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Rugby Training Equipment

9 Vital Items For a Successful Rugby Training Session

Rugby Training Equipment: What You Need to Train Like The ProsVital Equipment Needed For Rugby Training

If you have the right Rugby Training Equipment and use it correctly then you are going to get better at the game

Obviously, it helps if you know what you’re doing with it and know how to play the game as well

But not necessary as you can always learn something new

I have been a rugby coach for my local mini rugby team for the last 6 seasons now so I know what is needed to help progress the children in this great game we call RUGBY

This list isn’t about the Rugby Safety Equipment you should be wearing, it’s more about the equipment to improve your skills

Here is What Equipment You Will Need to Train

Firstly, You need coaches and children… That’s a good start

Rugby Training Equipment

1. Ball’s

We all know we couldn’t play without Ball’s

Get your mucky minds out of the gutter

I am of course talking about Rugby balls. There are different sizes for different age groups, as you get older you need bigger ball’s


So What Size Rugby Ball Should You Use?

U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s, and U11s all use a size 3 rugby ball

Nemesis Centurion Trainer size 3 rugby ball

Cheap Rugby Training EquipmentSee More Size 3 Rugby Balls HERE

U12s, U13s, and U14s all use a size 4 rugby ball.

Nemesis Centurion Trainer size 4 rugby ballRhino Rugby Training Equipment

See More Size 4 Rugby Balls HERE

U15s, U16s, Youth, and Seniors all use a size 5 rugby ball.

Nemesis Centurion Trainer size 5 rugby ballRugby League Training Equipment Sydney

See More Size 5 Rugby Balls HERE

Rugby Training Equipment by Age Groups


Starting off with the U7s age group

What is Needed to Train U7s Rugby?

  • Ball’s
  • Cones
  • Belts & Tags
  • Coloured Vests

Not much is needed apart from belts+tags, cones, a size 3 rugby ball, coloured vests, the imagination and enthusiasm of a 6yr old… And the patience of a saint!!!

See The U7s & U8s Rugby Rules Here

As much as I enjoyed starting off with this age group it sometimes got very difficult to control them, but then again, I am still with the same team 6 seasons on and they are still as hard to control… But only bigger

2. Training Cones

3. Belts &Tags

Ram Rugby Tag Belt Set
Ram Rugby Tag Belt Set
A set of agility cones in multiple colours
Pro Agility Cones

At this age group, there is no tackling, hence using the belts+tags

If the opposition takes one of your tags off the side of your belt that is around your waist, you have to regroup then the person with the ball needs to pass (behind him/her) then start again from the spot the tag was taken off and continue up the field to score a try

If the tag is removed 6 times, then the ball is given to the opposition, then they try to do the same

There are so many ways to teach the children the basics of rugby using very little equipment

You just have to keep them interested and enjoying themselves

4. Vests

Green coloured sports team bibs
Coloured Vests

The reason you need the coloured vests is to be able to put the children in different groups or teams and they will be able to understand which group they are in

Depending on what you will be teaching them


What is Needed to Train U8s Rugby?

  • Ball’s
  • Cones
  • Belts & Tags
  • Coloured Vests

Still using the same equipment as the u7s, belts+tags, cones, size 3 rugby ball and coloured vests

But you have to start teaching them a few tactical moves and still keep it fun to keep them interested in the game

The same rules apply in the game for this age group as well which I have explained above

U9s & Up

What is Needed to Train U9s Rugby & Over?

  • Ball’s
  • Cones
  • Coloured Vests
  • Tackle Bags
  • Scrum Machine
  • Kicking Tee
  • Resistance Training Equipment

You still are going to need the cones and size 3 rugby ball until you get to U12s but now this is where it gets interesting

This is where they get to start tackling “officially”

The girls and boys are bigger now than last season

And they keep growing at a freakish rate each season so you don’t want them practicing on you

And that’s where you introduce them to tackle bags

5. Tackle Bags

RAM Rugby Tackle Shield
Rugby Tackle Shield
RAM Rugby Tackle Bag
Rugby Tackle BagRugby Training Equipment Australia

There are many different types of tackle bags you can use out there which are really good to help develop the children’s tackling technique

RAM Rugby tackle ring
Rugby Tackle Ring
Ram Rugby Half Weighted Tackle Bag
Rugby Half Weighted Tackle Bag

All these tackle bags are available in different sizes so that all age groups that tackle can benefit from them

I personally like the rolling tackle ring just to tire the kids out chasing after it!

