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Pop Up Soccer Goals

Pop Up Soccer Goals

Pop up Soccer Goals: 10 Best to Improve Your Shooting Skills10 best pop-up soccer goals for the garden in 2020

So you can’t get down to the local soccer field to practice your free kicks and penalties and really need to be ready for the next game that you play

What are you going to do?

Obviously, you can’t set up a full-size goal post in your garden can you, so what could you do instead?

Well, you could use some logs stuck into the ground but do you really want to damage that lovely lawn of yours?

Of course not…Soccer player celebrating with his arms in the air after scoring a goal

What you need is to check out the Best Pop Up Soccer Goals that I have found which could take your soccer shooting skills to the next level and put the opposition’s goalkeeper to shame by banging those goals into the back of the net and taking the win

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Pop Up Soccer Goals

Pop up Soccer Goals Buyer’s Guide

Why Should You Get Pop up Soccer Goals?

Whether your a children’s soccer coach or just a parent that want a set of soccer goals for the garden

Then the pop up ones are ideal as they are all lightweight and can be put up in seconds

Which is what you need when your kids are screaming the house down and you just want them to go and play outside

Pop up soccer goals can make going to the park or the beach much more fun than just taking a soccer ball Click To Tweet

There’s only so much fun the children can have with constantly chasing the ball all the way down the beach or across the park after shooting at the made up goals that you have using coats and jumpers for the goal posts

OK, that still might happen if they miss the pop-up goals but that will only make them practice more to hit the target won’t it

I suppose you could get the bigger framed PVC soccer goals but they are not as practical, are they?

One thing that I did with these goals is to put them inside of a full sized goal post and got my boys to have target practice so that they can perfect the placement of the free kick or the penalty

If you want to perfect your free-kick taking then take a look at this very detailed post by which will help you out tremendously

Here is a List of Things That You Might Want to Consider Before Buying Pop Up Soccer Goals


  • If you have the space indoors and it is raining outside then they can be used inside as well as outside keeping your children busy on a rainy day instead of them trashing the house (don’t forget to use a soft ball for indoors)
  • If you have children of different ages that play well together, unlike my four boys, they are perfect for all the family to use.
  • As far as soccer equipment goes you really do get your money’s worth with pop up goals as they are very affordable no matter what size budget you have to spend on them.

AS A SOCCER COACHChildren soccer players putting up a full sized soccer goal

  • They can be quickly put up and taken down if you have different age groups playing straight after one another on the same soccer pitch giving you more time to prepare for the next team coming on.
  • They are extremely flexible and durable so if you have the younger ages using them and they fail to stop running at the goals with a ball then they can take a bit of a beating and trampling over so you don’t have to worry about them breaking all the time.
  • They are so easy to put up you could get the children to put them up and take them down giving you more time to sort out the substitutes and your gameplay.


  • Providing that you take care of them and keep them stored in a dry place they should last you quite a while so you won’t have to keep paying for new ones all the time.
  • Pretty much all pop-up soccer goals come with a bag to keep them in so you can carry them easily to wherever you want to pitch them up.
  • Almost all of them are sold as a pair which will save you some money and you can also use them for team games as well as for just shooting practice.

Are They The Best Soccer Goals For The Backyard?Pop Up Soccer Goals

I suppose it depends on the size of your backyard really

Or even if you have a backyard at all. I mean, there’s no point in trying to put them up if you live in a tower block of flats/apartments and only have a small balcony to play on is there

Whether you have a small or large backyard then pop up goals are ideal and you won’t have to leave them set up all the time

All of them have pegs to stick into the ground so that they don’t keep falling over every time you score a goal so having a bit of a grassy area isn’t a necessity but it will help them to keep standing up

Just have a quick look at the top 10 curved soccer free-kicks and see what you could score like if you could practice taking shots on goal whenever you wanted to

Quick Recap of What Makes a Great Set of Pop up Goals

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy to put up and take down
  3. Comes with its own carry bag
  4. Durable and flexible
  5. Sold as a pair of goals

I have personally tested all of these goals with my 4 young son’s so now it’s time to check out, in my opinion, the top 10 best pop-up goals

So… What is The Best Portable Soccer Goal?

Well Let me Show You 10 of The Best….

