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NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews

NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews

NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews – NordicTrack RX800Rowing Machine Cheap

I bet you have been looking at a load of NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews trying to find out if its the right exercise machine for you to buy, Haven’t You?

Well, what most reviews might not have told you is that NordicTrack has taken off £150 from its original price!

Giving you an even bigger bargain than you thought you were going to get

Not only that, but they also offer you finance options to pay where you can pay for it monthly rather than pay it all off today

How do you fancy getting %5 off your order with NordicTrack today?

Just place your order and add the coupon code  before you check out

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And if there’s one machine you need to use that discount on to exercise and get fit it’s a rowing machine!

It works so much better than a treadmill and works more muscle groups

If you want to get fit for football, or soccer if you’re not from Britain

You either want to get yourself an indoor ski machine or one of these bad boys

woman folding the nordictrack rowing machine

5 Main Benefits of a Rowing Machine Workout

There’s a website called which has a great article about the benefits of a rowing machine workout which you can check out here

But the benefits below are what I think should be your main priority when choosing to buy one

  1. Affordable – Yes you will have to pay a small amount of money at first but think how much you will save by not going to the gym.
  2. Weight loss – The whole point of exercising is to get fit and healthy so it is inevitable that you are going to lose weight using this rowing machine.
  3. Lower Body Fitness – There’s not much exercise equipment out there that gives you the lower-body workout as a rowing machine gives you.
  4. Simple to Use – If you want an easy exercise machine to use then they don’t come easier than these so if you are just starting to work out the rower would be perfect for you.
  5. Upper Body Fitness – Having upper body strength will benefit you for pretty much anything that you do in life and you will certainly get a full body workout with a rowing machine

Time For The Best of The NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews

Now NordicTrack is without a doubt one of the leading brands in home exercise equipment at the moment and they have had over 25 years experience to bring you the technology that will make exercising easier and much more exciting than regular machines

The RX800 rowing machine is no exception and even though they have a newer version called the RW200 I still think that you get more for your money with this model

It has some amazing features which can take your training to the next level or even help you if you are new to it all

NordicTrack RX800 Rower Assembly Video

Heres how easy it is to put this machine together

Patented Spacesaver® Design
Patented Spacesaver design to easily fold up

It has a patented Spacesaver® design that makes fold upright for easy storage

Just think how easy it will be to clean the house with it being folded up and compact in just a few seconds

The worst thing about having an exercise machine in the home is the fact that most of them take up a lot of room

But not this oneAdjustable digital monitor

Adjustable Monitor

With the adjusting monitor, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are it can be put in any position for you to easily see

You don’t want to be constantly trying to read your stats at an awkward angle, do you?

Just set it once before you start exercising and be comfortable for the rest of the session

Non-Stick Foot PedalsNon-stick foot pedals with Velcro straps keeping your feet secured

With the oversized foot pedals and the nylon velcro straps

It doesn’t matter what size feet you have you can be sure it will give you a comfortable workout without the fear of your feet slipping

Have you ever had your feet slip whilst exercising on a rowing machine?

It doesn’t end well, trust me!

Comfortable SeatRowing Machine Comfortable padded seat

Covered in vinyl and with comfortable padding, you won’t want to get off this moulded seat

If you are planning to spend half an hour or even an hour using this vintage NordicTrack rowing machine then you will need to a bit of padding under that ass of yours



DIMENSIONS – L 216cm x W 56cm x H 111cm

WARRANTY – 2 YEARS PARTS AND LABOUR and 5 YEAR FRAME WARRANTY when registered within 28 days of purchase

What Makes This Rowing Machine One of The Best

  • The faster you row the more resistance you get from the fan blades which generate air
  • The seat rail is solid and stable and gives you a smooth and steady workout.
  • The very smooth effective inertia flywheel just gives you a more natural motion which you will soon see the difference from other rowers.
  • It has 10 calorie training programs and 10 other different levels to choose from to help you reach your fitness goal
  • A comfortable rowing handle with a brilliant grip so there won’t be any slipping.
  • The front-mounted transport wheels just make it that much easier to move around.

What Are The Bad Points About This Machine

  • It’s not iPod compatible which might not be as entertaining as the RW200 but I’m pretty sure in this day and age you would have some sort of way to play music whilst exercising

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What do you Think of The NordicTrack RX800?

If you have one of these RX800 Rower’s I would love to know what you think of it

Or if you haven’t got one and need more information about the best rowing machine just ask below and I will gladly get back to you.


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24 comments on “NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews


Nice information, I think that this one machine can focus on all muscle groups and it can save a lot of time instead of doing a lot of exercises. Especially if there are people who don’t have time to hit the gym this rowing machine can perfectly suit them. The rowing machine can give a strong back and that is the thing I love about this machine. I definitely need to give a try. 

Thank you for sharing such useful information.


My pleasure, glad you enjoyed this rowing machine review 🙂


The NordicTrack RX800 Rower is an amazing piece of training equipment and you reviewed it with all it’s attending features to a T. 

The best feature i see is the comfortability of the seat and the warranty. the vinyl cover and extra padding and extra padding of the equipment is awesome! I love it


Oh you need a bit of extra padding on the seating area as the constant movement could get quite uncomfortable.


