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Soccer Coaching Equipment

SOCCER Coaching Equipment

Soccer Coaching Equipment: 16 Things Needed to be a Success15 vital items to be a successful soccer coach

I have played soccer, or football as we call it in the UK for as long as I can remember

But my sons are into rugby in a big way so I went over to the dark side and started coaching my eldest sons team

So I know what is needed to be a successful coach and what Soccer Coaching Equipment you need to have

I know it’s the wrong sport but the concept is pretty much the same isn’t it

Before I show you the 16 vital items for a successful children’s soccer coach just take a quick look at this short video of what is on this list

And most of them will be totally obvious but very crucial to how well you do in this role

Who Can be a Children’s Soccer Coach

Where did all the soccer stars of today start playing?

That’s right, the local soccer club where funds are limited and the staff is very rare

So as parents you need to step up if you want your children to enjoy the sport and get better at it

What’s that?Childrens Soccer coach talking to one of his players while two other players watch them

You don’t know anything about coaching!

Well neither did I until I was put in the deep end and asked to show 25 six year olds how to play rugby

But I can guarantee you know more than those children do

All you have to do is turn up each week for training and games and be willing to teach the children what you know about the game

The club will normally pay for your coaching badges so you don’t have to worry about that

And even if you have never played the game yourself it still doesn’t matter

A good soccer player doesn’t always make a good soccer coach and vice versa

Why Would You Want to be a Soccer Coach?Soccer coach in the middle of his team giving them a team talk

It is the most rewarding thing in the world to see a young child learning all about the game from what you have shown them

OK, it can be stressful at times and you don’t get paid any money

But look at what you are doing for that child and their future in soccer

All they want is for someone to look up to and show them what to do, and how to do it

Train Hard Now, Play Your Best Later

Have you ever thought how the soccer stars of today got to where they are?

It wasn’t sitting around playing on the Xbox or on the IPad I know

Getting some regular training and coaching is key to success for their future

So I want to share with you what I personally think are some excellent pieces of soccer training equipment for kids that could greatly improve their game

Nurture Them YoungA young soccer player ready to kick a ball towards his dad

Children are like sponges, and I don’t mean if you don’t ring the water out and leave them they start to smell!

Everything you teach them at a young age they just soak it up so starting them soccer training at a young age will only benefit them in the long run

Just by putting a football in front of them when they can walk is teaching them to kick it

And I’m pretty sure that’s how all the superstars of today first started.

And some still need it put in front of them!

Training Tips For Kids

Don’t underestimate your children’s abilities

OK, some are born to this world with 2 left feet like my eldest boy

But if you can see them either being able to kick the ball quite far or being able to header the ball from a young age just keep practicing with them

Don’t push them into it though as they will just resent you and just quit altogether

A Few Things You Could Try With ThemYoung children all in a line ready to kick soccer balls

  • The most important training advice I can give you is… MAKE IT FUN! Ask fun and silly questions like “Do we use our hands to kick the ball?” Keep letting them know the basic rules and ask them to repeat the answers back to you so it sticks in their heads.
  • Find a place where they have space to do whatever they want with the ball, the more space they have the more room for improvement.
  • Teach them how to control the ball but putting their foot on it. It might take a few tries but if they can master that you could start getting them to do it with both feet.
  • Get them to kick with the correct part of the foot, either the side or the top of the foot and get them out of toe punting it as there is no control there.
  • Controlling the ball in the air is going to be a tough one to master but with some persistence and practice they will soon be controlling the ball on their chest and volleying it into the top corner of the goals.

