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Tackle Bag Drills to Improve Your Skills Are you confident in your rugby tackling abilities? Can you say that you hit that tackle perfectly every time? If you can then fair play to you, but there are many players, even Read more…

Nordictrack classic pro skier reviews

NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier Review: The Rugby Fitness That You Deserve Getting fit is on most peoples “To Do” list And even more so for Rugby Players But we just never get round to going through with it, DO WE? Read more…

exercise for stronger legs

Best Exercise to Strengthen Legs: A Workout Machine That Will Work Wonders HEY SKINNY LEGS! Yes, I’m talking to you…… So you want stronger legs, do you? Me too, I sometimes even struggle to get up the stairs with my skinny legs! Read more…

Strength conditioning for rugby players

Strength Conditioning For Rugby Players: A Little Tip to Improve Your Game There is no better time to become a Faster, Stronger, and Fitter Rugby player than now Your season is about to start and you have been at the Read more…

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor 2. Adidas RS7 4.0 3. ASICS Lethal Warno 4. Canterbury Pheonix Club 5. Adidas Malice Control 6. Canterbury Speed Club 7. Adidas FF80 Pro 8. ASICS GEL-Lethal 9. PUMA Sprit 10. Under Armour ClutchFit 11. Adidas Read more…

home multi gym

Bulk up With The Studio 7400 Multi-Gym WELCOME TO THE BEST HOME MULTI GYM REVIEW If you are finding it hard to get off your ass and pop down to the gym But need to keep training for that big Read more…

Keep Your Teeth In Your Gob! As a rugby coach, I have seen my fair share of children in the game that wear braces And why shouldn’t they still play the game that they love just because they have to Read more…

the football kits history

Legendary Football Shirts Looking back over the years of The History of The Football Shirt there have been some amazing changes in the design and colours of them which haven’t always been that appealing I must say Have you ever Read more…

Best Sports Bras for comfort

Don’t Leave Them Hanging! So it’s that time of year again when you need to sort that beach body out and want to get back into exercising, Do You? There is only so much jumping up and down that a Read more…

best rugby gum shields

Protection For Rugby Players Teeth And Gums Looking for the Best Gum Shields For Rugby isn’t as easy as you would think. There are loads out there that are just not worth paying for, so here we have spent hours Read more…

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