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Plus Size Women Workout Clothes

Best plus size women's workout clothes

Plus Size Women Workout Clothes: Get The Confidence You DeservePlus size women clothing you need for confidence

Confidence is what makes women attractive, not being slim and fit

It’s being comfortable to be the person you are and not give a damn about what others think of you

Women should only exercise to lose weight if they are doing it for themselves

So if you do want to start working out let me just show you some Plus Size Women Workout Clothes that might help you get motivated

Motivation And Snacking

Women are always insecure when it comes to their bodies whatever their size

You could be a size 0 and still think you look fat or overweight

Take my wife, for instance, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever met but she annoys the hell out of me complaining about her weight all the time

Us men have issues with the size of our bodies (well certain parts) but you don’t hear us complaining all the timewoman eating at a restaurant

If someone (not just women) is unhappy with the weight they have put on its a well-known fact that we eat to make us feel better

Ummmm… Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that defeating the object?

A healthy balanced diet and exercise is all it takes to get to your desired weight but you haven’t always got that motivation have you?

Snacking on junk food throughout the day is to most people a force of habit these days with everyone “not having enough time in the day” to prepare and cook regular healthy home-cooked meals

I personally think they shouldn’t put lights in the refrigerator, maybe this way midnight snacks would be a thing of the past

Try Out This Plus Size Women’s Home Workout

Get Fit

Exercise is very important to help yourself get in shape

There are many gyms/fitness clubs around your area that you can join, or go for a run even

It’s really not that hard… Or Is It?

One of the problems curvy women have when it comes to getting fit is to be seen out in public exercising for fear of being judged, Am I right?

That really baffles me because I would rather see a size plus woman out jogging or down the gym than sat in the house doing nothing

Bravo to You Ladies… Bravo!!!

Get up And goTwo seal puppies sticking their heads out of the water

Now you have finally found the motivation to get up and start exercising, what do you wear?

I know what you would like to wear, the big comfy baggy jumper, the baggy tracksuit bottoms and a normal everyday bra that makes your boobs bounce around while you are running

Just like they are two baby seals bobbing their heads in and out of the water

It hasn’t got to be like that

Sports Clothes Are For EveryoneWoman wearing her hood up over her head

Just because you think you are overweight doesn’t mean you have to cover up when there are plenty of choices of women’s plus size sportswear on the market these days

You don’t have to cover up and be ashamed, be proud of who you are and be proud that you are getting out there doing something to get fit

Now burn all your old baggy tracksuits, and take a look what’s out there for you to look good and most importantly…

Feel And Look Good While Exercising


Fashion isn't about pleasing everyone, Its about pleasing yourself Click To Tweet

7 Items of Plus Size Women Workout Clothes For Confidence

These items of sports clothing come in all colours, sizes and styles but they are just to show you that you can be comfy and look good giving you more confidence to keep exercising

1. The Trusty LeggingsBlack plus size women's leggings

I haven’t actually ever worn a pair of these but I have been told by several people that they are the most comfortable item of clothing that they have ever owned and that they go with absolutely anything

Keeping everything all tucked up nicely and the feeling that you aren’t wearing anything (apparently) plus size sports leggings are probably the number 1 choice for exercising in

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Leggings Here <<<

2. Vest TopsBlack plus size women's vests

A lot of women worry about many parts of their body’s, and arms being one of them

Showing off the bingo wings isn’t everyone’s favourite thing to do but that can be solved with just popping on a tracksuit top to cover them up… but I don’t think you should

You will be much more comfortable with just a vest

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Vests Here <<<

3. Tracksuit Top or HoodyBlack plus size women's hoody

We have all got our favourite hoody/tracksuit top that we wear most of our indoor life and its normally 2 sizes too big. ย I think it’s a comfort thing, if you feel comfy you feel safe.