10. AmazonBasics Soccer Goal Set

A pair of blue Amazonbasics pop up soccer goals
Buy Now

Not a really a well known brand but not because they are not a good set of goals but for the fact that they are a pretty new brand which I think with more exposure will start climbing up my list

These Amazon pop up goals are only 2.5ft (2.5 x 1.8 x 1.8ft) but there are other size options which are 4ft or 6ft and either 1 of them are ideal for younger children to start practising on

I’m not saying older children and adults can’t use them to perfect their shooting skills but there are bigger goals in this list which might be better for them to use

>>> Want to Know How to Trap a Soccer Ball on Your Chest? <<<

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…


PROSAmazonbasics soccer pop up goals in a black carry case

  • They come as a pair and in an easy to carry bag that they both fit into so you can use them to start a team game where ever you want to such as the beach, park etc.
  • They can be easily carried by my 5-year-old son which makes him think he is a big boy helping his dad and that gives me more room for my wife to dump more stuff into my arms for me to carry while she takes it easy!
  • The flat-pack carry bag keeps them compact and easy to store so that they won’t take up too much space in the house or even in the car when you go out for the day.
  • With these goals, you get an AmazonBasics limited 1 year warranty which you might need if your children are as wild as mine are and like to test how strong their toys are.


  • They only come in the 1 colour which are the blue that you see above.

What do you think of the AMAZONBASICS goals?

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9. EliteGo Instant Soccer Goals

A Pair of Orange EliteGo Portable Soccer Goals
Buy Now

The EliteGo goals are slightly different to the arch-shaped goals that are on this list but still a brilliant set.

The frames are made of a heavy duty fibreglass which makes them durable and flexible and will take a bit of a battering when the kids trample all over them

As with all of these goals they are very simple to set up and fold away and put them back into their own carry bag that also comes with it

I tried to leave them out the garden without putting them away but next doors cat kept marking her territory on them!

So it was easier to take them in every night so I didn’t have to keep washing them

They seem to be well-made and have so far held up to my son’s soccer team abuse

We use them for different drills, such as putting them inside larger soccer goals to help with their accuracy

They are ideal for just leaving them in the car so that when you go somewhere with the kids they will always have them ready if you find a nice open space to play soccer on.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

They come with 8 metal ground pegs to keep them secured to the ground and a lightweight carry case to be able to take them where you want

The strong Dacron fabric material goals are 4ft x 3ft x 3ft so they are ideal for any garden size and for any age range

PROS & CONS OF THE ELITEGO A Pair of Orange EliteGo Pop Up Goals With 8 Metal Pegs And a Black Carry Case


  • They are made of a strong and durable material which have lasted longer than most pop up goals that I have used.
  • Easily stored in the car or small spaces around the house so that you don’t have it just taking up all the space that you need.


  • I can honestly say that there isn’t much I can say that is bad about these goals, but if I had to, I would say they need even more colour options so that you can get your team colours if you already play for a team.

What do you think of the EliteGo goals?

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8. SUESPORT Soccer Goals

Set of 2 Colapsible and Foldable Orange & Black SueSport Pop Up Soccer Goals
Buy Now

Another brand of pop up goals that I am not that familiar with but I just had to test them out to see if they could make it into the big list

And as you guessed it, they did

The Suesports is the same as all the other goals but there are a couple of hundred reviews on Amazon and are nearly all five stars and that is what I gave it myself

It has 2 goals as usual but they are made of a fluorescent mesh and a reflective strip along the edges which makes it a lot more visible in the daytime and even the low light in the evenings if you fancy an extended soccer match

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

It comes in 2 sizes which are..

  • Four Foot: W, 4 x H, 2.7 x D, 2.7 ft
  • Six Foot: W, 6 x H, 3.5 x D, 3.5 ft

It also comes in 2 colours, which are…

  • Black & Orange (Pictured)
  • Blue & Orange

Its made out of Oxford Fabric and the fluorescent mesh is reinforced which is really durable and can take a bit of a beating as my boys tested out

And the flexible poles are made from a high tensile solid fibreglass which gives the goals that extra strength for a tough game of soccer

You also have a lightweight and small carry bag to keep both the goals in when they are not in use for easy storage.


PROSBlack SueSport Carry Case

  • The fluorescent strips’ mean that they can be used later in the day than most pop up goals giving you more time to play soccer.
  • The strong fibreglass poles will keep them stronger for longer and hopefully, you won’t have to buy any more for quite some time.
  • Can be easily put up and folded back with just one twist of the poles, you just need to read the instructions first.


