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Top 25 Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

Soccer Goalie Gloves: Top 25 That Will Help You Save The Game25 of the best goalkeeper gloves you will ever need

So you are the main player on the field and you need the perfect apparel to improve your ball handling skills do you?

This post is going to show you the top 25 Soccer Goalie Gloves for kids and adults and will certainly help you save the game

Goalkeepers Save The Game

Firstly, I would like to say that Goalkeepers are the main players on the field!

As an Ex-Football Player I truly understand how important it is for the GoalKeeper to play his or her role in the safest possible way that they can

As once the opposition attackers have got through your defenders

They are the last in line to try and save that ball going into the goals

And they will do anything they can to do just that

They even put their life on the line by throwing themselves in the line of fire

To stop anything or anyone from getting past them

And definitely make you a better GoalKeeper

Forget your strikers and wingers in football, it's the keepers that save games... Literally. Click To Tweet

Where would we be without them?

A football, or soccer ball, if you are from the US, can travel between 60 – 80mph

Depending who’s doing the kicking

So being a goalkeeper can sometimes be dangerous.

And considering they need to use their hands to stop the ball going in the goals

They need all the padding they can get

And you can certainly get that with these goalkeeper gloves with finger protection that are on this list

How to Choose Goalkeeper GlovesSoccer Goalie holding a soccer ball

Being the most important player on the football/soccer field

A Soccer Goalkeeper is the most important player in the pitch! Click To Tweet

You must have the correct gloves that suit you the best and what you will be using them for

I know that might sound a bit stupid

But some Goalies prefer to have a pair of Gloves for training

And a pair for playing games

As the Goalkeeper, you are the only player on the field that is allowed to use your hands to control the ball

But only in your own Goalkeeper area

So having the perfect pair of gloves can either win or lose you the game

Here I will be going through some key factors that should be considered if you are buying a new pair of Goalkeeping Gloves

Before you take a look at what I have found for you

Why don’t you see how to properly choose goalkeeper gloves and then take a look at what’s on offer


Goalkeeper Gloves Size Guide

Not everyone’s hands are the same size

Now I know that’s a pretty blatantly obvious statement to make

But we also all have different preferences when it comes to the fit of the glove

Some like them loose fitting

Others prefer to have them tight fitted around the hands

If you want to know how to measure your hands for gloves then use this simple methodHow to measure goalkeeper gloves

First spread out your fingers and measure from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky finger

That’s the little one right on the end furthest away from your thumb if you didn’t know already

Then keeping your fingers stretched out

Measure from the tip of your middle finger (the longest one normally) to the bottom of the palm of your hand

Once you have those measurements

Add another centimetre to both measurements to cover the thickness of the padding and the material of the glove

3 Things to Look at When Buying Goalie Gloves

  1. PRICE shouldn’t be a thought in your head whilst buying new gloves to play football/soccer because if you want to have an excellent quality pair, its better to pay more and win the game than be a tight-ass with a cheapy pair and lose the game because you couldn’t keep hold of the ball with the grip-less gloves that you paid for.
  2. THE CUT OF THE GLOVE is the part that is on the palm and finger area which can make or break a goalie glove. There are 5 different types of cuts for goalie gloves which are NEGATIVE, FLAT, SURROUND CUT, ROLLED FINGER, and ROLLED INDEX and they all are made out of HARD LATEX, SOFT LATEX, RUBBER and a few other materials. Find the material that suits your style of play the best so try a few different types out. You should be able to keep a The perfect fitfirm grip on the ball and still have full control of the gloves.
  3. A PERFECT FIT of the gloves will make you play better giving you a better chance of stopping the ball going into the goal, there’s no point in having gloves that are 10 sizes too big for you unless they will cover the whole goals and stop anything getting past without having to move! If you already went through the trouble of finding the perfect cut for your gloves then if your gloves are too big then the cut you have chosen will be affected greatly.

Get Some Advice

Looking at these very easy points that you need to consider when buying the perfect pair of Goalkeeper Gloves

Isn’t really rocket science but it does help if you have a basic understanding of a goalkeepers position

And how the different types of material and cut of the glove will affect the way you play

So shop around, experiment with different styles but always make sure they fit you

If you are still unsure of what type of glove would suit you the best

Then speak to your football/soccer coach or a more experienced Goalkeeper to ask their advice

Maybe you know David De Gea and you could ask him for a few tips?

