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Optimum Inferno Headguard

Optimum Inferno Headguard Reviewed

Optimum Inferno Headguard: 2019 Review With Size Chart

If you are looking for the best Optimum Inferno Headguard then you don’t have to look any further than right here at shwnisports

Where scrum caps are reviewed to suit your pockets and your head and here’s just one of them that is going to please you very much

PRODUCT NAME – Optimum Inferno Rugby HeadguardRed Optimum Inferno HeadguardOptimum Scrum Cap

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  • SB – Small Boys
  • LB – Large Boys
  • S – Small
  • M – Medium
  • L – Large
  • XL – Extra Large

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Introduction to The Optimum Inferno Headguard

This headguard has been designed by players, for players

With player performance in mind it has been designed with maximum density foam that gives both flexibility and protection

With specially shaped ear holes making it easy to communicate with your team mates and has a really soft comfortable fit

Who is it For?

I personally feel that they should be law for everyone on the field, apart from the ref and linespeople of course

Although, i’ve seen a few refs get flattened by the forwards so maybe they should be law for them aswell

Just Watch This!


COLOURS – A black background with a red trim and a red & white design on the sides and top of the cap.

There are other colours available other than the red that is on this headguard

EXTRA INFORMATION – This headguard has been approved by the IRB

My Final Opinion

As rugby protection goes, this is probably one of the best scrum caps out there to buy

Once it’s on you can feel confident that it will stay on with the adjustable tie over the head mixed with the chin strap it certainly stays put going into those brutal tackles

Final Recap

Rugby protectionOptimum Scrum CapWhat is it? – OPTIMUM INFERNO RUGBY HEADGUARD

How Much?

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Where From? – AMAZON

Sizes – SB, LB, S, M, L, XL

Here is The Optimum Inferno Headguard Size Chart

Size chart for the optimum inferno rugby headguard

My Rating – 8/10

Before You Go…

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Have you used this headguard before?

If so, what did you think of it?

If there’s anything else you need to know about the Optimum Inferno Headguard please feel free to ask below in the comment section

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