Water BottleBest Gym Water Bottles UkA basic looking water bottle but all you are going to be doing is drinking from it really

I found it really useful with the measurements on the side if I wanted to add some Pre-Workout Supplements to my water and that is why this bottle is on my list

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – This 32oz has been a bestseller for Nalgene for over 20 years and those results you just can’t argue with, can you.
  • PRACTICAL – Can be used for both hot and cold drinks which is ideal for all weathers.
  • SAFE – It is made of BPA free Eastman Triton copolyester material which is super impact resistant and that could save you a load of money as it is going to last you longer than the average water bottle.
  • DURABLE – Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 10/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • Apparently, some people have said that there is an unpleasant taste if the water has been left in the bottle for too long, I would suggest that you just empty that water out and just fill it back up with fresh water.

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9. Dulcii 2.2L Dumbell Shaped Water Bottle

Dulcii 2.2L PETG Eco-friendly Dumbbell Fitness Water BottleBest Reusable Sports Water BottlesNow this one is quite interesting as you can see

Not only can you get a drink from it but you can incorporate it into your training regime

I only used the 1 but if you were to get 2 of them you could exercise and tone your upper body muscles at the same time

Pretty genius I think

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – There are many like this dumbbell looking water bottles out there but this one is one of the better ones. An ideal gift for sports lovers and fitness fanatics alike. It holds around 2.2 litres and weighs around 5.5lbs once full.
  • PRACTICAL – As you can see it is very easy to carry with the narrow handles. It can be used for any form of exercise really, pre or post-workout, running, down the gym, any exercise you can think of really. It also features a flip-top cap that hangs onto the bottle once opened so you don’t lose it.
  • SAFE – It’s made of a PETG eco-friendly material which is odourless, non-toxic and reusable for a long time after you have purchased it.
  • DURABLE – It isn’t the most durable bottle on this list but can withstand quite a few bumps and scrapes. Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 6/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • The mouthpiece to drink from could be a bit easier to drink from.

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8. Camelbak BPA Free Eddy Outdoor Bottle

Pink Camelbak BPA Free Eddy Outdoor Water BottleBest Sports Water Bottle EverThis is actually has a brilliant way to drink from it

All you have to do is bite onto the spout and drink, there’s no need to tilt the bottle back with the Camelbak because of the straw that is built into the bite section

Much better than a water bottle with a straw!

It took a fall to the solid ground like a champion as well which is a Pro in my book. Holds 25oz but you can get the bigger size if you prefer

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • PRACTICAL – With the integrated small hooped handle on the back you can either just hold it with one of your fingers or clip it to your bag with a carabiner.
  • SAFE – It, of course, is BPA free and also BPS free.
  • DURABLE – A strong, robust water bottle that has hit the ground many times with me and lived to tell the tale. Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 9/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • There have been many claims that the inside of the cap becomes mouldy but if you clean it regularly you shouldn’t have a problem.

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7. SIGG Traveller

SIGG Traveller Water BottleBest Sports Water Bottle With StrawThis bottles sleek design has a proprietary powder coating making it slip free so you can use it in all weathers and still have a good grip when you take that much-needed drink

I was really impressed with how watertight the cap was once fully done up

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – This bottle comes in 3 different sizes, 0.6 L, 1 L and 1.5 L and a wide variety of colours. It also has an easy to open screw top for easy access to your drinking water.
  • PRACTICAL – The base of the bottle has a solid rounded handle on top so that you can easily clip it to your training bag keeping it safe and less likely for you to lose it. It will also fit most bicycle bottle holders and car cup holders which make them more assessable to you. You can be assured that any cold liquid kept in this bottle is going to stay cold for a long time and also do the same for warm or hot liquid.
  • SAFE – It’s made of non-toxic BPA-free Plastics and also made of 1000 series virgin aluminium so you won’t have to worry about those harmful plastics getting into your system.
  • DURABLE – Out of a possible 10 for durability I would give this an 8/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • The powder coating tends to scratch quite easy but will be ok if you look after it.

