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Rugby Boot Bags

Rugby Boot Bags

Rugby Boot Bags: Best 5 to Buy in 2019Keep your boots in order

Are you looking at your old Rugby Boot Bags thinking they have seen better days?

Well I’m not surprised as shoving your rugby boots in and out of them all season is going to take its toll isn’t it

Now I know they should last longer than a season but unless you take your studs off your boots before putting them in and then wrap the bag up in bubble wrap then that’s not going to happen unfortunately

Here’s a Quick Look at What You Are About to See

What is a Rugby Boot Bag?

A Rugby boot bag is a bag where you can keep your dirty rugby boots together as a pair and separate from your clean kit and be able to carry them to rugby training or match games.

Why Not Rugby Kit Bags?Rugby Boot Bags

You might be thinking that a rugby kit bag and a rugby boot bag are exactly the same

And if your anything like my sons who just ram everything into one bag, then you would be right

But you couldn’t be further away from the truth really

With a kit bag you will normally just have one main compartment with enough space so that you can put everything into and maybe a few smaller compartments

A boot bag though is mainly to keep your boots together but can also have other compartments for your kit or clothes etc

I know a lot of rugby players who prefer to just put everything into one compartment but that just means you are putting your clean kit into where your dirty boots have been

I would prefer to keep things separate so that is why I thought it would be good to find the cheapest, and most durable boot bags in 2019

Let’s get to the rugby bags for sale shall we…

Top 5 Rugby Boot Bags

5. Canterbury Vaposhield Boot Bag

Black Canterbury Of New Zealand Unisex's Vaposhield BootbagBest Rugby Boot BagIf you are looking for a strong and hard wearing bag then you can’t go wrong with this Canterbury boot bag

It’s made with a Vaposhield water resistant material that will keep your kit dry and secure providing you keep it zipped up properly

If you take a closer look at the images you will see that it has zipped main compartment with mesh ventilation panels which will give your smelly boots a good airing even when the bag is closed

Another great thing about this bag is the slimline wedge shape with a hard base that is perfect for a pair of boots and a few more bits of kit like a scrum cap or gum shield

Quick Recap

  • Ventilated Zipped Main Compartment
  • Easy to Carry Webbed Strap Handle
  • Mesh Vented Sides
  • Contrasted Panels
  • Easy to Find Zipper
  • Water Resistant
  • Strong & Durable
  • Authentic Canterbury Branding
  • 100% Polyester

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4. VX3 Boot BagRed VX3 Rugby Boot Bag

This one isn’t as strong on the base as the Canterbury bag but for the price you just can’t get a better deal

It comes in several secondary colours but the main colour is black which will conceal a bit of those mud marks it will undoubtedly get

It has 2 main compartment zips at the top for easy access to your boots and kit and also has 2 smaller zipped compartments at the bottom for smaller things like your phone etc

As you can see there is a smaller pocket and a netted area on the side of the bag which would be perfect for keeping your water bottle just in case it tips in your bag and gets everything wet

This bag is a bit bigger than your basic boot bag but if you buy this you might not need another bag for your kit

Quick Recap

  • Comes in Multiple Colour Choices
  • Water Bottle Holder on The Side
  • 2 Small Pockets to Keep Smaller Items
  • 2 Zips on The Main Compartment For Easy Access
  • Has a Small Carry Handle on Top And 2 Adjustable Straps to Carry it on Your Back
  • 100% Polyester, Hand Wash Only
  • Official VX3 Branding
  • H: 35cm, W: 23cm, D: 12cm

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3. Nevicia Vail Boot Bag

Red And Black Nevica Meribel Ski Carrier Boot BagRugby Boot Bags NzOK, it’s confession time

This isn’t a Rugby boot bag, it’s really a Ski boot bag

But I won’t tell anyone if you don’t

The reason I have put this bag on the list is because it has everything you will need regardless of what sport it should be used for

Think how much room you will have to put your boots as ski boots are much bigger than the average rugby boot

The designer looking bag has an adjustable shock absorbing strap and also a smaller hand held strap so you can carry your kit easily to training or match day

As well as the velcro strap across the zipped main compartment you will have a small side zipped pocket for your smaller items so you don’t lose them amongst all your kit