And if they are any good at what they do then they will be able to advise you on the perfect pair


Not all goalkeepers use their hands to save the ball every time though, just take a look at this short video of the Columbian keeper Rene Higuita


Who Wore Them First?

Argentina’s Amadeo Carrizo was the first ever goalkeeper to wear gloves during a game

When he played for River Plate in the 1940s and 50s

And since then they have been an asset to all goalkeepers in the beautiful game we call “Football”

Today’s gloves are made from different grades of latex that give goalie gloves a better grip

Many goalkeeper gloves are made from a synthetic resin called polyurethane and leather-like materials.

There are a few factors that make a great goalkeeper glove

  • The grip on the Palm of the hand
  • The backhand protection
  • The closure (how the glove is secured to your hand)
  • The price!!!

I have spent hours looking at what makes the perfect soccer goalie glove

And these are the ones I have found that literally are the best, and cheapest goalie gloves in 2019

I have found Goalkeeper Gloves on AMAZON

So there are different currencies on here

But the AMAZON links will take you to your own Country’s AMAZON store

So you will see the local prices when you click the links but they don’t differ that much

Top 25 Best Goalkeeper Gloves In no particular Order

Lupos Goalkeeper Gloves

Lupos Goalkeeper GlovesGloves for soccerThese were created by a group of former European goalkeepers

So you know they are going to do the job and at a very reasonable price


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Select Sport America 33

Green and black Select Sport America 33 goalie gloveBest Soccer Gloves In The WorldMade with a tough and durable heat treated latex

These gloves are ideal for playing soccer on artificial/3G/4G grass


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Sportout Goalie Gloves

Black and white Sportout Goalie GlovesBest Soccer Goalie Gloves RatingsThese gloves have a wear-resistant and anti-slip latex palm which is ideal for those wet soccer games that you play

If you combine that with the double elasticated wristband they have then you are on to a winner


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STORELLI ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2 Gloves

Black STORELLI ExoShield Gladiator Pro 2 Goalkeeper GlovesSoccer Goalie Gloves With Best GripThese are a bit more expensive than most of the ones on this list

But if you are going to buy these gloves then you are going to get some quality protection

The inside of them have a breathable mesh material so they don’t get too uncomfortable during those hot and sweaty games

You can even remove the finger and thumb spines so you can determine how much protection you want in the glove


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Renegade Talon Goalkeeper Gloves

White, blue and red Renegade Talon Goalkeeper GlovesWhat Are The Best Soccer GlovesYou need a flexible pair of gloves

But its also handy (excuse the pun) if the fingers don’t bend back easily when you catch that ball

And that’s what you get with these but without the restrictions not moving your fingers forward


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Kixgk Club Goalkeeper Gloves

KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves Soccer Goalkeeper protectionThese are worn by many pro players and for a very good reason

They are super lightweight and have a superior grip in all weathers

That combined with the advanced shock absorption padding

You are getting more than you pay for if you buy them


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Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave

Yellow Adidas Performance ACE Fingersave Goalie gloves Best Rated Soccer GlovesYou have a load of different colours to choose from

So you can get your team colours to match your kit

You get a really snug fit with these soccer goalie gloves which give your hands a much wider range of movement


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Brine Triumph 3X Gloves

White Brine Triumph 3X Goalie GlovesBest Soccer Gloves For Cold WeatherThe super-sticky latex foam palms if these gloves will ensure that you keep hold of the ball when you make that save

Also, the simplistic design of the backbone finger protection will prevent your fingers stretching backwards and prevent injuries


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Nike GK Vapor Grip 3

Orange, Grey and white Nike GK Vapor Grip 3 goalie glovesBest Soccer Goalie Gloves For TurfThese gloves look a bit chunky but so do the wrist straps
And that’s where you want a great deal of protection to stop wrist injuries

A very durable and robust glove, you will get a lot of wear out of these


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Vizari Avio F.R.F Glove

Black, Blue and yellow Vizari Avio F.R.F Goalkeeper GloveBest Women's Goalie Gloves For SoccerNow don’t get me wrong, these are a great pair

But they are mainly suited for soccer training sessions

I’m not saying you can’t use them to play games

They just don’t have what you want from a match day pair

Tough and durable but the foam protection is a little too thin for my liking


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HO Soccer IKARUS Roll

Yellow HO Soccer IKARUS Roll Goalkeeper GlovesThe Best Soccer GlovesOne of the top contenders in the goalie glove world

And as you can see they are a great looking pair

Made from a new material “ULTRA-DRY” which will absorb the sweat from your hands and wrists

There are a lot of pro soccer players that wear these in goals so they can’t be that bad can they?


