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Shin Splints in Soccer

how to treat shin splints in 5 simple steps

Shin Splints in Soccer: 5 Easy Steps to Recover Quicklydealing with shin splints 5 simple steps to heal and recover quickly

Getting injuries playing soccer is inevitable for some people unfortunately because of the strenuous activity involved

Some are quite serious and some are minor but sometimes the smaller injuries can hurt the most and leave you out of action for a longer period

One common minor injury is when you get the dreaded Shin Splint in Soccer

Oh yes, we have all had it! it’s like having a hot poker rammed into your shins

It starts from the knee and goes right down to your feet, and sometimes down to your toes

The NHS Says that you can certainly treat them yourself and only in severe cases, you will need to go to hospital about it

What is Shin Splints?

It’s basically an inflammation of the bone tissue, muscle and tendons on your tibia which is normally caused by sports-related exercise and running. It can occur when there is a change in your exercise regime or if you have overworked your muscles more than you normally do.

Why do I Get Shin Splints?

If you are wondering why you keep getting shin splints then take a look at this quick video by The Jump Rope Dudes which will explain all

Here’s The Best Way To Deal With Shin Splints in Soccer

Step 1. Stop Exercising or Playing Soccersoccer players legs wearing white socks kicking a white football

Whether you are in training or in a soccer game, if you start to feel the pain in your shins you should stop doing what you are doing immediately

Don’t listen to your team-mates stop acting like a baby and carry on or your coach telling you to run it off otherwise you could be making things much worse and your recovery will be much slower

If you do carry on you may be out of action for a while

Step 2. Remove Boots, Socks And Shin Guards

Take off your socks and Shin Guards that are on the affected area

I’m assuming you would have been wearing shin guards as its pretty much the law now for all players to be wearing them

Also, take your boots off to let the blood circulate around your legs and feet properly as they can restrict you a little.

Step 3. Apply an Ice Pack And Bandagemale doctor sitting by a red first aid kit

If the club you are playing for is a good club then you should have access to a First Aid Kit so you need to get an ice pack and a bandage from there as soon as possible no matter what your coach says

Wrap the ice pack in the bandage then put it on the area that hurts the most then wrap the whole thing to your leg to keep it secure for around 30 minutes.

Step 4. Elevate Your Legs

While your leg is all wrapped up and you are resting it you could get something to elevate your leg off the floor if you are laying down to see if that helps with the pain at all

It’s actually a great way of relieving the pain in your legs.

Step 5. Take Time to Recoverwoman wearing a blue tracksuit sitting on the grass stretching her quads

Once all the pain has gone don’t get back into the game or training just go home and rest your leg for a few days before getting involved in any more soccer

You may think your fine but the fact of the matter is that even though you don’t feel any pain your muscles haven’t healed properly yet

Getting back into soccer is probably all you can think of while resting but don’t go into it all guns blazing, do some warm-up exercises and stretches for shin splints beforehand

If you feel any discomfort in your shins just doing the warm-up then it’s your muscles way of telling you that they are not quite ready to start back

Just take another day or two off so you will be fighting fit and ready to score some goals


Before You Run Off

Do you suffer from Shin Splints?

I myself suffer with them a lot so I know what you’re going through if you do

The next time you feel that shin pain after kicking a soccer ball coming on just follow the steps above and you will soon be back at it

If you have any questions about this post then feel free to ask below in the comment section and I’ll get right back to you

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6 comments on “Shin Splints in Soccer


As a massage therapist, I’ve treated shin splints many times over the years. I agree with your first aid suggestions but would add that anyone injured should go get a myofascial release massage of the area – it helps open up the space and prevent it from happening in the future.


Thats some excellent advice so thanks for letting others know about it, cheers

Charlie Glynn

Shin splints are the WORST! I always try to fight through them and shrug them off but they usually just come back hurting even more the next time. It doesn’t surprise me that ice and rest are the recipe for healing. Thanks for sharing, will definitely use this health formula next time I have them!


I hate it when I have shin splints but ice and rest is the best cure thats for sure


Very Good to know, I will remember this when watching my niece and nephew play, Thanks For the info


Children will probably suffer a bit more than adults as they are more active than us oldies, lol. Just keep an eye on them


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