6. Scrum Machine’s

Rugby Scrum Machine
Scrum Machine

For all the forwards out there his bit of rugby equipment is really useful if you want to practice scrums without injuring your teammates

A heavy-duty machine that simulates a scenario of a rugby scrum

I’m about 2 stone soaking wet so it would take about 40 of me to push this but a real proper rugby team scrum could push this no problem

7. Kicking Tee’s

Gone are the days where sand was used to prop up the rugby ball ready for conversions and with so many types of kicking tee’s out there I would be all day showing you them all


Black RAM Rugby short kicking tee
Short Kicking Tee
Blue optimum telescopic rugby kicking tee
Telescopic Rugby Kicking TeeRugby Training Equipment Uk

What are rugby tee’s used for?

These are used to put the rugby ball on to get better leverage on the ball whilst kicking over the rugby posts for points

Watch this quick masterclass by Dave Aldred of how to kick off a rugby Tee

Kicking Tees of all shapes and sizes Right Here

8. Resistance Training Equipment

Bfsmile Running Speed Training 56" Parachute with Adjustable Strap
Speed Parachute

Rugby Union Training EquipmentIn order to get faster and fitter the obvious way would be running/jogging but with this piece of equipment, it can give you that extra bit of training rather than just carrying your own body weight.

This is a resistance harness that comes with different add-ons so you can use whichever one takes your fancy

It is worn over the shoulders and fitted around the waist so when you’re running it gives that extra weight pulling you back increasing your strength, fitness and speed whilst you’re not wearing it

Speed Training Equipment can really improve your game, Take a look how RIGHT HERE

Last But Not Least

9. First Aid Kit

This isn’t training equipment as such, but it is equipment that no age group, team or even sport should be without

Blue sports team first aid kit
First Aid Kit

That’s right… The trusty first aid kit is a must for any team in sports

I have seen my fair share of injuries since I have been coaching rugby so this has been an asset to have, that and the magic water and magic sponge, works every time!

See what first aid kit I would recommend here

And Finally

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and keep coming back for more ?

If you have any comments or feedback at all please feel free to do so below.

Also, if you think I have missed an important piece of rugby training equipment out I would love to hear about it

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26 comments on “Rugby Training Equipment


Hello Matthew,

I knew nothing about RUGBY before I came to your site, I want you to know that you’ve done an excellent job in explaining the different age groups; the different sizes of balls, equipment, etc.

I Pray you continue your great work with your kids and they, in turn, appreciate what you are instilling in them. May Our LORD And Savior Continue and Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You!

To God Give The Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Your Brother In Christ;


Thankyou William, I love doing what I do with the rugby so it was easy to talk about the different types of rugby equipment and I though it might be helpful to others.
I hope you keep coming back got more info on this topic.


I know absolutely zero on rugby but this helped me get an understanding. I think you wrote and offered some great stuff here. I doubt I will be heading onto the rugby field anytime soon but I’m sure this will be useful to players. I would be afraid my old bones might break. Well written!


Never say never, you’re only as old as you


Hello Matthew,
It is neat you are so involved in your son’s sport of Rugby (or was it the other way around?). In any case it is great you can share in the sport together! Good for you being so involved and trying to find the best equipment for your kids!

I like the humor you add here, I guess with 4 kids and the whole team of them you need humor! What is the magic water and magic sponge?



I actually got roped into it when i took my eldest to rugby training but i love every minute of it and would be lost without the team.
Getting the right training and equipment is what makes future rugby stars 🙂


My 5 year old nephew plays on a soccer team, so I know what you are saying about them being a bit unruly. But they are just so darn cute. I am looking forward to watching him evolve into an older and more controlled player.
I would love to see a video of your team playing. Maybe you could add a little clip to your post sometime.
Thanks for all the information on rugby!


That’s a brilliant idea! I just have to get the parents permission first but it’s certainly something I should do, thanks for the tip

Edwin P

Very interesting post Shwni, i kinda wish i had the opportunity to practice any sport with the help of a couch, good to build up discipline in the younger minds, i didnt know that per age range certain equipment is the best to be used on kinds so at least i know that now. Kepp up the good work and greetings.