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6. Aorin Water Bottle

Orange AORIN Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water BottleBest Sports Water Bottles UkThis water bottle actually comes in a load of different colours which gives you more options to choose from and the style you prefer

I used the silver one and I even tried using it for soup which actually stayed warm until I was ready to drink it a few hours later

They come with their own cleaning brushes, carabiner and carry case which is very handy while out jogging

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – There are 3 different sizes to choose from and will keep your drinks cold for about 24 hours and it is even better with hot drinks keeping them hot for around 12 hours which is pretty good if you need to take it on a long journey.
  • PRACTICAL – It has a pretty decent sized mouth area to drink from which is really handy to put ice cubes into your cold drinks to keep colder for much longer, or even if you wanted to put some flavour into your water with a lime or lemon slice you can easily fit that in through the top.
  • SAFE – It has a  double wall vacuum insulation so there is no plastic involved in this water bottle.
  • DURABLE – As it is stainless steel it is quite durable but I can see that if it is dropped more than a few times you might dent the bottle or break the leak-proof seal around the cap. Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 7/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • The fact that it has a metal area to drink from and not anything else. I would much rather a plastic or a silicone mouthpiece to drink from.

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5. Sundried BPA Free Leakproof

Sundried BPA Free Leakproof Outdoor, Sports, Fitness & Gym Water Bottle 750mlEmbrava Best Sports Water BottleThis sundried water bottle has to be one of my favourites on this list

It’s stylish and pretty cool looking but when my wife first saw me drinking out of it she thought I was chugging back on a bottle of Vodka

It does look easy to break but you will be pleasantly surprised if you get one

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – It can hold 26oz of liquid and comes in its own box which is ideal for a gift. It’s made with a patented state of the art polymer material which is free of harmful byproducts or chemicals.
  • PRACTICAL – The silicone drinking area makes it drip free so you don’t have to worry about dribbling the drink all down you if you take a sip during exercising. It Fits perfect in your hand and as you can see looks great!
  • SAFE – It’s made of 100% toxin free Tritan copolyester plastic which isn’t at all harmful to our bodies or the environment so you know you are doing your bit to save the planet.
  • DURABLE – This water bottle tastes and feels like glass when you drink from it but at the same time is lightweight, very durable, tough, and even though it may not look it, it’s shatterproof. Out of a possible 10, for durability, I would give 8/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • It makes a loud squeezing noise when you open or closed the leakproof lid which could be quite embarrassing in a quiet gym.

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4. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Silver Embrava Sports Water Bottle With BoxThe Best Sports Water BottlesI have had vacuum water bottles before which has sweat on the outside with both hot and cold beverages, this one didn’t sweat at all

Which is a plus in my book as there is nothing worse than having a wet bottle in your hand while exercising, even with the strap on the top I don’t think I would have been happy if it did sweat

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – While this water bottle is really nice looking and very durable you will also get a bit of a bonus if you buy this. You will be getting a free gift box which is ideal to give someone as a gift. Another thing that you will get is a free “Hydration For Athletes” PDF guide which is worth $9.95.
  • PRACTICAL – You get a strong carry strap which makes it easier to exercise with as you can strap that around your wrist and if you drop it out of your hand it will be saved from falling by the strap. Not only that, It is actually has a leak-proof and dustproof lid, believe it or not, which is quite impressive.
  • SAFE – Made with BPA free Tritan copolyester material which is very hard wearing so you know that you are going to get a quality water bottle to drink from.
  • DURABLE – It might not look it but this water bottle is shatter-resistant.Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 9/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • It has a weird smell when you first open the bottle but it’s nothing that a good soak in warm soapy water won’t sort out.

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3. SHO Bottles

Different Coloured SHO Bottle Insulated, Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask & Water BottlesBest Insulated Sports Water BottleRobust and practical, these SHO water bottles will certainly be with you for quite some time I’m pretty sure about that

I tried it out for a couple of weeks and “accidentally” dropped it to see how it held up and I have to say that there was barely a scratch on it after all that time

They also come in quite a few sizes and colours so there’s something for everyone

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – This bottle is made with an 18/8 double insulated stainless steel which will keep your drinks insulated pretty well. It will keep any cold liquid cold for up to 24 hours, and anything warm around 12 hours which could be ideal for any training session or trip.
  • PRACTICAL – As most bottles have the standard size mouth opening this one has a wider place to drink from which makes it easier to clean as well. It will also fit into any cup or bottle holder which is really convenient and with the triple grip lid, it can easily clip to a carabiner and then to your bag without any worries of it breaking.
  • SAFE – As all these bottles I have here to show you this one is also BPA-free so you don’t have to worry about any harmful plastic toxins getting into your body.
  • DURABLE – Every bottle is great for using outdoors in any weather because of the A grade powder paint coating is covered with giving you more chance to get to use it. Out of a possible 10, for durability, I would give 9/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • You might not like the slippery surface the bottle has with hardly any grip

