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Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets

Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets?

Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets or Head Protection?What's your opinion on soccer head protection?

Soccer has been around for a long time

And although it’s not considered the roughest sport it can get a bit rough at times

Which is why I’m asking, Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets?

Now I don’t mean the helmets that you see in the NFL, I mean the headgear that you might see in rugby or for boxing

I’m pretty sure there will be some valid points for both sides of the arguments

Before you all argue among yourselves though, I want to put my thoughts out there to see if you agree with any of them

But before I do just watch this short video that I have found which shows some soccer head injuries

Bumps and Scrapes in Soccer

I’ve played soccer, or football as it’s called here in the UK since I was young and had my fair share of head injuries

Especially when going up to header the ball against the opposition

But now I coach my local mini rugby team and that’s a totally different type of bumps and scrapes but we are here to talk soccer aren’t we?

So let’s get to it shall we, What do you think?

Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets or Headgear?Two male soccer players fighting for the ball in the air

There are only a handful of soccer players that actually wear them so to children they aren’t cool enough to wear

According to a third party source online they are looking at making them compulsory up to a certain age

I’m not really sure how that’s going to go down with the parents, or the children for that matter

There are some parents who will not let their child play without head protection, but there are some (myself included) who have no problems at all letting their child loose on the pitch without wearing any

I played for years without any protection for my head and had a few bumps

And there’s nothing wrong with me now… TWITCH, SAUSAGES, BIRD, W##KER!!!

See, I’m Not Affected by it at All!!!

So, As i said earlier, this only my opinion of head protection fir soccer, which we all have

Pros & Cons of Soccer Head Protection


  • Lowers the risk of concussion and head abrasions.
  • There’s many different to designs to choose from.
  • Can give you more confidence. (but that’s also a con as well)

OK that 2nd one isn’t really a pro but I’m struggling to find a second good thing to say about them so it looks like I’m just stuck with these good things going for them

CONSTwo female soccer players fighting for the ball in the air

  • Can restrict your eyesight a bit depending on the style you use
  • Gives you more confidence going for the ball or going in for a tackle which could result in a much more serious injury.
  • Even though there is an ongoing argument that heading the ball gives you concussion but can you imagine trying to header a ball while wearing one, Your team-mates will probably give you concussion for heading the ball in the wrong direction.
  • Again, depending on the style, it’s going to get hot, sweaty and itchy under there and you don’t want to spend the whole game looking like you have head lice.

Yes there are more cons than pros in my point of view, But can you think of any yourself?

Does Soccer Headgear Prevent Concussion?

Firstly, Studies have shown that female soccer players are more prone to getting concussions than male players and even though soccer headgear can greatly reduce the risk of concussion to soccer players, they won’t completely stop any soccer players from getting any injuries at all.

Black Storelli ExoShield Head Guard for soccer
Storelli ExoShield

If you were to start wearing head protection while playing soccer then you might want to check these reviews out to save you doing your own soccer headgear research

Just Before You Go

Take some time to let others know what you think about the soccer head protection

Or if you have had either good or bad experiences with them then put your vote out there if you think soccer head guards should be compulsory or not

Should Soccer Head Guards Be Compulsory?

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2 comments on “Should Soccer Players Wear Helmets

Excellent page. You pose an intriguing question that I’m sure would get a good debate going. Personally, I think head gear should be an option for teens and above considering they have more control over their actions and re-actions. Younger children should wear head protection because they are still learning how to move and when to move.


Yes you bring up a great point actually, younger children should definitely be made to wear them until they have more control of the game, thanks for your comment


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