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Rugby First Aid Kits

Rugby First Aid Kits

Rugby First Aid Kits: A Rugby Team Safety Is Paramount!The best rugby first aid kit to have for your team

I’ve been a Rugby coach for a few years now so I know the importance of having Rugby First Aid Kits ready and handy at the side of the pitch

Not only in rugby, but it is essential to have them anywhere that an accident may occur

You can go through a whole game without any problems or you can get every player coming off every two minutes for some injury or another

Either way, you NEED to have one at all times

As well as having all the correct rugby equipment, no team should be without any first aid

Just take a look at this video of some rugby injuries that could happen and why you need a first aid kit

The Ultimate First Aid Kit

Professional Rugby First Aid Kit Orange BagThis amazing FULLY KITTED OUT sports team first aid kit and the bag has everything you will ever need to wrap the players up if they ever get a boo-boo and start crying

Most of the time the magic sponge will work but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Quick Overview

This first aid kit bag has been designed by experts and made of a waterproof, strong rip-resistant and easy clean material which is ideal for any sports team that plays in all weather’s

Everything in this team sports first aid kit is authentic and of professional medical quality so you don’t need to worry about getting a load of cheap tat

It has plenty of pockets, dividers and elastic straps where you can keep everything in order so you are not rummaging around looking for a plaster or an ice pack in a rush

The Rugby First Aid Kits Content

You need pretty much everything for all injuries that might occur in any sport

And this first aid kit bag has you covered


  • 2 x Ambulance Dressing No 3
  • 2 x Ambulance Dressing No 4
  • 1 x Microporous Tape (2.5cm x 10m)
  • 1 x Heat Spray (150ml)
  • 1 x Freeze Spray (150ml)
  • 1 x Box of Large Tissues
  • 1 x Personal Resuscitator
  • 3 x Biohazard Waste Bag Printed With s/a Strip (300mm x 450mm)
  • 3 x Foil Blankets
  • 3 x Instant Cold Packs (Single Use)
  • 1 x Fabric Dressing Strip (7.5cm x 4.5m)
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage (2.5cm x 4.5m)
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage (5cm x 4.5m)
  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)
  • Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)a white first aid case with red writing
  • 2 x Crepe Bandage (5cm)
  • 2 x Crepe Bandage (7.5cm)
  • 2 x Crepe Bandage (10cm)
  • 3 x First Aid Dressing (Medium)
  • 3 x First Aid Dressing (Large)
  • 5 x Big Plasters (10cm x 9cm)
  • 100 x Assorted Washproof Plasters (3 Sizes)
  • 1 x Triangular Bandage Calico
  • 1 x Tubular Bandage Size C (1m)
  • 1 x Tubular Bandage Size D (1m)
  • 100 x Non-Alcoholic Wipes
  • 3 x Zetuvit E Trauma Dressing (100mm x 100mm)
  • 3 x Zetuvit E Trauma Dressing (200mm x 100mm)
  • 3 Pairs of Vinyl Gloves (Non-Sterile – Powder-Free
  • 1 x HypaClean Sanitizer Spray (50ml)
  • 1 x Tufkut Scissors (180mm)
  • 1 x PVC Sock Tape (1.9cm x 33m)
  • 1 Zinc Oxide Tape (2.5cm x 5m)
  • 1 Zinc Oxide Tape (5cm x 5m)
  • 1 x Guidance Leaflet

That’s one hell of a list of first aid kit that you will certainly need if you are looking after a rugby team and for a great price


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Take a look at some excellent rugby facts here

Before You Pop Over to Buy it

If there’s anything you need to know about any of the items that come with this sports first aid bag don’t hesitate to ask below and I will get back to you ASAP.

First Aid Kit In Sport

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19 comments on “Rugby First Aid Kits

Hey Shwni,

Thank you for the article.
This is probably the BEST review I read about first aid kits.
I own a gym and I am actually looking to purchase some first aid kits for my staffs’ use (just incase the members were hurt)

Thanks again man!

Kenny Wong


You’re very welcome! Owning a gym you would certainly a first kit handy and this one would be perfect for you. Thanks for stopping by


First aid is something so important but not a lot of people like to talk about it. It sure is fun playing football or rugby but no one knows what to do when somebody gets hurt.

