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Nutrition For Rugby Players

Nutrition For Rugby Players: Do it All NaturalCan natural nutrition really be better for you than taking supplements?

Apparently, great rugby players are made and not born

Some would say it’s all down to genetics

But I say it’s the training you get, how hard you train, dedication to the sport and most importantly, the diet you have and how well you stick to it

And that is why Nutrition For Rugby Players is very important for getting the best you can be at the sport that you love

Stick at it to Get The Full BenefitsNutrition For Rugby Players

It’s not nice having to stick to just healthy foods all the time but if you want to make it as a top professional in any sports

You have to suffer a little first and you will soon start to strengthen and shape your physique for whatever position you want to play on the field

You might try taking legal supplements but there’s nothing better in this world for your bodies than natural nutrition

Drinking plenty of water and a well-balanced diet, your body will create huge amounts of energy that can greatly help you reach your full potential as a top performing rugby player and maybe play for your country which is every player’s dream

So what are the main factors you need to consider if you want to create the best natural nutrition rugby training program?

Fuel Sources

Rugby players should find the perfect balance between Carbs, Protein and Healthy Fats in order to get the right fuel into your bodies so it can handle anything that is thrown at them during a game or in training

And if you can get this right you should have no worries about fatigue or stomach cramps… or even worse

Here’s a quick video of Welsh rugby legend, Sam Warburton sharing his diet tips and how he gets the nutrition that a rugby player needs

Best Types of Natural Nutrition For Rugby Players

1. CarbohydratesA plate of pasta

Carbs such as pasta, rice, fruits, vegetables, bread, and cereals are an ideal source of fuel for any training or games and these will provide the body with about 70% of your daily calories.

They will give you enough of the fuel (which is produced by the starch and sugars that are in the carbs) that you need in order to keep your energy levels up and maintain that high power and strength that you will need to endure the rough game that is rugby.

How to get the full potential from the carbs you eat

  • All the carbs you eat should be eaten in large amounts before any game or training that will be going on longer than an hour so you can maintain that energy throughout the exercise. (and I don’t mean eat until your sick)
  • If you have a big game coming up start your carb intake several days before so your body gets used to all that fuel intake
  • Stick to the wholemeal bread and pasta etc.

2. Water IntakeA bottle of water h20

Without a doubt, Water is the most important and efficient natural nutrition that you will ever have. Our bodies are made up of around 60% water and not one function in our bodies can work efficiently without it.

They say that your body needs 2-3 litres a day on average but it does vary depending on where you live in the world, your age, gender and of course if you are doing something physical like playing rugby.

Heres a few tips on keeping hydrated properly

  •  Don’t go knocking back huge amounts of water like you are drinking a yard of ale, instead, drink more often and smaller amounts.
  • Cold water will cool down your body temperature if drank and your body won’t sweat as much (the less sweating you do, the less water that your body loses)
  • Ideally, you should drink around 2 to 3 cups of water for every pound you lose during training or games.
  • Always keep a Water Bottle close to you at all times whenever playing rugby or training.

3. ProteinA beefsteak on the bone cooking on a grill

Another source of natural sports nutrition are Proteins. Eggs, Fish, Meats, Dairy, Beans and Nuts which give your bodies up to 15% of its daily calories.

To find out exactly how much protein you should be eating as a rugby player, you need to take into consideration….

  • Your overall calorie and carb intake
  • What training you will be doing
  • The intensity and length of the training or game ahead
  • Your fitness level

Once you know all that you can plan your protein intake accordingly but don’t overindulge on protein as much as you want to.

4. Unsaturated FatsDifferent types of unsaturated fats laid out on a wooden table top

Not all Fats are bad for you, there are either saturated fats (which are bad) or unsaturated fats which if you keep an eye on how much of this you consume can be really good for your bodies

Apart from the obvious reasons of not eating saturated fats

If you overindulge, it could lead to serious health problems and I more than anyone knows that because at the age of 38 I suffered from a heart attack because of my unhealthy lifestyle

And trust me, you don’t want to go down that road!

Here is a list of just a few unsaturated fats that can be really good for you

  • Fatty fish like mackerel and salmon
  • Olives or olive oils
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peanut oil and peanut butter
  • Avocados
  • Canola, Corn and Sunflower oils

If you still want to try out some supplements then you can take a look HERE at the best ones

And if you are looking for nutritional meal plans for rugby players then has some great ideas for you Right Here

Just Before You Leave

It’s not an easy road getting to where you want your physical fitness and appearance to be but once you have reached that peak you can look back and proudly say…“I DID IT!!!”

Don’t go back to your unhealthy ways though or you may not get that call from the manager of your country’s rugby team.

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Do you have any specific recommendations on protein powder? There are so many types out there, egg, whey, etc. Are there any specific differences or things I should look for? I was told that Gold Standard Whey Protein is a great choice. Do you have any thoughts on it?


H, the gold standard whey is one of the purest forms of whey that you can buy, i havent tried it myself but i have heard some good things about it


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