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Rugby Boots for Women

rugby boots for ladies

Rugby Boots For Women: 5 Cheap Unisex Pairs That Could Improve Your GameYou're lucky you called me a hooker on the rugby field and not after the game

Cheap rugby boots are very rarely good quality in my experience

And I don’t just recommend any old rubbish

So these Rugby Boots For Women are not going to break the bank

And they will also make you stand out from the team while you’re on the field

Who needs to spend hundreds on something that is going to get a battering on the rugby pitch

When you can get one of the beauties that are below in the list I have made up for you

Can Women Play Rugby?

Of course, ladies can play rugby and probably can play better than the average male rugby player!

You probably think they play on a smaller pitch (which they don’t)
And complain about breaking nails all the time

But let me tell you,

I have seen my fair share of ladies rugby matches and I wouldn’t want to go up against any of them!

They can be brutal!

Just take a look at this video of these big hits from women’s rugby

Before looking at rugby boots for ladies lets have a look at where it all started, shall we?

The Beginning

Ladies rugby has been around nearly as long as men’s rugby

With the first ever woman called Emily Valentine who played a game for her brother’s school team

At Portora Royal School in Enniskillen, Ireland in 1887 and scored a try!!

However, it wasn’t December 16th, 1917 that documentation was first recorded

When two ladies teams from Cardiff and Newport played at the Cardiff Arms Park (my home city) where Cardiff won 6 – 0

There is evidence of ladies teams from New Zealand, Australia, and France in the 1920s and 30s until WW2 started

But the roles of women really changed back then.

Edinburgh University had the first ever recorded ladies rugby union team in 1962

We Are All Equal!

Ladies rugby has come a long way since it officially started and is increasingly getting as popular as men’s rugby creating debates all over the world…..


I personally don’t think they couldn’t I just think they shouldn’t

For the fact that from what I have seen is that male rugby players are much more physically stronger than the women rugby players

What do you think?

Rugby Boots For Women Swing Both Ways

Most rugby boots are UNISEX now

But you can get rugby boots just for ladies not that you could tell the difference though

It’s not like they come with a mirror attached to the sole of them or a secret compartment that you can hide blusher and eyeshadow!

To Far???

Even though there are plenty of rugby boots for women out there I want to show you some unisex boots which I think are far better

5. BLK Adults X8 Hypnotize Rugby Boots

  • BLK Adults X8 Hypnotize Rugby BootsTop 5 rugby bootsOuter Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Rubber
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up

Check Exact Price

A very tough and durable boot that forms to your feet perfectly

The synthetic outer material is waterproof so you won’t get as wet on your feet as you normally would with your old boots

BLK is one of the top Rugby Apparel makers at the moment and has been for quite some time now

And they certainly deliver what they promise with these awesome rugby boots, or rugby cleats if you are from America

4. Puma Adults Football Boots

  • Puma adults football bootsTop 5 rugby bootsADIDAS rugby boots for womenColour 2: Yellow
  • Stud Material: PU
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Primary Upper Material: pathetic

Check Exact Price

Top 5 rugby bootsPuma has been around for quite a while now

But the last couple of years I have noticed them being overshadowed by bigger brands in Rugby and Football/Soccer Boots

That was until I found these pretty awesome boots made by them

I know these are for football

But I won’t tell anyone if you don’t

They are very sturdy, but very comfortable at the same time

I have noticed with the moulded studs that you can’t feel them digging into the bottom of your feet

Like some removable metal stud boots do

They are definitely a pair that will last you the whole season

3. Gilbert Sidestep Revolution SG Rugby Boots

  • Sidestep Revolution SG Rugby BootsBest rugby boots for womenStud Material: PU
  • Studs: 8
  • Ball Control Elements: No
  • Ground Type: Soft Ground
  • Colour 2: Red

Check Exact Price

These boots are made with a durable synthetic upper material

Which make them really lightweight so you can run around the field like you are wearing your favourite slippers

The 8 metal studs can easily be removed

So you can Give Them a Good Clean after each game or training session

And I Highly Recommend You do Just That

Probably the comfiest pair of boots in this top 5 I have here as long as you break them in first

2. Kooga KS 5000 LCST Combi Rugby Boots

  •  Kooga KS 5000 LCST Combi Rugby BootsSynthetic PU Upper, Combi sole
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Outer Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Manmade
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Lace-Up

Check Exact Price

Top 5 rugby boots

Now Kooga is another heavyweight in the rugby apparel world

I think all mine and my son’s rugby boots are Kooga

Created with the newest technology in boot making that gives them a lightweight external heel cage