If children don’t have someone to guide them, how will they learn? I love coaching rugby to children and I hope to do it for many years to come


I’ve never seen that parachute thing! That looks tough! I can’t believe kids use all of this equipment. It’s amazing how well kids get trained these days. Do you think a 12 year old who has never played could still pick it up and play competitively on a team? What other sports that you already may play could help a kid with learning rugby? Thanks for the informative post!


I’ve had many new players come to my training with no sports background whatsoever and they pick it up real quick so it doesn’t matter if they have played rugby before or not or even played any sports, as long as they have got enthusiasm that’s all that matters.


This is a complete list of equipment needed for rugby training.

It’s can get pretty pricey. Can one do without some? Which one would say are compulsory?

I would like to offer some equipment to a friend but I can’t get them all. He has started to train kids from the church and it’s really something to encourage. A piece of equipment will be a good encouragement sign, because they only have the ball.



Well, if you don’t have a rugby ball you won’t be able to play rugby so I would say having a ball is pretty compulsory 


Rugby is such a fascinating game of sport and surely one that I enjoy watching a lot even if I do not really understand how the game works a lot. I’ve done a fair share of reading about it and I would really love to teach my kids and their friends the game. All I can say is the fact that I have learnt a lot through this post by knowing what ball size to buy, the need for vests, the belts and all others. I’m really grateful for this post. Thanks


I’m glad you have learned something about Rugby here 🙂


Well detailed post! I’m not too familiar with the rugby initially but your post got me super glued and enlightened. I think in rugby there always injuries and as I read I was looking out for the first aid and surely you saved the most important for the last. Are there any equipments to help learners better aim when they want to kick because I don’t know if that is what those kicking tees are for. Thanks again for the educative post


Yes the kicking tee’s are for precision kicking over the rugby posts


I’m going to share this with my sister. Her son just started playing rugby and is the first in our family to do so. He is eleven years old. Admittedly, we do not know very much about the sport. I’m happy to this is growing in popularity in the U.S. because while my children were in K-12 they played basketball, volleyball, and soccer. I see a lot of tips in here that can help with training and help my sister identify some of the equipment. Thanks for sharing.


Glad to help Mellisa 🙂


I live in London and sometimes me and my mates go play a bit of rugby or football in the park. However, I’m from Canada, and sure I played a bit of American football and soccer as a kid, but I’ve got a bit of a steep learning curve to play these other sports, so here I am on your site. I noticed you have a lot of info on training equipment for kids, but much less for adults. Yes, we do play with a size 5 rugby ball. I didn’t realize there were smaller balls, but of course that makes sense. 

Your kicking tees look much better than the one we use! I’m going to check these out! The speed parachute sounds pretty interesting too. However, I feel like I would need a kind of basic training program, to avoid injuries — I get injured often on these friendly games… 🙁  Please do let me know if you know of one!


If you are looking for a basic program just for rugby tackling then this post will help you a lot


Rugby has always fascinated me by the amount of physical effort involved and the engagement of the players.

The only place I have seen it practiced in West Africa is on TV. It’s totally absent from sporting disciplines here. I just don’t why. Maybe somebody needs to introduce it here.

Now, talking about the different sizes for different age groups, and the fact that as you get older you need bigger ball’s. I have never played rugby but would like to one day to develop my physique and self-confidence.

The speed parachute appears interesting to me. There is no way to increase your speed than to do it against resistance.

On the question of first aid kit, maybe I am going to ask a stupid question, but ask I must since I’m interested in the game for fun.

Is rugby not a game prone to injuries? The way players bump into each other and tackle each other make me think it’s a form of extreme sports. Tell me if I’m wrong.

But one thing is sure. Your article has more than rekindled my interest in it. Keep giving us more.


Rugby has always had players getting injured and always will so it is very important that there is always a first aid kit and a first Aider close by in both training sessions and games

john michael adkins

Hi Shwni,

Great Article, it was an easy read and very informative. I used to go and watched my best friend rugby every weekend back in my younger years. I couldn’t join him because of my asthma. I would have been on my knees after the first two minutes of running. I had to choose wrestling since there is not a lot of running in wrestling. 

Your pictures looked great, and the video was a great touch. It was well written; it seemed like I flew right through the article. 

Thanks again!

Cheers, and take care of yourself!



Glad to help John


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