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Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls

15 Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls

Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls: 15 Ideal Gifts For 2020

I don’t know about you but I think that finding the perfect gift for a teenage girl is impossible

Unless she loves the beautiful game that we call… SOCCER!!!

In this post, you are going to find 15 Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls that have been proven to be loved by any girl soccer fan or player and will get you brownie points if you buy them and give them to the young soccer ladies in your life

I have to admit that these are all Amazon soccer gifts but they are all up there with the most wanted soccer gifts

Here’s a Quick Look at The Soccer Gifts in This Post

I have looked high and low to find some great soccer gifts for girls that I think they would absolutely love to get for a birthday etc

And this is what I have found

Top 15 Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls

1. Nike Headbands

What Are Nike Swoosh Headbands?

Multicoloured Girls Nike Swoosh Sport HeadbandsThese Nike Headbands are made out of 65% Polyester and 35% and come in a huge range of seasonal prints and colours which you can mix and match if you want to

See More Selections Here

Comes as a six-pack for the price if you are looking for soccer gifts under $10 and that won’t break the bank, Will it?

Why Are They Ideal?

If the teenage girl you know has long hair and is always out and about playing soccer

Then these designer headbands will be a stylish way of keeping the hair from their face

Gone are the pink fluffy bows they used to wear

They are growing up now so will need something a bit more grown up

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2. Soccer Typography Personalized Print

What is a Soccer Typography Personalized Print?

Framed PrintChicks Wall Art Decor Soccer Typography Personalized PrintThese are all handmade and customized to the childs name or number of her soccer jersey and the colours you want (see more designs here)

The Designer framing really makes the semi-glossy poster stand out giving any teenage girls room that classy look with it up on the wall.

Why is it Ideal?

Having a more grown-up bedroom means a lot to teenage girls

And to incorporate the sport that they love without going overboard with it having this decorative, but stylish piece of artwork will really make their room stand out

There are different prices for different sizes

11×14 – $22     16×20 – $35      18×24 – $42       24×36 – $55

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3. Personalized Girls Soccer Wall Decor

What is a Personalised Girls Wall Decor?

Personalized Jessica Soccer Sports Wall Sticker on The Wall Above a BedAnother cool looking piece of artwork for the bedroom of a soccer-mad teenage girl

But this is a sticker that you just stick to the wall. It is very easy to put up yourself and you can choose any colours and names that you want to (see all to choose from here)

The soccer ball will be black and white unless you ask for a specific colour on order

One problem with this is that once you have stuck it to the wall

Even though you can very easily peel it back off you won’t be able to re-stick it back to the wall if you change your mind about putting it somewhere else

Why is it Ideal?

Girls like to have their stamp on their own bedrooms so getting them this wall art with the soccer ball and name on there doesn’t look over the top and actually looks quite elegant

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4. Soccer Girl Typography GemLight Personalized with Your Name and Colours

What is a Typography GemLight?

Soccer Girl Typography GemLight Personalized with Your Name and ColorsThis beautiful looking glass block full of sparkling mesh and lights would be a nice addition to any teenage girls room even if they don’t like soccer, but it would help if they did

You can choose the colour and name that you want to be written on there and also even add their team jersey number if they play

Choose the colour of the ribbon to make it more personal to the colour of the bedroom or team that they play for

Needs to plugged into a main socket

Why is it ideal?

I really think that this would really impress the person that you are buying it for especially if it has the colour that they love on it

Just imagine how nice it would look lit up in their bedroom

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5. Soccer Backpack & Ball Carrier Bag

What is a Soccer Ball Carrier Bag?

Black Soccerware Soccer Bag Backpack with a green soccer ball in the top and 2 green soccer cleats in the side pocketsThis Soccer Backpack is very lightweight and can hold all the soccer gear that you could possibly need to take to a game or training

Comes in 3 colours Black, Blue and Red

The drawstring handles are cotton padded and double laced giving you a comfortable way of carrying it

Its really made to last as well because it’s made with heavy-duty No-Rip PXD waterproof material which can be easily washed to keep it clean

We all know how smelly a soccer kit bag can get (even a girls bag) but with the ventilated compartments your dirty smelly kit shouldn’t get your bag smelling the same

On the outside, it has…

  • 1x Zipper Pocket
  • 2x Shoe
  • Water Bottle mesh pockets
  • 2x easy access pockets to keep smaller items like your phone etc
Why is it Ideal?