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Rinat Egotiko NRG Spine Turf

Yellow and white Rinat Egotiko NRG Spine Turf goalie glovesBest Adidas Soccer GlovesIdeal for Indoor or Artificial Grass but that’s not to say you can’t wear them on regular turf

It has maximum padding throughout the glove with the high-frequency embossing leather and durable cushioning

The finger strength protection will keep your fingers sturdy enough to take the hardest of shots


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HO SSG Supremo 11 Negative

Green HO SSG Supremo 11 Negative Goalie glovesBest Gloves To Wear For SoccerWith 4mm cushioning on the backhand and 3mm on the palm

You will be getting a soft, but string protection all over your hands

And like all the goalie gloves here, they have a firm velcro wristband that keeps them secure and protects your wrists from serious injuries


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Goalkeeper Glove by KRONIS

Black KRONIS Goalkeeper GlovesBest Reusch Soccer GlovesNot a brand I have heard much about but certainly one to look out for

They feature a supreme aqua latex design for excellent ball handling in all weather

And if you take a look at the thumb area they have a V-shaped notch for better flexibility and movement


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Brine King Match 3X

Yellow and green Brine King Match 3X goalie glovesBest Soccer Gloves In The WorldThese might look a little thin but don’t underestimate them

They have a finger backbone system that will prevent hyperextension

Keeping those fingers ridged but flexible enough to be able to move them

And that with the wrapped padded thumb area you are certainly going to get the protection that you need


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HO Ikarus Club Colour Pack

Blue HO Ikarus Club Colour Pack Goalkeeper GlovesBest Soccer Goalie Gloves In The WorldNow these gloves have a different type of protection on the backhand

The new 3D gel system not only gives your hands maximum protection

But you will be able to punch that ball away from danger if you can’t quite catch it


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ADIDAS Ace Trans Ultimate

Black and White ADIDAS Ace Trans Ultimate Goalie gloves Gloves for soccerThe EVO ZONE tech material on these gloves gives increased grip

Making those saves much easier to hold onto and manipulate which way you want the ball to go when you throw it out onto the field


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Reusch Serathor Pro G2

Multi-coloured Reusch Serathor Pro G2 Goalkeeper GloveThe Best Soccer Goalie GlovesReusch is one of the top brands in soccer goalie gloves so you know you are getting quality here

They have great flexibility and awesome grip in both wet and dry weather

They are made with an air-mesh system material for maximum ventilation on hot days

And a wide palm area for stopping that ball going into the goals

What more do you want from a pair of gloves?


Check Exact Price Button

Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves

White Blok-IT Goalkeeper GlovesBest Brand Of Soccer Goalie GlovesA comfortable and sturdy glove which are ideal for all types of soccer games

Whether it be a kicks out down the park or a professional soccer match

You can rely on these to give you the grip and protection for all situations


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ADIDAS Classic Pro

Multi-coloured ADIDAS Classic Pro goalie glovesBest Keeper Gloves EverAnother pair here with a big palm surface for more chance of reaching that soccer ball

And with the All Round Grip Zone tech material you will have more chance of keeping hold of it as well

Adidas is world famous so quality is assured here


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Puma evoPOWER Grip 2.3 GC

Green, black and white Puma evoPOWER Grip 2.3 GC Goalie glovesBest Soccer Gloves BrandApparently, these gloves are made with the goalkeeper in mind

Surely all soccer gloves are made with that intention?

These, however, are a very durable and tough-wearing pair with the grip that all goalkeepers need to perform at their best


Check Exact Price Button

Reusch Serathor G2 Evolution

Orange Reusch Serathor G2 Evolution goalie gloveBest soccer goalie glovesAnother great glove by Reusch

With an air vented mesh inside material that will keep your hands cool when you feel under pressure

Another great feature of these is the pro flex material which has amazing flexibility for a better movement for your hands and wrists


Check Exact Price Button

Puma One Grip 17.2 Aqua

White and blue Puma One Grip 17.2 Aqua goalie glovesBest Soccer Goalie Gloves RatingsThe Puma 17.2 comes with a comfortable and well-fitted latex backhand

You also get extra padding in the thumb and finger gusset area which is where you get the most impact during a game