I think having an understanding of first aid would help everyone. With this kit people can then put that into practice.


Great article, I think that every mom who has a kid in any sport should just carry one in the trunk of her car. Better safe than sorry.


That’s a great point actually David, it’s normally the mother’s that run on the field with the so maybe it would be a great idea for parents of sports children to aquire one


Your article comes at the right time for me! My husband loves playing rugby in his free time and I kept telling him it can be dangerous

I always insist on him having a first aid kit in his car whenever he meets up with his friends for rugby. None of them do. 

They all say they won’t fight or anything since they’re friends, But you never know what happens

After reading your article I realized I was right and that this sport can be really dangerous, even if you’re playing it with friends

So I will surely have him buy a first aid kit – or buy it for him myself if he really doesn’t want to

I checked the price and it’s not even as expensive as I expected

Maybe showing him your article will convince him that my worries are real.


Boys will be boys, lol

Your husband will get into some rough times if he plays rugby so it will be handy if there is a first aid kit waiting for him, lol


Rugby is one of the most physical sports that I have seen, it’s up there along the likes of American Football… the crazy part is that there is hardly any protection in Rugby so I can definitely see the importance of having a first aid kit on hand.

This first aid kit is loaded with a ton of necessities that like you said would be helpful whether it’s for rugby or any other reason.

Something that really surprised me was that this First Aid kit looks like it has a TON more products included that other kits that I’ve come across which is a huge plus.

This might be something to look into purchasing to keep at our family cabin… you never know what might happen during a hike!


As I said, this first aid kit is not just for rugby but the items that it contains are perfect for the injuries that the sport will incur.

Having this first aid kit in your family cabin will certainly keep all your minor injuries covered

Dave Sweney

I am a big believer in being as prepared as possible for any emergency, especially when kids or adults are playing or participating in sports activities. There is no level of gear and equipment that is too much from my perspective, but of course, you can’t have a hospital on the sidelines.

Having said that, the kits today do come with a remarkable array of supplies as yours does that you recommend. I have purchased many kits over the years as the kids and grandkids have grown up, and I was always an active supporter. Additionally, it is a requirement to have one in your car in Germany.

Rugby is perhaps more of a violent sport than some, so injuries will happen. You as a coach have probably dealt with more than a few over the years too. In any case, thanks for the review and recommendation for this kit. It is one that I would consider definitely and I will bookmark the website and page. Thanks! 


I have certainly seen my fair share of injuries as a rugby coach so I always try to be prepared for any problems that occur on the rugby field 


With any sport it is imperative to have a good first aid kit, but with the physicality of the sport of rugby, it’s something that needs to be top of mind. Most of this looks like common sense stuff for any good first aid kit, but there are a few items I hadn’t heard of before, including zinc oxide tape. I’ve used zinc oxide products in the past to help with blistering, but I didn’t realize that there were tape products available! That sounds like a great convenience that would also stay more sterile than an ointment. Thanks for the first aid kit roundup and recommendations!


That is some great advice Aly,  thanks

fabio gargiulo

Great post and review for a fundamental article when it comes to safety during sports events. Exhaustive description and it seems that nothing is missing by reading the list of items included in the bag. Rugby is a tough but clean sport but I think that for the completeness of the article it can be used in other field sports.


Yes, of course, this first aid kit would work with any sport really


Thanks for this review. OUCH! I have been to many football games and I always cringe every time they show the replay of a player falling into the leg of another player or a player getting hit in the middle of a kick when their leg is fully extended. Seeing it at real speed is one thing but seeing it in slow motion, like in the video above, hurts just looking at it.

That Rugby First Aid kit you are reviewing here has a lot of useful items. One might say that it has too much, but one can never be too over prepared for the worst. And seeing how it is waterproof, that helps to keep the contents in tip top condition for when they are needed during rainy games. I think this first aid kit would be great no matter what the sport.


Oh yes, injuries during any sport can be really painful so it’s best to keep all aspects of first aid kits with you at all times

Emmanuel Buysse

I know a friend who is doing rugby, and I think he should need it. He had a few injuries already, and I think he will get more, maybe kind of serious ones. He doesn’t think about these things, but he should. So I’m going to show him this, and hope he gets his mind together. 


You can never be to sure, I hope your friend will take note of your advice 


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