For maximum comfort and minimum risk of injury to the back of the foot

They also have both moulded studs and removable steel studs

For that extra grip on the ground under your feet

1. BLK Unisex Adults X6Lite Rugby Boots

  • BLK Unisex Adults X6 Lite Rugby BootsBest rugby boots for womenOuter Material: Synthetic
  • Inner Material: Rubber
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up


Check Exact PriceLast but not least we have another pair of rugby boots by BLK

Don’t let the bright colour put you off

It really is a gem of a pair

The lightweight and durable upper material and the padded cushioned sole

Will help you float around the rugby pitch like you are running on marshmallows

The upper also clings to your feet and moulds perfectly around them

Giving your feet the comfort they deserve

One Last Thing Before You Leave

Take your time finding the right pair as you want them to last the season

And don’t forget to wear them before actually playing a game with them on to prevent blistering during a game

If you like any of these Rugby boots for ladies I would love to hear from you

Or if you have found a pair that’s not on my list, please feel free to let me know the comment section below.


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16 comments on “Rugby Boots for Women


Thank you for this post. I’m happy to see the women’s game being recognized by ruby boot manufacturers. I’m a footballer, and I find that it is also true in football that the unisex or male boots are simply a higher quality than the women’s boots. Still some ways to go before women are seen as equal in the sports world, but posts like this will definitely help! Cheers


It’s sad to say but it’s true unfortunately but I’m sure it won’t be long before women earn just as much as men do in sports, which I think is a ridiculous amount of money to be honast!


I love playing rugby. If my sister or girlfriend ever need a pair I will be sure to direct them to this beautiful selection!


Thank you, i hope to see your sister or girlfriend here soon 🙂


My friend is interested in playing Rugby, and I think this will be the perfect guide for her! She’s not really aware of what kind of shoes she needs to start playing so I’ll lead her to visit your website. Thanks a ton for such an informative guide! She’ll love the Sidestep Revolution SG Rugby Boots!


Its a great path to choose in my opinion and I will always be updating this website so your friend can always keep checking in to see what’s new

Matt's Mom

Rugby is such a great sport and I have always followed it on TV.  I am not sure if we have any teams in our area but seems like such a great sport along with all the exercise it would provide.  I really like the Kooga Rugby boot.  I am curious, when just starting out in the sport, is it necessary to go ahead and make the purchase for the Rugby boots?  I see the links are not in U.S. Dollars, so am wondering if these shoes would ship to the US?


Thanks Matt’s Mom, if you want to play rugby then you will certainly need a pair of rugby boots as they are compulsory but if you click on any of the links it will take you to your own countries store 🙂


The first thing that grabbed my attention was the image with this statement “you’re lucky you called me a hooker on the Rugby field and not after the game!”. It made me smile, but I am not sure if everyone will see it that way. But I am happy you decided to highlight women playing Rugby as often times women are disregarded and not appreciated as having the same level of physical and technical skills as men.

This article does, in fact, provide some beautiful images of rugby boots that these women can get, which will also provide them with the security they need when on the pitch. This article provides all the information one would need when looking for guidance to make a purchase.


I’m glad you didn’t take offence to that image, lol Glad you liked this post 🙂


Great selection. I am a fan of rugby and I like the fact that the manufacturer kept in mind that these are for ladies and they need to be stylish even in a rugby field. So, they really associated better quality and design for women.

I really like the BULK adults x8 one, the colors are very beautiful.



Yes the BULK x8 one boots are a great choice


Rugby is such an extreme sports especially for women. Thanks for stressing gender equality and how women can equally play this great just like men. I know rugby as one of the highly physical sports but the video clip you shared gave me a clearer view on how it’s really played and how much team effort should be dedicated in the game. With all that running, I think a player should really need a great pair of running boots. 

I think Gilbert Sidestep revolution is nice choice because it’s kinda like multipurpose since you can remove the metal studs if you think you can use it for things other that rugby plus the fact that it’s lightweight can definitely make a difference in running. 


The removable studs are only for cleaning purposes and not for being able to run with the studs off them


Hi, One of my relatives is a huge fan of football and rugby as well. She is both mentally and physically strong woman,She has a big body and taller than average height of women . I came across to your site and your amazing post got me think about the topic.I agree with you! From my perspective in some cases physical state between man and women could be play a roll.But after all, that’s up to them.
I think Puma Adults Football Boots would be awesome and I’ll refer back Your page to my family and friends. Thank You for this insightful post.



Thanks for dropping by, looking forward to having you back 🙂


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