Check Exact Price Button

Nike GK Spyne Pro

Orange and grey Nike GK Spyne Pro Goalie GlovesSoccer Goalie Gloves With Best GripHaving a Velcro wraparound wristband like this Nike soccer goalie glove make all the difference to a comfortable fit

The frame of these gloves will position your fingers in a spread out state due to the pre-curved bio-align technology

But with a flexible feel to them so you won’t feel restricted


Check Exact Price Button

Uhlsport Ergonomic Soft Training Glove

Multi-coloured Uhlsport Ergonomic Soft Goalkeeper Training GloveWhat Are The Best Soccer GlovesThis is more of a training glove but its such a great buy I just had to show it to you

The palm is made of a soft latex which has awesome cushioned grip for catching the ball in training sessions

This really is a bit of a gem if you are looking for something to practice with but you could also use it for match days if you wanted to


Check Exact Price Button


Final Thoughts

So, what do you think?

Can you see yourself rocking any of these on the field?

These gloves that I have shown you are not just for the pro’s

So whether you have just started playing or a veteran of the game

There is something here for everyone

Do you think any of these soccer goalie gloves shouldn’t be on the list?

Or do you have any that you think that should be on this list that isn’t?

I would love to hear what you think

So please feel free to leave your comments or debates below

Don’t forget to “SAVE” this post for future reference


Have any Questions or Comments?

23 comments on “Soccer Goalie Gloves


Goalkeeping technology has improved so much over the years.

When I was a kid we had cotton gloves with rubber grips stuck on them!

This is a must website for goalkeepers!!

Amy Se

Thank you for showing up great piece of information and letting me know about this superb varieties I can choose from.However I am not much good at this but I will definetly share this with my brother who is much interested to have a look.


I hope this post will help your brother and I’m glad even you who doesn’t know much about it, enjoyed the post


Being a soccer player myself, I can agree that the goalkeeper has one of the most important jobs on the pitch (if not the most). I also agree that having the best gear for the job is also essential. I am quite sure that the best goalies such as Cech, Donnarumma, Ter Stegen, Nevas, De Gea, Neuer, and my personal best Buffon would agree.


I’m a Liverpool fan myself so it’s Loris karius for me although you have named a few legends of the goalkeeping world which certainly use the gloves i have lsted here


Haha. Love the Higuita clip. My son is a Goalkeeper who goes through gloves like drinking coffee! Some great information here and very helpful when choosing his next – and final – pair. Given the Higuita clips, perhaps you should review goalkeeping boots too 🙂


Higuita is a legend! Only he could pull that off. That is a brilliant plan about the goalkeeper boots! I will definitely look into that for you


Love the green one
Definitely go to buy them


They have to be my favourites aswel, good choice


There are quite a few to choose from. My kids will have to pick a pair the next time they sign up for a soccer legue.


There are to many choices to put all of them on here so this is just the cream of the crop


Hey, this is a great site and an absolute must for all aspiring goal keepers.

You have highlighted an excellent selection of gloves here, and it includes all of my personal favourites!




Thanks Steve. Which ones are your favourites? I’m sure I could get some sort of discount for you


Wow! Thank you for this helpful post. I think my favorite would be the Nike GK vapor grip. My kids have just started playing but we may have to consider one of these in future. Thanks again.


It’s my pleasure, I have to say the Nike GK vapour grip are really nice to be fair


This is a very nice and organized site. There is a lot of information on it the is nothing left out. I enjoyed reading and looking at the products.


I’m really glad you enjoyed it hope to see you back soon


I’m amazed at how padded these gloves are, but then again, have to remember just how fast these footballs are when they’re mid-air. gotta protect the hands, we need them for other stuff! Thanks for the recommendations.


My pleasure. Yes, it is very important to protect your hands as a football goalie because of the speed of the ball going towards them.


Hello there,
Wow.So many different kinds to choose from.I dont play soccer but i need a pair for riding my quad.Do you think
they will work for that.It will be hard to choose a pair I like them all
You thank- you for sharing


Of course, but some of them might be a bit thick to hold onto the handlebars of your quad. Maybe choose a thinner pair like the training gloves right at the end of the list but they would certainly work for you


I couldn’t resist having a closer look at your site because I just love the game of football or soccer depending on where you come from.The site is really well laid out and easy to follow,the clip on Rene Higuita never ceases to amaze me,I saw him on the telly at the Colombian world cup match.


He’s a legend in my eyes fair play. There’s not many goalkeepers that could pull that off is there?


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