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Portable Rugby Posts

top5 portable rugby posts2019

Portable Rugby Posts: Top 5 in 2019Perfect your kicking with these garden rugby posts

With Rugby being more popular with kids than ever before its important that we keep them interested

So if they can’t get to the rugby field to practice their conversions or drop goals why don’t you bring the rugby posts to them

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5. Woodworm 2 in 1 Rugby/Football Goal Posts
4. ITSAGOAL Starter Rugby Posts
3. Super Sports Goal
2. Ram Rugby
1. Forza Rugby Posts

All four of my children (all boys) play rugby and if they are not down the field they are out the garden practicing kicking over the postsI have looked into which kids Portable Rugby Posts would be ideal to start them on the road to becoming the next number ten for for their country

And I have found five that would be perfect for just that

Here’s a Quick Look at What You Are About to See in This Post

What Are Rugby Posts Made Of?Rugby posts on a rugby field with the stadium seating area behind

The Official Full-size regulation Rugby Posts are either made from strong aluminium or steel so that they don’t snap or bend because of the height they reach at the top of the posts which is 16m but can be built higher than that.

The portable Rugby posts for garden use that you will see here are mainly made of a strong uPVC

That way they are very durable and also easy to move around if you want to put them in a different place

Top 5 Portable Rugby Posts

5. Woodworm 2 in 1 Rugby/Football Goal Posts

Woodworm 2 in 1 Rugby/Football Goal PostsGoal Posts In RugbyFor the talented rugby stars of the house, you will find it very easily to clip the whole frame together so you can be kicking that rugby ball over the posts in no time

As its very lightweight it comes with ground stakes to anchor it down so it won’t get knocked over or blown away

A great set of posts but the only problem with these is that it doesn’t come with a bag so you can take it to the park or down the beach

So just find a good spot of grass out the garden and leave it there for regular use

Woodworm Rugby Goal Post Dimensions

  • Football goals: W – 155cm, H – 100cm, D – 100cm
  • Rugby posts: W – 155cm, H – 200cm, D – 100cm

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4. ITSAGOAL Starter Rugby Posts

ITSAGOAL Starter Portable Rugby PostsTRugby Football Posts Combinedhese posts are made with lightweight high impact uPVC plastic which are easy and fast to assemble and can be easily stored as it comes in small sections

It’s so simple to put up and take down you won’t have any problems following the easy instructions that come with it

It also comes with ground pegs to keep it securely in place for those windy days or if you keep hitting the posts with the rugby ball

These Rugby goals are the only one’s in this list that are not combined rugby and football posts so they might not be for you if that is what you are looking for

ITSAGOAL Rugby Goal Post Dimensions

  • Full size of the posts: H – 2.18m, W – 1.24m,
  • From ground to crossbar: 0.93m

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3. Super Sports Goal

Super Sports Rugby Goal PostsLRugby Posts For Sale Ukike nearly all of them in this list, these rugby posts double up as football goals aswel and includes extedable poles for the rugby posts, a net and a bag to carry it if you want to take it down to the park or somewhere with a bit more space

Super Sports Rugby Goal Post Dimensions

  • Football goal size: 12ft x 6ft x 4ft
  • Rugby goal size: 12ft x 6ft x 4ft

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2. Ram Rugby

Rugby Posts To BuyRugby Posts UkProbably the easiest ones to assemble out of all of them although you might struggle with putting the net on but just follow the instructions slowly and you should be OK

The RAM is a very robust set of rugby posts with the main frame being made out of a 40mm in diameter mild steel with a white powder coated finish

Then you have the upright posts that are made out of a strong uPVC plastic so they are not too heavy for you to assemble or if they were to fall over

And all that is fixed with durable plastic corner sections and threaded screws

Ram Rugby Goal Post Dimensions

  • Goal Mouth Width: 1.5m
  • Full hight to top of the posts: 2.3m
  • Hight to crossbar: 1.6m

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1. Forza Rugby Posts

Forza Rugby PostsTUpvc Rugby Postshese posts are mainly for Gaelic Football but apart from the strange and weird rules they still have the same posts as rugby

Apart from the football net of course

Made of high quality uPVC,  you can be assured that they will withstand even the hardest of knocks that you give it with the rugby ball

It also comes with strong and durable net clips and ground pegs to keep it firmly in place in your back garden

I’m guessing you want them just for the rugby posts but with the added football net that is built to last you can change things up a bit and practice your grubber kicks or even your placed through balls

These Forza goals come in 3 different sizes depending what you are looking for and your skill level which is why I am making these the best rugby goal posts, in my eyes anyway

Forza Rugby Goal Post Dimensions (3 to choose from)

  1. 8ft x 5ft
  2. 10ft x 6ft
  3. 12ft x 6ft

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Final Thoughts

If you have any of the above posts I would love to hear what your opinion of them is

Or if you are thinking of getting any of them and you need any more information just drop your question below and I will get straight back to you.

Need something to keep the rugby ball in place to kick over the posts?

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8 comments on “Portable Rugby Posts

Although I am not a parent with children interested in rugby, I am a young adult interested in both soccer and rugby.

I like the recommendations, especially the last one. I do like to take shots at the net as much as possible and having that ability in my backyard is awesome. Not to mention the nearest field for me is quite the drive and there is usually someone playing on it.



I’m not saying they are only for kids 😉 we are all kids at heart anyway haha


Hi! I know absolutely nothing about rugby, but it seems like a very fun sport. I have two boys. Although they aren’t old enough to play (one is barely talking, and the other can’t even walk yet), this is a sport I will most definitely introduce to them when they do get older. Hopefully they’ll like it. I enjoy the fact that you can travel with the posts. That’s an awesome hack to play a sport when you’re not on that particular field. 

Thanks for sharing!



Ours just mainly stay out the back garden but I have taken them to the park a few times which was easier than I thought to be honest


I love watching the game, but I don’t play. However, I’ll be forwarding this review to a very good friend who is a lover of rugby and he has kids who play too. I know he’ll really appreciate this. I’m glad I visited your site. Thank you for sharing this review.


Thanks for that, much appreciated 🙂


Yeah you’re right recently seems kids are into rugby than football, and i think it is a good change  or atleast development. Though the country i stay, every sporty kids still want to become a footballer

Thanks, i would prefer the Forza Rugby Posts compared to the rest because it looks more like it can stand the throws of the sport and grip so it doesn’t shift when a heavy winds blow.


Im from Wales where the main sport is Rugby and all my 4 boys play so I have tried and tested all these rugby posts


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