Quick Recap

  • Loads of Space For Your Boots & Kit
  • Small Cusioned Mesh Carry Handle
  • Easy Adjustable Shock Absorbing Main Shoulder Strap (Which Can be Removed) For Comfortable Carrying
  • Strong Heavy Duty Base With Protective Base Studs That will Hopefully Last You Longer Than Normal
  • Small Zipped Pocket For Smaller Items
  • As Well as a Boot Compartment it Also Has A Ski Helmet Compartment (not that you need one)
  • 2 Way Zip on The Main Compartment For Easy Access
  • H: 37cm, W: 39cm, D: 26cm

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2. Slazenger Boot BagCharcoal Slazenger Rugby Boot Bag

Now Slazenger has been around for as long as I can remember so they have had a bit of time to perfect their products

Even though this bag might look quite plain and boring it really does withstand some battering as my eldest son has the exact one and its lasted him much longer than I thought it would

It just has the one small carry handle which is all you need really if you just keep your rugby boots in there but there is quite a bit of space inside for other items of rugby kit you might have

I’m not going to talk too much about this bag as what you see is what you get basically but the durability of the bag and the price of it combined just can’t be beaten really

Quick Recap

  • Strong And Durable With an Amazing Price
  • 1 Fairly Large Main Compartment to Fit Your Boots And Your Kit
  • Has Just 1 Small Carry Handle so It’s Easy to Carry
  • Official Slazenger Branding
  • 100% Polyester, Hand Wash Only
  • H: 35cm, W: 24cm, D: 13cm

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1. Ram Boot Bag

Black RAM Two Compartment Rugby Boot BagBest boot bags 2019And here we have it, my personal favourite rugby boot bag, just look at it, what’s not to like about it?

You get quite a lot of bag for your money here and just because it has all the trimmings that doesn’t mean they have lowered the quality and durability of the bag

You have 2 separate boot compartments so you can keep both your boots and trainers in there at the same time

It’s basically a kit bag with a boot compartment…

Plenty of space!

The zips on this boot bag are great as well as they have elasticated hoops on them which makes it easier to open and close, plus you won’t have to keep searching for them

And it wouldn’t be a high quality bag without it being made of high quality material, if you haven’t heard of it already its made from a Tetron Material which is really durable and strong

It might even last you for a few seasons

Quick Recap

  • Loads of Room For All Your Kit & Boots
  • Extras Smaller Accessory Compartment For Smaller Items Like Your Phone etc
  • Made From a Strong And Durable Tetron Material so it Will Last Longer Than Your Average Rugby Boot Bag
  • Has a Long Carry Strap to Carry it Over The Shoulder Easily
  • 2 Boot Compartments to Keep Them Separate so That They Dont Damage Eachother
  • Black & Silver in Colour
  • H: 36cm, W: 14cm, D: 15cm

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Final Conclusion

There are obviously hundreds of bags out there to choose from but having tested and review quite a lot of them

I can honestly say you won’t find much better than these 5 unless you want to pay stupid money

Even then you are not guaranteed to get quality are you

Just because you want a cheap rugby bag for your boots doesn’t mean you have to have a crappy boot bag

Trust me, for the very low prices of these you are going to get both quality and an awesome bargain

Have you used any of these bags yourself?

Or do you think there should be other boot bags added to this list?

Just get involved in the comment section below and let me know so everyone can see your opinions

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4 comments on “Rugby Boot Bags

Beauty In A Maze

There are boot bags for rugby cleats/boots? What makes these bags better than a regular gym bag or travel bag for regular shoes? This really is fascinating! Actually, the entire sport fascinates me because rugby players have less padding but seem to hit and play harder than football players. 

Do you feel rugby is the most brutal sport out there?


Wpiythout a doubt Rugby is the most brutal sport out there…simple answer 🙂


Haha, your comment about your kids made me think of myself back when I was a kid. My mom always used to complain about me shoving all my football gear in the same main compartment of my bag and then it would just make everything stink to high heaven. It wasn’t until I got older and started to care a bit more about not stinking to high heaven that I cared about multiple compartments.

I’ve actually got the Ram myself for my gear these days. Glad we agree on it being the best. I was checking in before I pick up a new bag for my own kid! He shall not smell like I did!

The two main compartments being broken up is a huge bonus in keeping my boots apart too. In the past I’ve definitely had them tear each other up when running for a boss or on a long commute home. I highly recommend it to others too.


Haha, “He shall not smell like me” I love it lol

The RAM boot bag is by far the best I have found but the others here are also brilliant, and very cheap


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