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2. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Lava Orange Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water BottleBest Sport Top Water BottleA great bottle to add a bit of flavour to your boring old water

I chose the pink one to try as my eldest son thinks pink is for girls so I thought I would wind him up and say I bought it for him

It also comes in many other colours and flavours

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – This child-friendly water bottle really is ideal for the whole family so there are no excuses for everyone at home to be drinking plenty of water with its full-length built-in fruit infuser
  • PRACTICAL – Even though this image of the bottle looks like it has a rounded bottom, it hasn’t. It is a simple yet comfortable design that only needs one easy click to open the mouthpiece to drink from saving you a bit of time which makes it easier to drink on the move.
  • SAFE –Yet again another bottle on this list that is made of BPA free Tritan copolyester material which should be a priority of yours when buying a new water bottle.
  • DURABLE – It might not look it but this has to be one of the stronger bottles I have used lately and I really think that if you are going to play football or rugby that this should be the water bottle for you as we all know how rough it can get during games or training. Out of a possible 10 for durability, I would give this bottle 9/10

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • It might be a little too big to use for certain sports.

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1. Filtered Alkaline Water Bottle

Silver pH Active Insulated Water BottleBest Sports Water Bottle ReviewAll I can say about this water bottle Is, WOW!

Probably the most advanced water bottle I have ever used to date and as I am writing this I am actually drinking from it

And I don’t think I will ever want to get another one, for a while anyway

If You Like This About The Bottle Then You Might Like This Also

  • INTRODUCTION – You can only get this bottle in chrome but it doesn’t really matter about that, it’s just down to personal preference. It also comes with a bonus durable sports cap for when you go out for a run
  • PRACTICAL –The Purifier can be removed for easy cleaning which I’m pretty sure will need doing quite regularly if you are exercising out and about, and you also get a spare one.

What You Might Not Like About This Bottle

  • All I can think of is that you might drink too much water if you had this amazing water bottle.

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Just Before You Leave

If you have used any of these bottles or you have other water bottles that you think that should make the list

Just mention them in the comment section to let others know

And like anything that you eat or drink from, always make sure that you clean these bottles regularly and look after them so that they last you longer and save you more moneyshwni signature

Have any Questions or Comments?

30 comments on “Sports Water Bottles UK


Good post. I read lots of bad things about drinking water from plastic bottles. What is your view on that?


I don’t ever drink out of shop bought plastic bottles I always have a proper sports water bottle, I have a friend who works with a local water distribution company and he said the bottles of water that go out to the shop’s are stored in the basement of the factory and its full of rats so God knows how much rats pee is over them.
Not for me I’m afraid

Curtis Henderson

This is a good post for lower level water bottles. There are much better water bottles on the market.
I always say you get what you pay for. I prefer the bottles that keep the water or whatever drink, cold for 24 – 72 hours.


There are at least 5 of these bottles that will keep drinks hot or cold for a long period of time if you didn’t notice when you read the post.

Dana Ehrlich

Lots of great options presented here. thanks! I personally love my vacuum insulated bottle the best…keeps the water so cold. DYLN looks incredible!


I love the DYLN water bottle it really is the ultimate water bottle that I would highly recommend to anybody that wants a top class bottle to drink from


I agree about the effect of drinking water out of plastic water bottles from the store. I try to always drink filtered water from my BPA free waterbottles, much like what you show above. But I have to say I LOVE that Dumbbell Water Bottle! That is going to make a great gift to a couple of my buds for their birthdays, they’ll love it!


The dumbbell water bottle really is a great gift idea but the more you drink from it the lighter it gets, so if you want to keep it heavy then you might have to buy one of the other great bottles I have on this list.


Hi, this is such a great and useful article about choosing right sports water bottle. To be honest I use one of these bottles in my everyday use, so that I can manage to drink the requires amount of water that we mums usually neglect while running after kids. What I am currently using is Anavika sports and from my personal experience this is a great and leak proof water bottle.


Ah, the Anavik is a great water bottle which sometimes gets underrated in my opinion just because it doesn’t look as flash as all the others. It still has pretty much all the same features as the shiny stainless steel ones.


OMG that dumbell shaped bottle is a riot. I could see that being a great gag gift for so many men in my life. I like the Toplus design the best…and you make a compelling argument for finally weaning from the disposable plastic bottles once and for all.


