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How to Become a Professional Soccer Player: 14 Actions to Get You There

So you are wondering How to Become a Professional Soccer Player are you?

Well you are just about to find out but it’s not going to be an easy ride that’s for sure

You have probably had this dream for quite some time now of playing in front of thousands of soccer fans while they all chant your name

It’s a very low percentage of soccer players that actually go on to play for a professional club or even their country

But if you take these actions and are deadly serious about making those dreams come true then I strongly suggest that you take notes and read everything carefully

Who knows, These actions could be helping the next Lionel Messi14 actions showing how to become a professional soccer player infographic

Do You Still Want it?


How to Become a Professional Soccer Player Actions

Action #1 Having The Passion

Action #2 Dedication & Sacrifice

Action #3 Training

Action #4 Motivation & Confidence

Action #5 Fitness & Recovery

Action #6 Diet

Action #7 Advertise Yourself on Youtube

Action #8 Get a Soccer CV

Action #9 Look For Opportunities

Action #10 Performance

Action #11 Persistence & Patience

Action #12 Look Like a Professional Soccer Player

Action #13 Trials

Action #14 Signing to a Professional Club

Action #1

Having The Passion

Who doesn’t want to be getting paid thousands a week for playing soccer and being in the public eye adored by millions of soccer fans?

But if you are just going to think of those aspects of the game then you can forget it

The reason that the professional players are getting paid what they do is because they had a passion for soccer first and then built a reputation to earn the stardom and riches

You need to be one of those players that couldn’t give a shit about fame and money

Just think of being able to play for some of the greatest clubs in the world, playing at the biggest stadiums, and most importantly, playing & training with the superstars of the game that have already gone through what you are going through

Without a passion for soccer you won’t have the drive to move forward

Don’t let the fame & money take your focus off what’s really important to you… Playing Soccer

Action #2

Dedication & Sacrifice

OK, so you think you have the talent to become a professional soccer player, and I don’t doubt it in the slightest

But do you have the dedication to take those talents further?

Can you see yourself focusing everything that you have on just that

I think David Beckham once said that while his mates were all out playing on a Friday and Saturday night, he was going to bed early before Saturday games and staying in to watch Match of The Day on a Saturday evening

Now that’s dedication if I ever saw it!

You need to know that soccer is going to be your life and nothing is ever going to change that no matter what steps in your way and tries to steer you in another direction

Of course it’s not all going to be plain sailing so don’t let the bad times get you down and keep driving forward

Action #3


We all know that practice makes perfect and that is the case in every job but to be the very best that you can be you really need to put the hours inSoccer player taking a shot at a goalkeeper in goals

That means as soon as you wake you should be thinking about kicking that ball around and being able to do so as soon as you can

Get at least 3 hours football training in your day, and I mean EVERY day no matter how good you think you are

Practice the same things over and over again until you have mastered it then keep going over the same moves until you can perform them in your sleep

Passing, Shooting, Tackling, Heading, Crossing and so much more…

They might sound like easy training sessions but if you can master those then you should be good getting up the soccer professional ladder

Not just that, the more successful soccer players these days can score goals and dribble the ball with both feet

Do you think you could do that?

Team Training

How many times have you been able to master a hard shot or move when you are training on your own, but when it comes to doing so on the field you just don’t get it rightSoccer players standing around with training cones and soccer balls on the ground

Having individual skills are a given to become a soccer player but more importantly you need to be able to work with a team

Not every player is the same so you need to understand how other players work and how to perform as 1 big unit rather than be the sole superstar on the field trying to do everything

Having group or team training sessions will work wonders for your weaknesses on the pitch and also improve your strengths which should make you into a team to be reckoned with

Action #4

Motivation & Confidence

MotivationI feel like making dreams come true

It’s not going to be an easy ride that’s for sure and there will be days that you might want to quit because it’s not happening for you then and there

There’s even going to be days, probably most days when your team-mates and coaches are shouting at you for getting things wrong or saying your not good enough

Don’t let that discourage you

Turn those negatives into positives

Work hard, have fun and DO NOT forget why you ever wanted to be a professional soccer player


Every once in a while you need to take a step back and look at the talent that is around you and think…

If they have what it takes to make it, then I know I can make it!

