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Sports Glasses For Kids

5 Best Sports Glasses For Kids Only The Best For Our Children

Sports Glasses For Kids: Best 5 to Buy For Any SportIf you want sports glasses for kids then look no further

I have been a Rugby coach for a few years now and have seen many players that need to wear glasses

One of my sons also plays football so I have seen my fair share of players who need to wear them there

I have also seen boys and girls saying they cant play the game because they wear glasses!!!

Ever heard of Sports Glasses For Kids?

How many times have I heard that they cant play because they have to wear them?

What do you mean you can’t play sports because you wear glasses???

Did you know that most clubs won’t let you play without the proper eyewear if you wear prescription athletic glasses?Sports

Here’s what have to say on this matter

Sports Glasses For Kids

More Kids Who Wear Glasses Should Play Sports

A man wearing funny glasses and a moustache holding a cigar
My Football Coach When I Was Growing Up

It’s beginning to be the norm now seeing someone wear sports glasses on the football field or any other type of sports venue, and so it should!

There used to be a time years ago that if you had to wear glasses because you had less than 20/20 vision you would rarely be seen on the pitch for fear of them falling off

But with there being options now to either wear some sort of designer glasses that are specifically made to play sports or contact lenses there is no need to worry about things like that

What would you prefer to wear?

I personally couldn’t put a tiny bit of plastic onto my eyeball, but whatever floats your boat

If you were to opt for the sports glasses you can be sure they will be securely fixed as they come with a wrap-around headband that’s attached to the glasses to make them stay on

This funny video of footballers playing with virtual reality glasses on is a must watch

This is what it would look like if you played football without your prescription glasses on!

Sorry, no Subtitles

What Are Sports Glasses?

They come in many different varieties of sizes and shapes so there is plenty of options out there for even the fussiest of people who have to have everything “designer”

And most sports glasses frames are designed for both prescription and non prescription lenses giving the option for anyone to wear the protective eyewear which has greatly decreased the number of eye injuries that occur in sports

Don’t worry about them getting damaged

They have been designed to withstand a bit of a battering as most of the lenses are made out of polycarbonate which is quite a strong material

And the glasses frames in sports are made out of impact resistant materials and specifically designed for each sport that they are needed for so make sure you get the correct ones

Getting it Right

You also need to make sure that the fit is perfect as you don’t want them so loose that they fall off

But at the same time you don’t want them too tight that they cut off the circulation to your brain

A bit of giving is ok and if they are for a child they need to be measured every once in a while because their head is still growing so they still feel comfortable to wear

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about them being too tight if your kids glasses makes their head start to look like an egg timer?

I don’t know much about prescription lenses but I do know that you have to get regular check-ups to make sure you have the correct lensesA pair of sunglasses

So once you have the sports glasses frames you need to make sure that you get the correct lenses put in for your eyesight

They don’t have to be expensive either, there are plenty of styles out there that look like proper designer glasses but for a fraction of the price

There are a few glasses frames I would like to show you here so just take a look at the best sports glasses for sports

Best Sports Glasses For Kids

5. PONOSOON Sports Goggles

PONOSOON Sports Goggles for Kids

The PONOSOON are a classic pair to start off with and the hard frame and anti-fog lenses will ensure you are able to see everything you need to during a game

The lenses can be replaced for your correct prescription like all the other sport glasses here so you won’t have to worry about that

Pros & Cons of The PONOSOON Sport Glasses


  • There are a couple of designs and colour’s if you get bored with the ones you have.
  • You will get an EVA case with a hook to be able to keep it fixed to your sports bag and always have it close by you.
  • They are windproof and dust-proof so you know they are going to protect your eyes.


  • They don’t look like they are sports glasses from the future but they really do the job they were made for.

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4. Great Pick Sport Glasses

Sports Goggles For Kids & Teenagers Provide Protection For All Kind's of Sport Activitiesdesigner glasses framesAnother very durable pair of sports glasses frames here and I’m pretty sure that they will protect your eyes much better than a normal pair of glasses would.

And these Great Pick Sport Glasses are also made from a polycarbonate Lens but they can also be changed to a prescription lens.

Pros & Cons of The Great Pick Sport Glasses


  • They really are a comfortable pair of glasses and will stick to your head like a second skin.
  • The tough glasses frame will withstand a bit of a battering and still feel comfortable on your face.
  • You can adjust and change the straps that come with them to get the comfort that you need.


  • These sports glasses seem to be a bit on the large side for my liking but they will protect your eyes as good as any other pair on this list.

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3. Heth Sports Glasses

Children Sports Goggles,Kids Basketball Football Sports Anti Shock Collision PC Lens Protective Eye GlassesSports Eye Glasses StrapNow as far as durable sports glasses go then you won’t find much better than these

The only reason that they are not number 1 on this list is that they don’t have a great price range that I like to stick to

But y are still a pair of glasses that you should be considering if you want to play sports

Pros & Cons of The Heth Sport Glasses


  • They have an anti-fog dual lens which means that they won’t keep getting steamed up while you are in the middle of a game.
  • The soft silicone nose pad will ensure that you are comfortable while you are wearing them.
  • The adjustable elastic head strap will conform to your head perfectly if you play about with it to get it to fit your head.