  • The only issue I have had with these goals is the ability to get in contact with the sellers in case anything goes wrong with it, Nothing has happened yet with them thankfully after 3 months so I hope I can get in contact with them if anything does happen.

What do you think of the SUESPORT goals?

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7. PUGG Portable Goals

2 Yellow PUGG 6 Foot Portable Soccer & Football Goal Boxed Set With a Black Carry Case
Buy Now

You might have heard of this brand already but some people haven’t… SO…

What is a Pugg Goal?

Pugg goals are a well-known original brand which was the very first to create the lightweight and compact pop-up soccer goals in 1984 which includes a set of 2 goals, spare parts, pegs to secure them to the ground and a portable carry bag

But they haven’t quite made number 1 for me

Still is a brilliant piece of soccer training equipment though as they have had longer to master the art of making them to suit all soccer players of all ages

It’s very lightweight and can be put away into the 32inch x 40inch carry bag that both goals come in to make it easier to carry with you to where you want to set them up

And also can be stored away without taking up much room

The goals themselves measure W, 6 x H, 3.5 x D, 3.5 feet

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

With the 2 goals and the carry bag, PUGG has been kind enough to include the standard pegs that they all have

But also some spare parts in case something breaks with the fitting that is attached to the pegs that stick in the ground which is quite handy fair play

After using it for around 4 months I didn’t have to change any broken parts. So far, So good.

PROS & CONS OF THE PUGGThe PUGG pop-up soccer goals logo


  • Super easy to set up and take back down so you can use them anywhere and as quick as a flash.
  • As they are the longest standing pop up goal makers you can be sure that they are very durable and reliable.
  • You have a 2-year guarantee for materials and parts from the date that you purchase so if there are any problems with it you will be able to get it replaced.
  • You have the choice to buy just one pop up goal or the set of 2 just in case you only want the one.
  • There are over six hundred reviews on Amazon for these goals and only 24 of them are critical and not happy with the product… You can’t please everyone, can you…


  • I haven’t experienced any problems with the PUGG goals myself but the bad reviews on Amazon were for various reasons such as nets breaking and pegs breaking but no problems with the ones I have as of yet…Fingers CRosset! 

What do you think of the PUGG goals?

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6. PASS Soccer Goals

2 Red GoSports Pop Up Soccer Goals With 6 Orange Agility Training Cones on The Grass

If you haven’t heard of PASS pop up goals already then I suggest you take a look at these

Rather than look at the most popular goals I went for ones I haven’t heard of and I am so glad I did that and found these

Apparently, Petra Sports & Leisure have been making them for 10 years so im gutted I didn’t find these earlier

You obviously get a set of 2 goals but I really like the square feature of them as they seem to stay standing longer than the circular ones.

It comes with a carry case like them all and is very tough and durable considering how light and flexible it is.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

The frame poles are made of a strong fibreglass which can bend easily without the fear of breaking them when trying to put them back into the carry bag

The nets are made out of heavy-duty cotton and polyester which combined with the fiberglass frame makes them surprisingly strong

They also come in 5 different colours, Which Are…

  1. Black (Pictured Above)
  2. Orange (Pictured Below)
  3. Pink
  4. Red
  5. Teal


An Orange PASS Soccer Pop-Up Goal With a Carry Case And Soccer Ball on The Grass


  • Strong fibreglass frame and the heavy-duty netting will, or should last you for quite some time so you won’t have to keep spending money on them.
  • They are ideal for small soccer games either down the park or the beach and as they are so light and compact you can take them wherever you want to.
  • They have zippered side pockets for either a bit of storage or you can put something in them for that added weight to stop them falling over.


  • The only real problem I had with these goals was the instructions to put them down and back into the carry bag were not that great and a bit confusing if I’m honest so I had to look on YouTube and found this easy to follow video on how to put them in the bag.

What do you think of the PASS goals?