Any soccer player needs a bag like this and this has to be the best one that I’ve found for the price

Teenage girls don’t want pink and frilly bags with my little pony on them

They want to have cool sports clothes and accessories and this bag is both practical and a really nice looking bag

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6. Custom Player Jersey ID Soccer Necklace

What is a Player Jersey ID Soccer Necklace?

MadSportsStuff Custom Player Jersey ID Soccer Silver Necklace Available in 25 NumbersThis lovely looking soccer necklace and pendant that you can get your jersey number put on to make it more personal

It’s made of pristine pewter and zinc

The chain is 18 inches long which is made from brass and plated with sterling

OK, it’s not gold which teenagers would prefer but it’s a really nice piece that you can give as a gift

Why is it Ideal?

Every teenage girl loves a bit of bling and to be able to incorporate their love of soccer into it as well just makes this piece of jewellery that little bit more appealing

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7. Apple iPhone Custom Case

What is an Apple iPhone Custom Case?

Black This Princess Wears Soccer Cleats iPhone Case That Fits iPhone 6 6s 7 8This iPhone case is made to fit the iPhone 6, 6s, 7 & 8 and isn’t available to buy in any store, it’s only made for sale online

The case is made of high quality durable soft TPU material and the rose gold glossy finish really makes it look chic and unique

Why is it Ideal?

“Forget The Glass Slippers, This Princess Wears Cleats” is a brilliant slogan and I think that you know it’s for girls but it gives it that look of not being too girly

The iPhone is pretty much moulded to teenagers hands these days so it makes sense to get the soccer-mad teenage girl this iPhone case so you can both protect her phone and make it look cool at the same time

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8. “I Know I Play Like A Girl Soccer” T-Shirt

What is This?

Black I Know I Play Like A Girl Soccer, Try To Keep Up T-ShirtIt’s pretty self-explanatory what it is but I thought I would just let you know

This T-Shirt is made with 100% cotton and should be cold washed so the colours won’t run

It also comes in Red, Green, Asphalt, Navy and cranberry which you see them all here

Why is it Ideal?

The design of the slogan on this T-Shirt is brilliant and so very true in most cases that I have seen with girls playing soccer with boys

Can you imagine the boys face as you whiz past them in this T-Shirt?

They will probably run home crying to Mommy!

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9. A Girl Who Loves Soccer Is A Girl Worth Keeping – Journal

What is This?

Purple A Girl Who Loves Soccer Is A Girl Worth Keeping 6x9 inch 100 page blank journalWell… It’s just a journal but I think it’s brilliant!

I think it would be an Ideal gift for any teenage girl to put up in their bedrooms and write in, and for it to remind them of what the journal says

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10. Sport Soccer/Football 3D Optical Illusion Lamp

What is a Soccer 3D Optical Illusion Lamp?

Soccer 3D LED Night Light Touch Table Desk Optical Illusion Lamps, Elstey 7 Color Changing Lights with Acrylic Flat & ABS Base & USB ChargerThis crazy optical illusion creates a 3D effect of a soccer ball that will light up the room

Its safe as it never gets hot and will last forever as long as you don’t kick it about like a real one

Its touch control and you can either just use one colour or alternate gradually between Blue, Green, Red, Cyan, Pink, White and Yellow

The round base is 3.5 inches in diameter and 1 inch high, the plate that the 3D effect is shown on is 8 inches high, 3mm thick and about 5.5 inches wide

Why is it Ideal?

If the teenage girl is a soccer fan then getting her this 3d effect lamp will be perfect for in her bedroom and she can also change it to whatever colour she wants to depending on her mood or team colours PERFECT!

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11. Smartwatch

What is This SmartWatch?

Black POLAR M600 Android Wear SmartwatchThis is a SmartWatch that will keep track of their heart, steps etc like a fitbit would do

If they are active and want to keep track of their daily activities then this is a must and will be gratefully received I would imagine

Or you can read my review about this amazing SmartWatch here

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12. Bracelet and Ear-Stud Set

What is This?

Silver and Black Infinity Collection Soccer Bracelet and Soccer Stud EarringsThis is a Silver and Black Soccer Charm Bracelet with a silver soccer ball and the word “SOCCER” on the front and also a pair of 1-inch Soccer Rhinestone Stud Earrings

The bracelet can be easily adjusted to fit the wrist from 5 inches to 7 inches around.

Why is it Ideal?