Believe in yourself and have the confidence to carry yourself forward

Show your confidence through these areas

  1. Positive Thinking
  2. Preparation
  3. Body Language

Not just on the pitch at game time, you need to take those areas into every training session as well

If you haven’t got any of that drive and “No Fear” attitude in you then you might as well give up before you start

Action #5

Fitness & Recovery


Gone are the days of anyone with a good right boot on them making it far in the game of soccer

These days the fast paced game is nothing short of a fitness fanatics dream

You don’t just need to kick the ball well and be able to run for nearly the 90 minutes without passing out, Oh No…

The fitness of a soccer player will determine how far they will make it (Excuse The Pun)

You can’t expect to do a bit of running around the field and then half hour in the gym lifting weights

Get your head around working on these training aspects week in, week out as it’s not going to be easy for anyoneShirtless man facing away from the camera doing pull ups on a bar above his head

  • Speed
  • Stamina
  • Pace
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Leg Power
  • Upper Body Strength
  • Speeding Up, Slowing Down & Changing Direction

You really do need to get your body in the best shape of your life


Recovery after training and games is just as important as fitness

Just think about it, if you want to make it as a professional soccer player you might sometimes have to play 2 games a week and that can take its toll on your body no matter how fit you are

Now if you see these Sunday league amateur players that will finish a game, shower, get dressed and go straight to the pub for a pint or 10 to ease the aches and pains

Well it’s safe to say that if you want to be the best then that won’t be an option for you

You need to look after yourself and get pampered no matter how much of a big girl’s blouse you think you are

Your post match rituals should now consist of…

  • Exercise Warm-Downs
  • Recovery Clothing
  • Protein Shakes
  • Correct Re-Fuel Food Intake
  • Rehydration
  • Ice Baths
  • Sleep
  • Foot Care
  • And General R&R (rest & relaxation)

You need to understand that your body is a temple and you need to recuperate to get the best out of it next game or training session

Action #6

DietDiet did I eat that written on a sign

I think it goes without saying that if you want your body to be at its peak physical shape then eating burgers and donuts just won’t work

Having a Healthy Balanced Diet is what will set you apart from all the rest

Just eating the right foods is half the battle though, knowing when to eat and how much of it is the other problem you need to work out

Take a look HERE about quantities and times to eat on game day in this informative post by

Now that you have worked on yourself and your talent it’s time to get that talent noticed which is how you make the big time

Which takes us to the next action

Action #7

Advertise Yourself on Youtube

Open laptop showing YouTube on the screen

YouTube is huge at the moment and there has been many a talent found on there just by the right people seeing the right videos

Get somebody to film your games or even set up a camera yourself down at the park or out in your backyard and perform a few tricks, shots at goal, dribbling etc

Obviously the better the video quality, the better your talent will be shown in screen

Keep posting them on YouTube and eventually you will be seen by the right people and hopefully you will get a few club trials from them

Action #8

Get a Soccer CV

At the end of the day being a professional soccer player is a job and to attract the right employers you will need a CV that shows what type of player you are

Keep it simple and quick to read but make sure it has everything they need to knowSoccer profile CV

Include things like

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Positions You Are Able to Play
  • Experience
  • Statistics
  • Clubs Played For
  • Profile Photo

You can even put a few newspaper articles that you might have been in about your career so far

If you have a bit of time, you could even Set up Your Very Own Personal Website full of all your videos, images and personal bio

Action #9

Look For Opportunities

Rather than wait for coaches and clubs to find you, get out there yourself and make yourself noticed

There are many ways that you can do this but you will need the confidence that I mentioned earlier but don’t expect immediate results

You Could…

  • Phone or email different clubs to see if there are any tryouts coming up
  • Depending on your age, check out different youth academies and see when the next trials are
  • Check online to see if there are any teams abroad looking for new talent if you are up for it. You can check out this website Here
  • You could get yourself an agent but they might cost you a bit of money but could also be very lucrative in the long run but make sure they are with a trusted agency
  • Turn up to Pro training sessions and ask if you can train with them, you won’t know if they would let you if you don’t ask

Like I said above, you won’t get noticed straight away but the more persistent you are the better your chances become

Action #10


Soccer player going to kick the ball with an opposition player running towards him
Performance on the field whether it be training or a game is vital for you to make it to the top but don’t let wanting to be a professional get in the way of how you perform at that time

You need to be thinking about the task at hand rather than your overall goal

Your soccer career is a walk, not a sprint and you will eventually get where you want to be

You need to give 100% every time you step onto the soccer pitch and focus on the now

Saying that, if you do make mistakes, take note and perfect them in training next time

Action #11

Persistence & Patience

Let’s just cut to the chase! Not all of you are going to make it unfortunately

The chances of becoming a professional soccer player are pretty slim to none

The amount of players I have seen trying to succeed and fail is much higher than those that have become pro

I’m not telling you this to deter you but for you to understand how hard it is going to get so persistence is key for sure