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5. GoSports Soccer Goals

Set of 2 Red GoSports Foldable Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets With 6 Orange Agility Training Cones and a Red Portable Carrying Case
Buy Now

soccer goalsNow GoSports I know about and trust as a brand as I have never had any problems with them in the past and these goals are no exception

There’s one reason that I love this brand and that’s the fact that as well as getting quality products you will also be getting value for money

The nets are made out of premium nylon fabric that can take quite a bit of force from that ball you knock into the back of them. GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As well as getting the carry bag you also get six training cones so you can either use them to mark a small soccer pitch out or to dribble the ball around them before shooting at goal

You will also get both plastic and metal stakes to fix it to any ground type as long as its not concrete


A soccer ball on the grass in front of 3 different sized GoSports Pop Up Soccer GoalsPROS

  • If you buy these goals you are getting a lifetime warranty so you can relax and know that if anything goes wrong with them, anytime, they will either be fixed or you will get a new set. Well, that’s what I think should happen if they promise you this.
  • The fabric around the goal is reflective so you can use them in low light in the evenings.
  • They can be used for indoor and outdoor play.
  • These goals come in three sizes, two and a half foot, four-foot and six-foot so you have choices for any situation and age of the children that will be using them. You also have the option to get the square type in the 4 foot size as well.


  • I had the round four-foot ones and the carry bag that they come in had a little hole in the seam but I was too lazy to message them about this problem so I don’t know what they would have done if I told them about this.

What do you think of the GOSPORTS goals?

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4. GreEco Set of 2 Pop Up Goals

3 Different Sized Red & Black GreEco Sets of 2 Pop Up Goals
Buy Now

best goals for soccerGreEco is another brand that I really trust and have never had any problems with them

These goals are made of reinforced Oxford Nylon fabric for the net and the frames are made out of high tensile solid fibreglass which as you are probably already aware of that they are going to be very strong and durable

Like any pop-up goals all you have to do is take them out of the carry bag that they come in, and up they pop, and to put them back away just follow the instructions and twist them into a circular shape, and back in the bag they go

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

You have the choice of 3 different sizes…

  1. Two and a half foot: W, 2.5 x H, 1.7 x D, 1.7 feet
  2. Four foot: W, 4 x H, 2.7 x D, 2.7 feet
  3. Six foot: W, 6 x H, 3.5 x D, 3.5 feet

Not only that, they also come in different colours and also a square shape.

  • Black & Red (Pictured Above)
  • Black & Fluorescent
  • Blue & White
  • A New Square-Shaped Blue One
  • They even have Red (Pictured Below) or Yellow frames with no nets that you can use as racing gates for a remote control car or even a drone, how good is that!
A Set of 2 Red 5ft x 4ft FPV Racing Gates Without a Net
Red Racing Gatesgoals for the back yard



  • GreEco has improved the durability of the pegs so now they are stronger and longer than they used to be and made out of tough PVC so the goals should stay put after scoring that goal.
  • The outer rim is made of a reflective strip so that they can be used in the low light of the evening giving you a bit longer to play soccer.
  • GreEco are consistently value for money and I believe they always will be.
  • Plenty of choices of sizes etc for you to choose from so you will always have a variety of size goals that you can practice with.


  • I had these for around 3 months and the frame poles ripped through the fabric but I think it was more from leaving them outside in the rain rather than the durability of them

What do you think of the GREECO goals?

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3. FORZA Flash Soccer Goals

Pair of Green & Black FORZA Flash Pop-Up Soccer Goals
Buy Now

Pop Up Soccer Goal Replacement PartsIf you haven’t heard of the brand Forza Flash for pop up soccer goals, then where have you been hiding?

One of the best-selling goals that are on the market these days but it still doesn’t make my number 1 after trying it out for myself with my 4 boisterous boys, it still has potential though

Apparently, these goals are easy to transport to different places and put up within seconds but I can’t comment on the transporting side of it as I only used it out my back garden

But I can confirm that they are literally up in seconds. (don’t worry I won’t say they can be put up in a flash)

When you buy these goals you will get the obvious carry bag and pegs to keep them from falling over all the time but these really can take a shot from the hardest of hits at the back of the net no matter how big and strong you think you can hit that soccer ball

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

These soccer goals are probably one of the strongest that I have ever used and certainly the fastest I have ever received an order delivered to me

Which I was really impressed with considering that all the other goals that I have ordered from this list took at least 3 times as long to get back to me after I first placed the order

If you ever have any troubles with these goals the customer service that you will have to contact just can’t do enough for you and if you need anything replaced or even the whole thing then I can assure you that you will get just that



PROSForza pop up goals are perfect for grass sand snow & on the go

  • The outer rim has a reflective strip all around the edges making it easier to see the target even in low light in the evenings.
  • I found these goals really easy to put back into the carry bag so there shouldn’t be any messing around with it.
  • You have the choice between 3 sizes which are 2.5ft (W 30in x H 20in x D 20in), 4ft (W 48in x H 32in x D 32in), 6ft (W 72in x H 42in x D 42in) so you can get them for any age.
  • Great customer service which is always a plus in my books, what about yours?


