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Cheap Rugby Jerseys – great deals

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Rugby jerseys are a way of showing your support for your favorite team but they can also be a fashion statement also. Looking at the prices though they can be a bit expensive so I have found places to find some Cheap Rugby Jerseys which I think you will be happy with.


Amazon has an excellent range of rugby kits for all ages and sizes right down to little baby grows, which is making me a bit broody looking through them if I’m honest?


Mens rugby jersey
womens rugby jersey


Girls rugby jersey
Boys rugby jersey







All these jerseys are just a sample of what Amazon has on offer, so there will be plenty online so you can browse to your heart’s content.




Of course, there is….ellis rugby sheild

Ellis Rugby is the perfect place to get everything rugby.

It was founded by a man called Kevin Ellis, born and bred in Yorkshire.

With his passion for rugby and fashion, it was inevitable that this brand was going to be so popular and trusted.


Huge rugbyhuge rugby image

A fantastic range of rugby jerseys etc… such a great site and very efficient in everything they do.  Up to 69% off at the moment so it might be worth checking out.

MY VERDICT  9.5/10

Lovellsports rugbyLovell Rugby

At the moment lovellsports has 10% off EVERYTHING online so now is the time to check this site out to see if there is anything there that takes your fancy, you won’t be disappointed.



This site if you don’t know it already has some excellent bargains of all sizes and one not to miss.



Do you actually use these sites? I hear you say.

You’re damn right I do!!!!Magnifying glass on the globe

I would never preach about anything that I haven’t tried and tested myself.  There are only 4 here to show you but I guarantee you they are top drawer when it comes to quality rugby jerseys.  I will keep this page updated weekly, finding deals and bargains that are online.


If you know of any more great sites that I haven’t put on here, feel free to do so below, or if you have any comments whatsoever.

I will keep researching the best places online, but if I miss any I apologize and will look into them for you.


Have any Questions or Comments?

14 comments on “Cheap Rugby Jerseys – great deals


Being a South African I grew up in a rugby-mad family, we are, or I probably have to say were one of the best rugby nations in the world. Unfortunately, our rugby is not where its suppose to be thanks to politics, it is currently a very sensitive thing to talk about in our country as we have rugby in our blood. One thing I am definitely looking forward to is our new Springbok jersey that just launched today I believe, I have to get my hands on one. I will have a look at the online shops in your article, thanks.


Hi morney.

I am from Wales myself but the springboks are legends in this beautiful game and have had some really nice jerseys. I hope you can find what you are looking for.

All the best.




Hi there,
Thanks for the great rugby shirt review and I like your choices.
You are positioning yourself well and setting out your stall early, now that the Lions tour is getting off to a flying start.
The lions jersey has’nt changed for yonks and it’s a pity as most online retailers would do a roaring trade, just like the football clubs…
They really know the way to market and they are really ahead of the curve at all times, in this area.
Well done again and best wishes,
Cheers Phil Browne


Thanks Phil

yes I agree the lions jersey hasn’t changed much for a while, maybe next year.


Greetings from New Zealand – GO THE ALL BLACKS! Did you see the game between the All Blacks vs Irish/English Lions last night? It ended up being a 15 all draw, and my husband was quite frustrated as the game was very disjointed… but hey that’s sport and we all think our home team should win right? Great post, though what would make it even better would be a picture of the All Blacks jersey being worn by Beauden Barrett, or not 😉
All the best, Cheers, Kaz


Hi KD I’m guessing you’re a fan of the rugby player more than the yes I saw that game I was literally on the edge of my seat, I thought both teams were on a par and it was a great way go end the British and Irish lions tour of new zealand


Hi Shwni,

Great post. I am an Aussie so we have a real mix over here of Union, Rugby League, Soccer and Aussie Rules that I love. I actually love all sports and your post is a great resource for buying jerseys.

Years ago I was in Bath in England and bought one of their Rugby tops. I loved it. Have you come across many Aussie jerseys on these sights? Will definitely check them out. Thanks you,



Australia are always a hard team to play and wales (where im from) always have a hard time against them.
If you want yo have a look at the Aussie jerseys you can check them out here I hope you can find what you need


great review suns out in the UK so I clicked on the England lions vest top ! great price. I would never have gone onto amazon for these tops normally.
Thanks again


Thanks Paul, yes it’s very rare we get some Sun in the UK so as the saying goes “Sun’s out,guns out” lol


Living in the USA, I am a baseball fan. It is always interesting to me to see the products from other sports. I would be too much of a hipster if I started wearing rugby shirts, since I know so little about the sport. I will, nonetheless, look at the offerings to see if there is something I could wear that will not embarrass true fans of the sport.

I have a friend who is very knowledgeable about rugby and even coached a winning women’s team here in Philadelphia, USA. I will let him know about your site.

The ratings of the sites are most helpful.


I can honastly say I know nothing about baseball but I would love to.
You’re only as old as you feel and I believe any age can wear anything no matter what it is. I thank you for letting your friend know about this site and I hope they enjoy it as much as I have wrote it.


Hie , I really love rugby and I’m so addicted, I don’t miss any game during the world cup.I’m not South African but I really love the springbok rugby jersey ,to be specific the color. Usually I place my orders on Amazon but in future will explore lovellsports and huge rugby .They look to offer good deals ,how are these two in terms of delivery


The sprinbok jersey is really nice I have to say.

Amazon are really great for rugby jerseys but Lovell and hugerugby are also great.

For delivery details for Lovell rugby you can take a look here 

For delivery details for huge rugby you can take a look here


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