  • The frames of these glasses are quite bulky but they will protect your eyes brilliantly.

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2. GGbuy Sports Glasses

GGBuy Outdoor Sports Basketball Glasses with Adjustable Elastic Wrap Strap Safety Eyewear Glasses Goggles for Kids Adult Youngster Adolescent Basketball Golf Rugby SoccerThese GGbuy sport glasses are pretty cool looking if you ask me

I don’t think things are awesome very much but these are up there with the best of them

If you are an adult looking for sports glasses then forget about these as they are only created for children in mindSports Eyeglasses Online

Pros & Cons of The GGbuy Sport Glasses

  • These sports goggles have a durable silica gel inside the frames which helps the tough outer frame to protect your eyes.
  • Not many people will want to do this but you can easily remove the headband if you want to play any sports without having the restrictive headband on there.
  • They have a ventilation opening in the tough frame to help with poor visibility if they happen to steam up.


  • The frames only come in one colour, but that is just me being petty.

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1. Minci Sports Glasses

Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses Football Perfect Personality GogglesNow don’t get me wrong, these Sports glasses frames are the best I could find within a good budget

But that doesn’t mean that they will be the best for you

Sports Glasses AmazonYou need to make sure that you get everything that you need from the glasses frames that you buy and make sure they fit the  sport that you play and also fit the head that you have

There isn’t a lot that I can say about these great kids glasses for sports without sounding like I’m in love with them, lol, but I genuinely have found the perfect pair of sports glasses for kids and I hope you take advantage of the deal that they have going on at the moment

Pros & Cons of The Minci Glasses

  • They have a strong plastic lens frame that will be able to take a hit or two to the face, but god forbid that you don’t.
  • If you can see the ridged plastic around the eye area, that is what will make the glasses stick to your face more than the other glasses that I have show you and stop all debris flying into your eyes.
  • There genuinely isn’t a pair of glasses that does the job as well as these Minci Sports glasses do.


  • There’s not many bad things I can say about these glasses apart from them only coming in one colour which might be annoying to some people.

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Before You go 

The two Ewin makes above can come with an attachable head strap to keep them from falling off.

I have only shown you a few options that I think are value for money but there are hundreds of others to choose from if you just click here

So if there’s any other information you need about these designer glasses frames for sports don’t hesitate to ask and I will gladly get back to you straight away.

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12 comments on “Sports Glasses For Kids


This is awsome sports gear. I especially like the ones where you can replace the lenses with prescription lenses. How cool is that? Most kids are not ready for contacts and this pair of sports glasses eliminates the need. I didn’t know they existed. Great information.


Thankyou Angela
I couldn’t think of anything worse than putting contact lenses in so I can only imagine how a child would feel about doing it so with these sports glasses theybwillmbe able to see properly and enjoy playing football


Hi Shwni,
This is a fine review about designer glasses frames. I used to wonder how players who wear prescription glasses managed while playing football, now I know.
I see from the post that the frames are strong and sturdy some are even unbreakable, that is wonderful.
I would never think that some lens have 7 layers, that’s a whole lot of protection.

This post is not only informative but educative too. Thanks for writing it.


Thanks Luna
Yes, they do have to be strong and sturdy to play football with them on otherwise if you get hit in the face with a football they will break easily


Hi really like the sports glasses ! the last 2 are really good value ! I kayak and lose on average 3 to 4 pair a year ! And have paid a lot more then these are selling at.
Thanks for the advice


Hi Paul, yes the sports glasses can be a bit expensive but there are deals out there which I will be looking more into in the future


Nice product review. You give a list of choice for glasses. I just knew that rugby can wear a glass. In soccer, I only knew 1 player who wear glass, Edgar Davids. Just like you say wearing glass while doing sport can limit vision. But now we don’t have to worry that anymore. Thank


Just because you know of 1 player that wears them in football doesn’t mean there aren’t players that need them in football. As an adult it is probably easier to put contact lenses in than it would be for a child to do it so start them off with the sports glasses until they are comfortable to wear lenses 🙂

Alex Chong

Hmm… I am really unsure how this works. I wear prescription glasses since my teenage years, and I remember playing basketball with them when I was much younger. There were a few occassions where the ball landed on my face and my glasses flew, ended up either broken or went out of shape. I know it didn’t help that I was a lousy basketball player, but wouldn’t wearing glasses of any sort will have such a risk?


What would you rather? Play football without glasses and not being able to see where the ball is? Surely that’s a risk in itself both to you and the other players on the pitch



Thanks for sharing a great review to know more about sport glasses for kids!

I’m currently looking for some information as my grandson asked me to buy him a pair. After talking with his dad, we both agree that I should get him a good quality sport glasses.

I love what you said about the ones where you can change the glasses for prescription lenses. I think my grandson will love them!


Always happy to help 🙂


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