  • They only come in these colours which is a shame as they are a really great set f pop up goals.

What do you think of the FORZA goals?

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2. Eggsnow 2 in 1 Pop Up Soccer Goal

Eggsnow 2 in 1 Soocer Pop up Goal for Kids With Carry Bag
Buy Now

Weighted Pop Up Soccer GoalsNow, these I really love, and so do my boys

As you can see you have 2 ways that you can use these goals

The normal way with an open goal, or you can turn it over and use it to perfect your shooting with the strong fabric goalkeeper in front of the goals and you have to get the soccer ball through the well-placed holes

It’s made of a durable and waterproof anti-tear Oxford fabric and combined with the strong rods that keep it up and the 4 metal pegs to pin it to the ground it is incredibly sturdy

I can honestly say that with the price that it was I wasn’t expecting such a quality piece of soccer training equipment and much more fun than just a basic soccer goal

Although I don’t get why there is a hole in the middle of the goalkeeper’s belly,

Surely that part should be covered?

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

As they all do this one comes with a zippered carry bag and as it is very light to carry you can take it practically anywhere you want to

You don’t need any tools to assemble this, just open it up and play. Of course, I had to test it out before my kids got home from school and I have to say they put me to shame when they had a go!

This would make a brilliant gift for any age that enjoys soccer so there is one less gift to worry about thinking of at Christmas or birthdays

The size of the goals once they are up are W, 110cm x H, 80cm x D, 80cm and it folds down to 40cm x 40cm x 2 cm which makes it easier for storage


PROSEggsnow pop-up goals folding method

  • You have 2 ways you can use these goals so you will never get bored with using it.
  • The price is very reasonable for what you get so you can use that extra money to buy some training cones or a new soccer ball.
  • It’s waterproof so you could even leave it out the backyard if you want to but I wouldn’t recommend leaving it there for too long.
  • It really does help improve your shooting accuracy with the fabric goalkeeper on the one side so you will soon be knocking those goals into the top corner for your local soccer team.


  • I did have a little bit of trouble trying to put this one back in the carry bag so I just left it out as my patience just ran out after 20 minutes!

What do you think of the EGGSNOW goals?

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1. GOLME PRO Soccer Goal

2 GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal Nets with Carry Bag
Buy Now

Pop Up Soccer Goals With TargetWith over a 1,200 reviews on Amazon and only a few of them being a bad review, the Golme Pro just had to make it to my number 1 spot

But before I tell you what I think of it I will admit that out of the 10 best soccer pop up goals, this is the only set of goals that I personally haven’t tried myself as I am waiting for them to come in the post so I will update this review once they arrive…

But a 1000 people can’t be wrong, can they?

From what I can see they also come sold as a pair which is how they should be sold and they come in a heavy-duty carry bag to make it easy for you to take it to the park or the beach which is where I plan on taking it when it arrives

You will have the chance to test them out for 30 days and if there are any problems you can either get your money back or get a new set with no questions asked.

You will also get a whole year of parts and material warranty so you have that peace of mind if they break.

If You Liked That About It, Then You Might Like This…

They come in 3 different sizes for different ages and skill level giving you the options to get the bigger sets as you improve your shooting skills.

The Sizes Are…

  • Two & a Half Foot: W, 2.5ft x H, 1.7ft x D, 1.7ft
  • Four Foot: W, 4ft x H, 2.7ft x D, 2.7ft
  • Six Foot: W, 6ft x H, 3.5ft x D, 3.5ft

Apparently, these goals have an indestructible strong fibreglass frame, we will see once my 4 boys have had a go won’t we

The net on this one is a little different as it’s made out of a high-intensity reflective mesh

So that with the reflective strip all around the edges you will be able to see them much easier in the dark so you can play late into the night providing you have some light to reflect off them


Glow in the dark Golme pop-up goals
Glow in The Dark


  • They have a variety of sizes for different ages and skill levels which is very handy for you to start off with the smaller ones and work your way up.
  • They reflect in the dark with just a bit of light shining on them so you can carry your soccer game much later than you could with any other goals.
  • 30 Days no questions asked money back guarantee just in case you are not completely satisfied with them.