Yes the dumbell shaped water bottle is both money saving and a great way to work out killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Thanks for your comment and drop by anytime 🙂


Awesome information!
I always carry my water bottle around so i don’t have to buy bottle after bottle, i believe the less waste one can make the better, plus now a day if you buy a bottle everyday it adds up.
For the bottles you have listed i have personally tried the Camel Bak Eddy which is very practical and my favorite, i even bought a second one for my son. The other one I have is the Nalgene Tritan, I take this big jug when i go hiking, it’s perfect when you know you are going to be out for more than a few hours without access to water.
Thank you for sharing very useful information! Its the first time i see some of this bottles, i really need to check them out.


Totally agree with you about buying plastic bottles of water every day, they soon mount up when you could be using the same water bottle that is reusable. I will always buy one of these now and it will save me time and money in the long run.


Great post! You’re definitely right when you say that you’ll actually end up drinking a lot more water if you take a bottle with you.

I recently bought one called Sho Water Bottles and it’s similar to the Toplus Vacuum Bottle in your review. Have you tried Sho and, if so, would you recommend it?


I have just taken a look at the Sho Water Bottle and it looks pretty good I must admit. I will look more into detail on this bottle and give you my opinion. Thanks for letting me know

Jessica Lauren Vine

I hadn’t really taken the time to educate myself on the importance of BPA-free or why you shouldn’t use plastic water bottles all of the time. I am thankful that you wrote this article since I now have a better understanding. 

My family and I are out on the road full-time RVing and a lot of times that means getting out in nature and checking out the surrounding. I am going to look over the list of water bottles again and see which kinds are best for what we need.

Have an amazing day!


You will certainly find something to suit what you need here, but if not just let me know and I will do all I can to help you out


I also hate the use of plastic water bottles and looking at what it’s doing to our beautiful planet, I just wish that they would become illegal!

All these are great choices and some of them I have tried myself in the past. But have you ever heard of the company called Green’s Your Colour? I’m currently using their water bottles and they’re AMAZING! They keep the water COLD and hot beverages HOT for long periods of time. They’re triple insulated, that’s why…

Love them!


No, I have not heard of them, I will have to check them out as they sound great, thanks for letting me know about them 🙂

Olonisakin Kehinde

Drinking water from a bottle is not just for the fun of it.  Those that know knows that having a water bottle with you during sports session,  walk out,  at the gym is so important because it is a lifesaver.  Looking at the plastic bottle we often buy and use over and over,  there is more damage to our health that we think.  The reason is that the materials from which the plastic bottles are made of are leached into the water inside them and then we take the water…… too bad. 

If one has a water bottle,  no matter how much you spend to buy it,  it’s worth it anyway because you will protect your health,  you will save yourself the job of disposing of plastic bottles.  

Water is life,  get your reusable water bottle.


I know right, it’s awful knowing that these plastic bottles are not only hurting our bodies but ruining the environment also

Jóhann H. Ragnarsson

Great information on your site, thank you for it. 

I like the Dumbbell! It is great to see how much you the stress about not using a water bottle, plastic is so much problem today.I use of course the water bottles in the gym but too when I run. Embrava looks excellent for running because of the strap. Are you agree?

Thanks for the great information.


Ah I love the dumbbell one as well but the Embrava water bottle would be perfect for you to use whilst running, you should always stay hydrated when doing any form of exercising

Marios Tofarides

Hey there,

I need one water bottle, not only for exercise but for hiking as well. So, your post comes really very handy! I like the Filtered Alcaline Water Bottle because the filter can be cleaned and not changed every, let’s say, 2 months. 

I also like the dumbbell, for its originality (great idea) and the Camelbak for the straw – although it reminds me of how toddlers drink water 🙂

Thanks for a great post! Will share it!



Glad to be of assistance 🙂

Cathy Cavarzan

I always have water with me in the summertime. We are in the US Arizona where the temps can get over a 100 degrees for days on end in the summer. Reusable water bottles are great especially the insulated ones that keep cold water cold for extended amounts of time. I love the variety of colors on the Aorin Water Bottle you described. As I am in the US would that also ship to the US or do you know where in the states I might get one?


Of course,  you can get the Aorin Water Bottle from the US if you Click Here


Your post is so helpful and educating. Am addicted to bottle waters but your post has opened my eye because the effect to my body I must note my intake because of my health and more watching the video seeing the havoc those empty bottle does to the environment have really discouraged me.

i also use to forget my bottled water if I should do the math my calculation tells me to get a bottle to save me money. 

thanks for all the research with solution.


You would save a lot of money I’m the long run if you buy a reusable sports water bottle 


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