Although they couldn’t wear it on the soccer pitch this is quite a chic piece of jewellery

The soccer ball can be taken off the bracelet if you think it’s a bit too much

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13. Soccer Ball

Black and Yellow Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer BallThere’s not really much to say here apart from it’s a soccer ball which if you know a teenage girl that loves soccer then you can’t go wrong with buying one of these

This is just an Under Armour DESAFIO 395 Soccer Ball that come in a few different colours, but there are thousands of choices out there if you don’t like this one

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14. Smart Training Ball

What is a Smart Training Ball?

Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer BallYes, it is another soccer ball but with built-in technology!

This is the Smart Training Ball that has sensors inside that can track the power of a shot, your accuracy and much much more

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15. Soccer Training Rebounder

What is This Soccer Training Rebounder?

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer Portable Soccer Rebounder Net for Volley, Passing and Solo TrainingThis is a piece of soccer training equipment used to practice volleying the ball and practising shots and kicking techniques

Its portable so it can be put up anywhere with a bit of space and your teenage soccer girl can master the sport that she loves and be the best she can be

>>> How to Trap a Soccer Ball on your Chest <<<

Why is it Ideal?

Investing in a good piece of soccer training equipment is making an investment in your teenage girls future in soccer if that’s what she wants to do

Not only will this improve her game, it will withstand a few years worth of the ball being knocked into it

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Just Before You Shoot Off…

Have you got a teenage girl that loves and plays soccer in your family that you know would love any of these ideal gifts

Then give them a gift to remember with any of these and I’m sure you will be their most favourite person in the world.

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Based in South Wales, Shwni is best known for being a qualified children's rugby coach & a dad to 4 sporty boys who love rugby & football. When he isn't busy finding the best sporting products for you at shwnisports, you can find him on social media by clicking the links below

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14 comments on “Soccer Gifts For Teenage Girls


Wow, what a great website, Shwni! You have a lot of cool products and good prices. Your enthusiasm and love for what you do can be felt in all that you have here. Definitely a must-share site!


Thanks! I enjoy football and rugby so it’s easy to write about something that you love. Pop by anytime 🙂


Thank You for providing a collections of great gift ideas, my niece is 14 and has been playing soccer for several years, she would love so many of these items.


Thats great to hear, teenage girls are so hard to buy gifts for but I think I have covered some great ones here


Hi Shwni

I think you have gone above and beyond with this post, you really made the best selection, I just wanted one item for my cousin but now I think I will go with 3 items to make a really great present. I will go for the bracelet and Ear-Stud Set, the Soccer Backpack & Ball Carrier Bag and Personalized Girls Soccer Wall Decor for her bedroom. I think the 3 make sens.

Thanks for sharing


No, you are the one that has gone above and beyond with your gift buying, I wish that you were my friend, lol


I think the bracelet and ear stud set is absolutely perfect! It’s edgy and fun. Nowadays, kids always wanted something different and at the same time reflect their personality. They can wear it in a less formal event or simply casual. Thanks for sharing these ideas. It’ll be less hassle for people trying to look for a perfect gift to their sporty teens!


Thanks very much for your compliments on this list of soccer gifts. I hope whoever you are buying it for will appreciate you a lot more 🙂


Soccer is a tremendous sport to improve our condition and healthy.

I remember, when I was a child there were many of my friends, to make competition football in the Street. It was such a lovely days.

Football is one of the most popular sport because easy to play and fun. You only need two rock or something to ensure your goal post with a few friends 😊

One of the reasons for popularity football is to be equipment or gift in the past. If you have a soccer ball, probably you will be interested in that game.

So, we should support the young generation to play these game with a small gift.
Otherwise, they will lose in digital games instead of real.

Thanks, I liked your selection for the gifts.


Tanks for your comment 🙂

Marios Tofarides

Hey Shwni,

Great post! I really didn’t know there were so many gifts suitable for football girls. I didn’t even know such a niche existed! I am aware that women’s football (sorry, I’m using the international term for the sport) is very popular in the US, though.

That said I’d go for the equipment. Footballs, the rebounder, and the smartwatch are great gifts for me. Besides those, the Football 3D Optical Illusion Lamp is awesome!




Those will be great gifts for any teenage girl soccer fan

Riaz Shah

I wanted to get the headband but that’s a common gift she would already have gotten herself until I saw that tshirt, just wow! Simple but that message will make her quite popular just because of the captions there. I’m loving it and I’m probably getting that but out of curiosity, do you have more of those? The tshirts with more other captions I mean 😀


Yes, just click on the link to see more of the same 🙂


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