  • I can’t say what cons these goals have but what I have read there are a few people having trouble with the pegs that pin it to the ground but that’s nothing a tent peg won’t fix I suppose

What do you think of the GOLME goals?

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Why Not Take a Look at Some Goalkeeper Gloves to go With Any of These Goals?

Final Thoughts

Out of all these Pop Up Goals For Soccer, there are ones that look very similar to them but are complete knockoffs so you need to look into them carefully before buying any as they are nowhere near the quality as the ones on this list

I didn’t mention this on all the goals but every single one of them come with either plastic or metal pegs… Some of them have both

Another thing that I will say is that these goals don’t just have to be used for soccer, they can be used for other sports that need a net or a goal

And when I say need a net, I don’t mean you can use them for fishing so don’t try using them to catch a fish!

Well, that’s down to you if you want to

Have you used any of the ones that are on this list?

What do you think of them?

Let everyone know in the comment section below and share your thoughts

Or if you need anything else answered that I haven’t mentioned then please feel free to ask below.

About Shwni

Based in South Wales, Shwni is best known for being a qualified children's rugby coach & a dad to 4 sporty boys who love rugby & football. When he isn't busy finding the best sporting products for you at shwnisports, you can find him on social media by clicking the links below

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16 comments on “Pop Up Soccer Goals

Sean Mansfield

The soccer pop goals seem to be great solution for any soccer player. At any level of play. I know when I was kid to practice soccer. I would use the wall on the back of our barn. Man, I wish I had a soccer pop up goal back then.


Pop up soccer goals are not only quite cheap but they can really improve your game, its never to late to start practicing 😉


This is the best soccer tools. Thank you for this information. This is a very informative article.


My pleasure, I’m glad you found this post helpfull

Simon Chen

pop-up goal has 3 sizes and several colors, really suit for youths and kids. I have 1 for my kid. Really love it.


Same here, I also have 2 out the back garden for my children, they are brill


I’ve seen more and more of these around in the recent past. I really like how you highlight a number of useful options from a variety of brands. I think the preferred size, for me, would be something like the two-and-a-half foot goal from Golme. Seems like it would be perfect for small pick-up games on the weekends. Do you know if you can find them anywhere internationally? Say…in Costa Rica?


The Golme pop-up goals are from Amazon so if you can get a delivery from them then you are good to go, let me know if you can’t get an Amazon delivery and I will find somewhere that will send them to you


I like the “Eggs Now” Soccer goal and the “Pass” soccer goal because they are the most realistic in shape. Even though both of these might be a little harder to put away than most of the others, I can’t see my kid practicing to shoot a goal into exactly the area that the goalie is most likely to stop it.

The rest of this article was engaging and informative!

My wife is the soccer coach in the family and our kid plays soccer. We’ve talked about getting one for ourselves and a friend of ours has been thinking about getting one too, so we can bring them both to practice day and play some short field practice games with the kids!

Thanks for all of the information!


That sounds like an awesome idea, let me know how they enjoy them 🙂



The only time I have watched football is when growing up with my Dad at home.  He liked the races too, whether greyhounds or horses. I think  I liked the part when a penalty shot is meant to be taken or when it is almost a draw

The crowd goes real wild during those times!

As for letting kids play football inside the house when it is raining, this calls for a dedicated room like you mentioned. Otherwise goodness know what could end up being broken!

I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!


If you don’t have a dedicated room then be prepared to get things trashed, lol


These are all great products with lovely designs. I’ve never thought of having a soccer goal set up in my backyard, Usually my kids just kick the ball around, sometimes, I put little landmarks to indicate the goal post. This really looks worth having. My kids will really have fun with this. I’ve got an idea for a Christmas present. Thanks for sharing this.


My pleasure, it’s much better than using little landmarks and having to keep fetching the ball


Seeing those goal post make me want to go camping all over again with the squad. Really useful and handy products , where were these products when we were younger? 

My pick is the FORZA Flash Soccer Goals and Robo 4 Soccer Goal Set would definitely get one of them and get back to playing with the boys although its been a long time, i’m sure to be rusty but will get back to form with a little practice.


The Forza Flash goals are great, you and your squad won’t be disappointed that’s for sure


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