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Select Sport America 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

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Select Sport America 3 Goalie Gloves Reviewed: Ideal For Training Sessions

Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper GloveBest Goalkeeper Gloves CheapAre you looking at training gloves for soccer?

There are a few good options to choose from out there

And after searching around for a while to find a decent pair

I finally stumbled upon these that I think might be of interest to you

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Best Place to Buy Them: AMAZON

Sizes: 5, 6, and 7

Check Out This Sizing Chart

Check what size you need

Price: $24.45 – $33.95 depending on the size you want 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Breathability: MESH ON THE SIDES OF THE FINGERS FOR MAXIMUM AIRFLOW 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Palm: 3mm HEAT TREATED FLEXION LATEX 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Closure: ADJUSTABLE LATEX STRAPS 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Cut: FLAT CUT 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

If you want to know what the different cuts of soccer goalie gloves are then you can learn all about them in this informative post on

Finger Spines: NONREMOVABLE HARD PLASTIC SPINES IN THE FINGERS 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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Top 25 goalkeeper gloves

Goalkeeper Gloves Introduction

These gloves come from a company that was founded by a professional goalkeeper and an Olympic medalist, Eigil Nielson

So you know they are going to do the job that they were made for

Made for hard ground, indoor training, and also astroturf

They can take a bit of a beating but they probably won’t last you a whole season if you use them for every training and soccer games week in week out


The Cut

The flat cut, or flat palm (as it is also called) on the gloves should already tell you they are not really brilliant for gameplay (in my eyes)

That’s not to say they can’t be used for when you play a soccer match

I’m just saying there are more suited gloves out there that will do a better job

The stitching around the palm of the glove is on the outside rather than the inside

That is what makes it a flat cut and also makes the finger area of them looser than normal

Which not every goalkeeper likes do they?

Having a flat palm glove is a preference so you should test out different styles to suit the way you play

The Closure

The closure has a slit-like wrist strap which is made from a latex material and is fully adjustable

That will give you the option to make them as tight or as loose as you want them to be

You just need to make sure that they are not too loose

Or you won’t get the full protection that your wrists need during a soccer match or training session

Very easy to take off and put back on if you need to during gameplay

The PalmSuperb grip on the palm in dry conditions

Obviously, the palm has a flat cut as was shown above

But looking at what they are made from you are getting some quality material considering the price you pay for them

See the detailed grip like a car tyre?

The last thing you want when trying to save the ball is for the ball to slip through your hands

But with the durable 3mm heat treated flexion latex your hands will stick to the ball like a fly on cellotape

You get an even better grip with them if you are using them on astroturf or artificial grass as they won’t get muddy and get ruined

The grip of the ball you get with these gloves can really improve your performance on the field

The Backhand

The backhand of these gloves are fairly durable

But as there is only one layer of padded foam and a latex covering (not including the finger stems)

They can only give you a certain amount of protection

And that’s why I would say to only use them for training purposes or even as a backup during a soccer match

These are not only great for training but ideal for indoor and astroturf games

Finger Spines

Finger spines can either be perfect or feel really restricting on your fingers

The spines in these gloves are made from a strong and durable plastic and they do the job just fine

They will stop your fingers bending backwards and prevent hyperextension

But they are nonremovable which can sometimes cause problems in thinner gloves with tearing of the backhand material

As all goalie gloves take a beating if you use them regularly you are going to get some rips and tears in them eventually


The breathability of these gloves are pretty good I have to say

The mesh on the sides of the fingers makes the air flow through them

And cool your hands down during those sweaty training sessions

There’s nothing worse than sweaty hands inside a stuffy goalkeeper glove

Pros & Cons


  • They have excellent breathability to keep your hands cool during Buy a good pair of goalie glovesthose hot and sweaty soccer training sessions
  • The closure on these gloves are adjustable which makes things easier if you need a certain size glove but your wrists are too thin or thick for the closure
  • They have very strong finger stems which will prevent hyperextension and other forms of damage to your fingers
  • They have been created with an Anatomical Fit System that has been designed to the shape of the wearer’s natural grip
  • Providing you ate wearing them either indoors or on a dry astroturf ground the grip that you get from the palm of them is pretty damn good if I must say, and that will make catching the soccer ball so much easier for you


  • There have been some cases where the finger stems have come out after the latex on the backhand has been damaged. If you are going to use them for every training session and every game then that is going to happen with any goalie glove so I would only use these for training purposes

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Final Thoughts on These Gloves

They were made to wear during training and match day

But if you play soccer games regularly or professionally then I wouldn’t use these gloves as your main pair

The quality of them is quite good for the price you pay

Select Sport goalkeeper gloves

And I would recommend them for children between 10 – 16 to wear if they are just starting out in goals

As they are made strong enough for that kind of age

But not enough for a full-time professional soccer player to use in every match

There have been many players around that age saying they are the best training gloves they have ever worn

Do you think the same or are you one of the few that don’t like them at all?

I would love to hear what your thoughts are on these gloves if you have used them before


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Well, that was very educational. Thank you. It is really nice to have the complete walkthrough, I feel a lot more confident making a choice now.


My pleasure, welcome back anytime 🙂


Hi there
i have been surfing your site for a while. so i love the layout though. your site is really ready to give a good service to the sport fans.
i have used some of these gloves they are great gloves but they don’t last long when they get wet often
a part from that they are awesome gloves

Good job my friend.


Thanks for your kind words 🙂


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