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Hoodies Here <<<

4. The Full Tracksuit

The tracksuit has come a long way since the shellsuit in the 90s…. and thank God for that!!!Black plus size women's tracksuit

With many people thinking that a full matching tracksuit is a big fashion fail (like wearing double denim) there are many great looking and comfy options out there

The tracksuit can be your comfort blanket whilst out jogging or whatever exercise you are doing as it covers your whole body and gives you that extra confidence that you need

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Tracksuits Here <<<

5. Shorts

Not many women wear shorts whilst exercising these days and that is probably down to the fact that Black plus size women's shortsthey don’t want to show their legs in public

With a pair of shorts, you have more freedom than what you would have with leggings or tracksuit bottoms

So Don’t be Shy, Give Shorts a Try

Women’s legs with a bit of a curve to them are far more attractive than being able to see the bone through the skin

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Shorts Here <<<

6. Lycra/Spandex

I’m sure you would all agree that these are a godsend whilst you are out running in the above clothes I Black plus size women's Lycra legging shortshave mentioned

Keeping everything compact and making you feel slimmer than you are, and again giving you the confidence you deserve

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Lycra Here <<<

7. Sports bra

Probably the best sports clothes invention ever designed for women.

With them keeping everything still and not trying to escape, the sports bra can help reduce back pain and of course, boob pain in women whilst exercising and a definite “MUST HAVE”black plus size women's sports bra

Not that you need telling…

>>> See a Range of Plus Size Women Sports Bras Here <<<

What to do now?

Now that I have shown you some sports clothing you can wear, it’s down to you to choose the right colour and designs you want and be motivated to get out there and show the world what you have got

Just Remember…

Never be Ashamed of Your Body!!!

If people want to judge, let them…Two fingers up in the air

And stick two fingers up at the lazy ones who are sitting in the house on the couch surrounded by junk food while you are out there getting fit

NOW IT’S… 3…. 2… 1… GO!!!!

I wish you all the very best in your journey to becoming the person that you want to be, but never forget that as long as you’re happy with yourself that’s all that matters.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you have any comments about this post, please feel free to do so the comment section

Do you feel confident enough to get out there and exercise?

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27 comments on “Plus Size Women Workout Clothes

Hi Matthew,
What a clever article! It grabbed my attention straight away and has a lovely chatty manner which kept me interested. Congratulations you’re onto a winner! Great content, good visuals and captivating. Thank you!


Hi Lisa, thankyou very much for that lovely comment I am really pleased you enjoyed it and kept reading to the end. I do talk too much my wife says but sometimes that can be a good thing…can’t it? Lol

Steve Crozza

I showed your writings to my partner and she said that you have “hit the nail on the head” with your written content and she read it all the way to the end!

She asked me to write you a comment about it (she has a broken arm) and to tell you that what you have said is true, a lot of women do not feel at ease being overweight and going outside to exercise in front of everyone.

She was impressed with the confidence she got fro reading your blog.

One question she had, was to do with how to react to the “unkind” people out there who throw negative comments at you when you are jogging?


Hi Steve.

Can you tell your partner that I am very greatful for the lovely comments a out this post she has given me and I am very pleased that it has helped at least 1 person have a bit more confidence about exercising out in public.

In answer to her question, just tell her to be herself and not be ashamed of who she is and if people do give her negative comments she needs to smile politely and carry on feeling great about herself ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope her broken arm heals very quickly and I wish you both all the best.




Very nice article and a great read. I think it will give a lot of women who are not as confident the confidence to get out there and do it and also look the part with all the clothes that you have on your website. All in all a great read and keep up the good work well done


Thanks Andy I’m glad you liked it. ย That was exactly the plan to help women get the confidence they should have whilst working out. Thanks again.




I really like this post. You offer great insight for plus-size women and also give the confidence they deserve. Everyone is beautiful and should be confident their own skin. Yes, I do think it is necessary to live a healthy-life style but body shaming is a no. Feel comfortable in what you wear. I think your clothes selection is great. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Rob

There are some horrible people out there these days and its usually the ones who have the most flaws.

I hope this post will help at least 1 woman to get the confidence to strut her stuff in leggings and a vest down the street and not have a care in the world while she is working out.




Hi Shwni,

Great article, I’ve found it fascinating!
I walk every day around my neighborhood, and my problem is that I don’t like to show my arms. I’ve never liked them since I was a child. However, I love the hoody on the article. Are there other colors to choose? I like black, but I would like to have it in different colors.
I have bookmarked your website so I can show it to my friends as well, I am sure they will love it because some of them are a bit overweight.
Thank you for this excellent article!