I haven’t actually thought about getting a rowing machine before reading this review. I have actually been searching for a good stationery bicycle.

Would you reckon maybe a rower is a better choice? I see it is also quite affordable.

I do need to work on my upper body strength more than my lower body so now I am thinking that this is the machine to go for.


Yes, this rower id quite affordable and will work on both your upper and lower body strength but if you really want to look at a cycle machine then this one right here would be perfect for you 🙂



great review! I have been doing some exercise on rowing machines at the gym. This is probably the best way to exercise your whole body, but I didn’t know that there were rowing machines for home. That is, I did know you could buy one of these huge things and put it in your living room, but I  wasn’t aware that rowing machines can be compact, as well. This is a great advantage to me since my place is not that big.

So thanks for showing this amazing opportunity and the discount option!


Yes it can be folded up and put somewhere out of the way if you don’t really have the room

LearnToEarn Admin

What caught my eye was the non-slip foot pedals feature.  It’s great to know that your feet will be set securely in place for the duration of the exercise and there won’t be any pulling of muscles or strains on muscles due to a slip of the foot.
So many injuries happen when you are exercising vigorously and something happens to jerk you out of your rhythm.  I am pleased to know they have included this feature and would definitely be a plus factor for me.
Do you know down to what size the velcro straps can be adjusted?  For example, would younger children be able to use this safely, or is it only adjustable to a certain size?
Looking forward to your reply.


Of course, children can use it but it’s not really an exercise machine that they should be using unsupervised so be careful if you put your children on this machine.

Jack Taylor

I am so glad that I found your website today. I really enjoyed reading your NordicTrack Rowing Machine Reviews – NordicTrack RX800. I have been looking to buy a NordicTrack Rowing Machine for a while now but I wasn’t sure which one to buy until I read your reviews. So I went ahead and decided to buy the NordicTrack RX800. I can’t wait for it to arrive so I can give it a try. Thanks for the great reviews and keep up the great work.



You are going to love it 🙂

Nate MC

Great review! I love rowing machines, and rowing is one of my favorite exercises to do. If I didn’t enjoy going to the gym or genuinely didn’t really want to go, I would definitely purchase a rowing machine, and it’d probably be this NordicTrack one. I’m familiar with the brand and I’ve seen their rowing machines in lots of gyms I’ve been too! 

But you’re right, you could save a lot of money by purchasing it instead of heading to the gym. 


Exactly,  once you have paid for it you won’t have to pay to go to the gym


NordicTrack is a company that has been around for many years (decades) and has always been known for their quality exercise machines. The original ski machine is still a classic, and was created to allow people to train / cross-country ski year round…even when the weather didn’t allow for actual cross country skiing. 

It’s nice to see that they have branched out to allow for other sports enthusiasts like rowers / crew teams to get in a workout when the weather isn’t cooperating. This rower does a great job of replicating the motions that you use when in an actual boat. I’m glad that NordicTrack turned their expertise towards creating a great rower. Excellent company to purchase exercise equipment from (I’ve owned a few)!


The Nordictrack classic pro skier is also an amazing fitness machine which I have written a review about here

Dave Sweney

The NordicTrack RX800 is a beautiful machine and one I have been looking at for a long time. I was waiting until there was a sale going to jump in, and it looks like this may just be the moment per your review. It is a high quality machine that is built rugged to take a lot of use and still perform well.

The brand is one I have known for years and I trust the products that they offer across the board. This RX800 is no exception, it is really quality and full of features that will be helpful for getting in shape and staying in shape. Being able to save $150 just makes it that much better a deal.

The one con that you have listed is of no consequence for me. The music I can get elsewhere, U have it in the home gym anyway for all to listen to. I agree with you that everything else about the NordicTrack RX800 is a pro, and it is an excellent deal right now.


Yes, it’s not often you see an exercise machine with such a huge bargain as this one so it would be wise to grab it while you can

My Daily Pointers

Years ago I bought a rowing machine and well, it became a glorified coat rack.  The thing was huge, and awkward and uncomfortable for me to use.  What a complete waste of money that was!

However, I do not have time to be making trips to the gym and would like to try another piece of equipment in my home. The Nordictrack rx800 could be a viable option for me.  I like that it folds up, reducing the space it occupies and you sold me on the comfortable molded seat!


Oh yes, the Nordictrack rowing machine easily folds up to be able to fit into the corner of your room and out of the way when you are not using it


This is quite a big one for me, I’m an athlete and I have always wanted something like this to build my muscles as well and I’m lucky enough to come across this and to think of the fact that there’s a discount and it has nice features is mind blowing. I’m definitely going to get this rowing machine and hopes it builds me the best way it can.


You won’t be disappointed and good luck with your new fitness regime


Hi there

Really you wrote extraordinary about the rowing machine. My friend bought a rowing machine. I went there and practiced for some time. I think this is a great way for the whole body to exercise. It is easy to buy. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to buy it. It doesn’t require much space to install so I can keep it in my room. I’ll buy it soon.


Let me know if you need any more help choosing the best rowing machine 


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