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Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap

Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap Reviewed

Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap: Full Review 2019

Optimum has created some of the best rugby headguards that are on the market today for rugby safety

And the Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap is certainly no exception

If there’s only 1 scrum cap review that you read today, make sure it’s this one

PRODUCT NAME – Optimum AtomikYellow And Grey Optimum Atomik HeadguardOptimum Scrum Cap

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  • S – Small
  • SB – Small Boys
  • M – Medium
  • L – Large
  • LB – Large Boys

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Introduction to The Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap

The Atomik scrum cap is super lightweight which has a closed cell foam design that makes it really comfortable for anyone that wears it

The antibacterial moisture management band around the head might look restrictive but that only adds to the protection that it will give you during a rugby game

It also has plenty of ventilating air holes to keep your head cool if things get a bit heated on the field

And as you probably already know, there is always a fight brewing during rugby

Just take a quick look at this short video of some rugby league fights on the field


And like most great rugby scrum caps, it has elasticated tie strings on the back to be able to get it as tight or loose that you want it to be

Don’t leave it too loose or you might end up losing it in those big hit rugby tackles

Who is it For?

There’s only 1 rugby player that will want to wear the Optimum Atomik

And that’s the player that wants to protect their ears and head whilst playing rugby

This headguard isn’t for a specific role on the rugby pitch so any player in any Rugby Position can have all the benefits that it has to offer



  • Yellow/Grey
  • Black
  • Blue/Yellow

EXTRA INFORMATION – This headguard has been approved by the IRB

My Final Opinion

I can’t really fault this Optimum scrum cap as it gives you the maximum protection that any rugby headgear can give you

I much prefer the velcro chin strap instead of a clipped one so this is ideal for what I am looking for

Final Recap

Blue And Yellow Optimum Atomik HeadguardOptimum Scrum CapWhat is it? – Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap

How Much?

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  • S – Small
  • SB – Small Boys
  • M – Medium
  • L – Large
  • LB – Large Boys

Optimum Scrum Cap Size Chart

Optimum Atomik Scrum Cap Size Chart

My Rating – 9/10

Before You Go…

While your here, just take a quick look at other great rugby head guards Right Here

How well do you think that this scrum cap will work?

Can you recommend a better headguard that would be better than this Optimum Atomik?

Just get involved in the conversation below to let others know about your experiences with scrum caps.

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