There are many colours in the styles I have shown, what is shown here is just a sample. ย Keep up the good work with your exercising ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Matthew,

I really like your page, the visuals, contents are really good. I have some questions after reading the articles:

a. Would you consider including positive testimonies of plus-size women wearing these types of outfits that motivated them to go to gym? I think that would be a plus.
b. Would these outfits fit those who choose other fitness alternatives of weight loss/feeling healthy eg hiking, canoeing, dancing, rock climbing, martial arts ?



Great motivation! And the products mentioned appear to be of good quality. Love the leggings and the vest tops, a perfect combination to start training. Thanks for this encouraging article!


My pleasure, hope it will motivate you to start or carry on exercising ๐Ÿ™‚


Hello Shwni, I have enjoyed reading your post. I believe that a woman should always feel good about herself, and not be so insecure; I dislike them type of women. If you are unhappy with your weight size, then you will have to hit the gym, and put in the work for your desired results. This article will instead boost up the confidence of anyone struggling to lose weight. This is also a great selection of workout clothing for the women to work in.


of course women should always feel good about themselves no matter what their bodies are like and that’s why I wanted to find these amazing sports clothes so that they can get a bit more confidence when they are exercising. Thanks for dropping by with your great comment, hope to see you back soon ๐Ÿ™‚


Thank you for this article, Shwni. My girlfriend will gain so much from this as she’s now becoming overweight. Although she’s not that ashamed of her body, we’re just concerned about the “health side” of it. You know, the avoidance of illnesses associated with being overweight. I will share this article to her, and I’m sure she will like this including that tweetable quote you shared about fashion—-that fashion is not about pleasing the crowd but yourself. 


Thank you Gomer, glad you enjoyed this post ๐Ÿ™‚


Dear Shwni,

My wife gave birth to a boy baby few months before and she added some weight. She is planning to workout to reduce her weight so I was doing some research online for women’s workout clothes and found your helpful post.

I can’t stop laughing when I read about your wife complaint on her weight it’s the same scenario here Lol. At least my wife talks about her weight thrice a day to me.

You not only discussed the problem but you have provided with the helpful solution as well I appreciate it.

Thanks a lot for the wide range of options on plus size women workout clothes and the pricing are also very cheap and affordable. I am bookmarking your post and I am going to share with my wife. I believe she will find great value from your post.

Much Success!



I’m pleased I could help you and your wife ๐Ÿ™‚


Spandex is probably one of the best workout clothing for plus size women. I have a few classmates in my Yoga class who do better with this compared to leggings. Although it’s not as tucked up, it offers more room and breathable space for exercise and that gives them the confidence rather than trying to look all slim. Just sharing my two cents. 


Really appreciate your comments and thoughts, Thanks

Eva Babika

Hello Shwni, 

Thanks for a great article! I have a friend who calls herself a “big size”. I showed her your website, she liked the clothes. She also said that you stated in this article is true. But I don’t think it’s really that simple, I know that my friend is her own worst critic. As for me, I am skinny, yes, you can see through my bones, but I can’t remember that I would look at somebody and think how big they are. I just really don’t pay attention to that at all. Good luck to anybody who wants to lose weight! 


“You can see through my bones” that really made me laugh, lol.

Sorry if that offended you but it is very true in some women’s cases which I wish that they would just have some confidence in themselves


Thanks so much for this great article! I love how motivating you are and the fact that you continuously emphasis how beautiful women are no matter what their size or shape and definitely should never be ashamed of how they look.

For years now, one of my good friends and I have been saying we were going to join a gym together and start a routine. That discussion is about where it ends every time lol. I am going to share your post with her in the hopes that the thought of getting some new look good – feel good work out clothes will finally do the trick to getting her up and moving with me. 

Thanks again for your positively awesome attitude and fun article!


Thanks, if you don’t feel good for yourself then who should you be trying to impress?

Fahim Shahriar

Thanks for this nice article, I think women should always feel secure and confident irrespective of what their bodies look like. We all are human and we all have inner beauties within ourselves. So we should focus on this. They should wear the type of clothes that make them feel comfortable no matter what others say. Thank you for your recommendation about these sporting clothes. This is a nice article, I really enjoy reading it, especially that last quote “as long as you’re happy with yourself that’s all that matters”.


That last quote is all I live by if you don’t love yourself then how can you expect others to do exactly that?


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