Soccer Training Equipment

You don’t need fancy equipment for football training at all

But if you do want to try something different I have found some great training equipment for different aspects of playing soccer so just click on the links that you want your children to improve on and you can see what I would suggestBoy football player vector

Practice Makes Perfect

Now getting onto the equipment checklist that every soccer coach needs

Not all the images are the exact items you should get but just to give you an idea

Soccer Coaching Equipment Checklist

16. Boots

Pair of white and blue umbro soccer cleats on the grass

A good pair of soccer boots is a must as it will be your most worn footwear if you are looking after a soccer team

You will be pretty much living in them, but make sure you keep them clean and tidy after every use

>>> Check Out These 2019 Gold adidas Boots <<<

15. Shin Guards

Pair of red and black slip in Nike shin guards

You certainly are going to need shin guards as children learning to play soccer tend to just kick anywhere

So maybe you might also want to invest in a cup to protect your crown jewels as well as your legs

>>> What Shin Guards You Need <<<

14. Water Bottles

Two blue sports water bottles and two stainless steel sports water bottles lined up next to each other

Even though most of the children I coach bring their own water bottles to training

I always take spare ones just in case someone forgets theirs

And if it’s not used or drunk I just soak them after a game

I always end up the wettest though!!!

>>> Best Water Bottles 2019 <<<

13. Training Equipment

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer RebounderThere’s only so much you can do with your imagination and your knowledge about soccer to teach children so get some training equipment to keep things interesting and fun

There has been a huge increase on soccer coaches using soccer rebounders lately

Maybe start off with a few of those?

>>> Soccer Training Rebounders <<<

12. Disc Cones

Set of fifty Pro Disc Cones Agility Soccer Cones with Carry Bag and Holder for Training football kids Sports Field Cone Markers which includes Top fifteen Drills eBook
Soccer Coach Equipment ChecklistKeeping the children where they are supposed to be is quite difficult

So get some disk cones to place where you want them to be during a training exercise (an electric fence would be more efficient though)

There are numerous ways you can incorporate cones into a training session

Just use your imagination

11. Tall Cones

Twenty four set of Faswin Indoor and Outdoor Agility Soccer Flexible Cone Sets Assorted Colors
Soccer Coach Training EquipmentI also have some tall cones which are much easier if you want them to go around them rather than run over them

Because trust me, they will stand all over those flat discs rather than go around them

10. Balls

Orange and yellow in via soccer ball

Even though I take a few to training I always ask the players to bring their own

Just in case I want to do an exercise where they all need one

Like taking shots or dribbling with the ball at the same time

I don’t know how many children you coach but there’s only so many soccer balls you can fit into the boot of your car

9. Ball Pump

a sport bit soccer ball pump with five extension needles
There’s nothing worse than having a flat ball so always keep a ball pump handy

There most certainly be a player coming up to you every week to ask you if you can put some air in their soccer ball

8. Team Kit

Four black and blue soccer jerseys hanging up in the soccer team changing room with the players number and name written ion the backIt’s no good all your soccer players turning up in random kit so talk to the club about getting a team kit if they haven’t already got one

You need to look the part even if the players haven’t quite mastered the beautiful game yet

>>> Full Soccer Squad Kits <<<

7. First Aid Kit

Red first aid kit box with a white circle on top and a red cross on top of the circleEvery week, however small, there is guaranteed to be an injury of some kind so I always have a first aid kit with me and I strongly suggest you do to

Even if you just use the “Magic Sponge” you will still need a load of ice packs and plasters

>>> See What You Need in Your First Aid Kit Here <<<

6. Whistle

Pair of Mudder Metal Referee Whistles Coach Whistles with Lanyard for Football Coaches and Officials
If you don’t fancy losing your voice then a whistle is a MUST for all coaches what ever sport you are taking part in

I’m not saying that you will be constantly shouting, but there will be times that the players will be over excited and to will have to get their attention somehow

A whistle will make your training sessions a little more controlled

All you need to do is explain that when that whistle is blown you want everyone to stop what they are doing and listen to what you have to say

5. Coaching Badge

A hand writing the word coaching in red

You might be helping out as a parent but you do need your coaching badges to be able to “officially” be a soccer coach for your local club

Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just go on the course and it will be easier than you thought

Just Don’t Worry

You can get your soccer coaching license online from if you are from the United States or from if you are from the United Kingdom

For any other country just drop me a message in the comment section below and I will send you the links

4. Routine

Keep to a routine in training, the more you stick to a routine the quicker the children will learn

You can’t just turn up to a training session without a program

If you make a plan for the session then things will run more smoothly

Well, in theory anyway

>>> Download 50 Soccer Drills PDF Free Here <<<

3. Team Board

Amhii Football Soccer Magnetic Tactic Coach ClipBoard with Dry Erase Zipper and Marker Pen
Soccer Coach Training Equipment