But patience is most certainly a virtue

Never Give Up

Never Doubt Yourself

Always Keep The Dream Alive

Action #12

Look Like a Professional Soccer Player

Male model wearing a blue shirt and black trousers with his left hand in his pocket and holding his jacket over his right shoulder
Now you might think that some of the things I say here sound a bit crazy but you’d be surprised at how looking the part on and off the pitch will improve your confidence and performance

It’s fair to say that the pros get a lot of attention from the paparazzi so you should pay close attention to how you look

Sort that hairstyle out, get a tan and take pride in the way you dress

Sticking to the field now though you are going to need to look good there too

Get a Decent Pair of Soccer Cleats that not only look good but will improve your performance and get you in the right frame of mind for your big games

Action #13


Everything you have done so far has led to this point in time and you don’t want to screw it up

Get your game head on and focus

You might want to be the center of attention but that could cost you big time if you try too hard and mess things up

Try to put all that training you have learned so far into every aspect of the game at hand and I’m certain that you will get noticed for being the talent on the field and not just a clown showing off his tricks trying to get attention

Action #14

Signing to a Professional Club

Somebody signing a written contract with a penOK, so you have finally made it and perfected all the requirements to become a professional soccer player

The only thing left to do is to sign that long awaited contract that you have been working so hard for

But it’s not just about signing your name on a piece of paper, it’s about commitment to a club and you shouldn’t just sign the first thing that’s put in front of you no matter how badly you have been waiting for this moment

Read everything very carefully to see what the contract entails as you might be signing your soccer career to something that you won’t be happy about

Get somebody qualified in dealing with all that to make sure you will be getting what you deserve and be careful as there are some dodgy soccer agents out there trying to make a quick buck on your behalf and not care what happens to you

They aren’t all like that but just be on the lookout

Final Thoughts

How do you think you could cope with everything you just read?

Have you still got the drive and determination to make it as a professional player?

If Not Then Watch This Short Video of The Top 10 Soccer Players 2018 – 2019 to See if You Get Inspired

Like I said, it’s not going to be easy but if it’s truly what you want to do with your life then just stuck to it and all your hard work will pay off in the end

If you have any questions about any actions you need to take here then feel free to ask below in the comment section and I will get right back to you

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10 comments on “Professional Soccer Player


This is such a great article. The first thing you talk about is passion and I know you are talking in terms of soccer but this is applicable to everything. One of my favorite players is Zlatan, I am biased as I am Swedish but he is such a good player, he came from a difficult background, he had the passion and look how far he has come. I have a few cousins that loves soccer, I will send them this, perhaps it will help them in their soccer carriers.


Of course, passion is number 1 in any sport so you need that to succeed I think


I have never been good at soccer– I played field hockey, where the object of the game was to NOT let the ball touch your foot so soccer is a very foreign territory.

The one major thing you said about being successful–passion. I truly believe every part of being successful starts with having a passion for said thing (in this case, soccer).

I am so intrigued by the ice baths. I have never personally done one, but I know so many people who have and swear by it. It just looks painfully awful! Have you tried?

That was a well though out article, and fun to read!

Thanks for sharing,



The ice baths are actually quite soothing no matter how uncomfortable they look, lol


This is an awesome article and very helpful for those looking to become professional soccer players.  Unfortunately I am 51 years old so for me the ship has long sailed.In saying that my 7 year old grandson plays soccer and loves every second of it.  I am going to keep this list handy because he has a long way before he gets to the spot of being professional.Thank you for taking the time to make this list.  i know it must have taken a long time but I am positive it can help many people at least climb some soccer ladders.Dale


I really appreciate your comment Dale, Keep an eye on your grandson playing soccer and make a note of his progress to see if he is improving 🙂


Wow the number 7 just blew my mind I had never taught about that. I have some young Sharps that are good really good. Your post just created an idea for me. I can even decide to become a local scout catch them young record their games and post on a YouTube channel. Who knows if a a scout will spot them


Lionel Mesi was actually scouted from Barcelona by watching a 5 minute video on YouTube of him, can you imagine if one of your videos of your team went as good as that?



My son is thinking about getting into soccer. He is already starting to workout with me in the morning and the diet thing is under control. I am diabetic so he gets a well balanced diet. I am pretty sure that right now we should only be looking at your first 6 actions as he is only 12. He definitely has the passion and determination. Hoping the dedication will come in time. Your website has been very helpful in making this decision. Going to show him the video and check out those other products he should have. Thank you, you have really helped me out. Kari


Like I said, not everyone will make it but it looks like your son has a great role model in you for his soccer player stepping stone. Wishing him all the luck in the world 🙂


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