A plan board for games is much easier that trying to explain it to the children or screaming it at them from the side of the pitch

Depending on the age of the players you coach, a white board will be a godsend for teaching the older soccer players

But if you coach the young ones, just making it fun and interesting is all you need to do

2. Patience

PATIENCE!!! if you don’t have this then you might as well quit now

It can get tough at times but trust me it will all be worth it in the end

Just think how much these young minds are going to learn from you

And who knows, someday one of them might make it to the premier league and you will be the one to thank for that

There’s a great article about having patience as a soccer coach on if you have a bit of time to read it

1. Soccer Bible

Soccer IQ Things That Smart Players Do Vol one
The ultimate number one item that every soccer coach shouldn’t be without

The holy grail of soccer information

Soccer IQ: Things That Smart Players Do

A book that has been Named the #1 book for Soccer Players and Coaches by and could change the way your team plays for the better

It really does have an abundance of soccer knowledge that can be taken to any training session or soccer game

It’s a book for the future!

Final ThoughtsSoccer coach pointing and sending his young players out on to the soccer pitch

So, what do you think?

Do to think you have what it takes?

With all this put together with dedication, a bit of hard work and persistence, and of course help from other parents

You will be soon on your way to being a successful and happy soccer coach

The road to success is not going to be easy, but just stick to it and you will have helped so many children to enjoy the game that we all love

And it never gets old when they say thank you after the training session or games

If you are a coach yourself and have tips that you would like to share with everyone then please feel free to do so below

Don’t let those children down and give them a future in soccer

Shwni signiture

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12 comments on “Soccer Coaching Equipment


Hi Shwni,
Great post on how to be a good football coach. I found the article very useful and would bookmark your site to come back for reference.
As you put up on the article, it is hard to find a good football coach because in my hometown most kids are playing basketball or baseball.
I play the soccer since I was in middle school. Now, I have a kid and want to teach him how to play the soccer. One problem with him is every time he puts on soccer shoe he kicks everything.
I would like to know how to improve the situation.
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


One thing you could do to stop him kicking things apart from the soccer ball is to put him in a big field with plenty of space so he cant do any damage to

Mark Emmerson

Great post. I did my coaching badges about 7 years ago and I take my hat off to anyone who takes up coaching kids. Grass roots football is so important and I think it gets forgotten about sometimes – parents are so important in this (as long as they are positive).
A couple of things I would maybe add to the list:

1. CRB checks – when working with kids
2. Do a first Aid course
3. An assistant is a must in my opinion – especially with the younger ones.
4. Keep the drills fresh, interesting and relevant to the age group.

Great work and well done.


You have brought up some great points to add to the list which i hope others will listen to.


Nice article. I can see being a children’s soccer coach being both rewarding and frustrating. Regardless you have to have the right equipment. Appreciate the info.


Yes it is certainly both those things and with the right equipment and the help youre onto a winner

Mark Rutherford

Hi Shwni,
Really good info here for the seasoned as well as the newbie. My granddaughter has played soccer for 3 seasons and loves it. Your information here is something I would very much like to pass on to her coaches, and I’m sure they would appreciate it. Some of the coaches, especially the assistants could really improve how they run the program with your knowledge here.

I’ll be passing this along to them. After all, it will help my girl as well :0)



Some coaches just enjoy the power and have no clue at all but the majority just want to help the children, step in yourself if you think they are not doing a good enough job 😉


Excellent guide and thanks for sharing.
I’ve been asked to coach my nieces team next year and just not sure if I can do it.
You guide has given me the confidence and I think I’ll give it a go.


Thats awesome to here vince, im sure you will make a great coach


Greetings! I really enjoyed your post. It was very informative, practical, and motivating for anyone looking to coach soccer. My brother has a lot experience in coaching, but for someone like me who doesn’t have any experience, I think you laid out all of the fundamentals in an easy-to-understand way. I especially like how you include the soccer bible as a must-have. It makes me want to click the link to find out more.


Like i said in this post i didnt have any experience in coaching but its just about being an authority figure in these childrens life


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