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Nordictrack Classic Pro Skier Review

Nordictrack classic pro skier reviews

NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier Review: The Rugby Fitness That You Deservebest pro skier reviews

Getting fit is on most peoples “To Do” list

And even more so for Rugby Players

But we just never get round to going through with it, DO WE?

Yes, I’m talking to you!

Having a Workout Machine at home is the only way you are going to do it

You know I’m right, don’t you?

Have you ever heard of the NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier?

If not, you are going to love reading this ski machine review

If you don’t get much snow where you live then you won’t be able to do much skiing to get fitter for rugby season

So with an indoor ski machine, you could keep fit all year round.

Rugby season is nearly upon us and you need to shed a few more pounds to fit into last season’s shorts before you go back

Getting a treadmill is great for a great cardio workout but everyone has one these days don’t they?

Why don’t you try something different that will certainly shred that body of yours in no time?

I don’t mean running 50 miles in a sweat suit! You won't fall in the snow

I’m talking about an Indoor Ski Machine

All the fun of skiing without the frostbite

Don’t you worry your pretty little head if you can’t ski, it’s as easy as riding a bike and I will show you a tutorial video further down this post.

Let me Show You my Review…

Where can you get it:

Price: BUY IT NOW FOR ONLY £599.00

nordictrack pro skier

This state of the art home exercise equipment recreates’s the experience of cross-country skiing

It wouldn’t look out of place in any room of the house with its stylish modern look and its updated technology giving you one of the best cardio workouts you have ever had

Push Yourself And Get Fitter

As well as giving you the cross-country skiing experience you can intensify your cardiovascular workouts with the incline adjustments on the front which can get quite hard on the top one if you are not used to it.  There’s also a stop bar on the back end where the feet go so you don’t go flying off the back.

Keep Your Body Straight For Core Strengthening

Adjustable padded protector to lean against

This padded protector which can be adjusted keeps you upright and stops you falling over into the LED window or even slicing your face on the flywheel.

Keep Track Of Everything

high tech LCD window monitor

The high tech LCD window is brilliant, keeping track of your time, speed, calories burned and your distance.

It’s situated in a perfect place so you can always keep an eye on it to burn that extra piece of cake off that you had for your tea!

Adjust The Resistance For Your Upper Body

patented flywheel resistance

This patented flywheel can be adjusted to 9 different resistance levels so you can make it harder, or easier according to your preferences.

It has been designed to mimic the exact experience for your upper body of cross-country skiing.

Give yourself a challenge and start off at the easiest level and every 20 minutes change up a level to see how far you get.

Get Fitter Now

Who is it For?

Well, I think that anybody who wants to experience cross-country skiing without actually going skiing!

But seriously, if you want to have an exercise machine in your home to enable you to have a great cardio workout to help you lose weight and burn off a few calories whenever you want,

Then the NordicTrack classic pro skier is the one for you and anybody will be able to use it easily.

Take a look at this short demonstration video

Pro’s And Con’s of The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier


  • Once you have paid for it there’s no need to pay your gym membership ever again
  • You will never get bored of it with the many different resistance levels it has to offer
  • Literally, the best cardio work out you will ever have
  • The price! You can’t get a skiing holiday and a set of skis for that price can you?
  • It folds away so you are able to keep it somewhere out of the way


  • Can be a bit difficult to get the hang of it at first
  • It can be a bit awkward to fold until you get the hang of it (like most things I suppose)

Take a look at this short assembly and adjusting video

Not as bad or difficult as you first thought was it?

The Benefits of Using a Ski Machine

  • Provides an efficient and effective aerobic workout
  • Burns calories more than you would do running
  • Controls your weight to be able to fit into your rugby kit
  • Strengthens your heart and lowers blood pressure
  • Have you ever seen a Fat skier???


length : 236cm  height : 152cm  width : 60cm

Maximum User Weight


Delivery Details

For all the delivery details and prices click here

Warranty Information

2-year parts and labour warranty, subject to registration within 28 days of purchase.

My Final Thoughts

I have been doing loads of research on the NORDICTRACK CLASSIC PRO SKIER and been to test it on several occasions

And it certainly was an experience the first time I went as I just jumped straight on it thinking I could look like a pro skier showing off to my wife but fell flat on my ass.

Take your time to get used to how it works first before you just jump on getting your coordination right and follow the assembly video I have shown you to make sure it is fixed together correctly.

I’m actually surprised that they don’t have these in the gyms I go to as it really is the best cardio workout I have ever.

So why don’t you hit the “proverbial slopes” NOW!

Quick Recap

Where can you get it? :

How Much? : 

What do you think?

Have you got a Nordic track classic pro skier or ever owned one?

I would love to hear what you think about it or even if you are thinking about getting one and want to know anything that I haven’t covered here

Please feel free to ask below in the comment section and I will do my very best to answer anything I can.



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56 comments on “Nordictrack Classic Pro Skier Review

This is a neat little machine. I live in Wisconsin and it doesn’t always snow through the winter. Some years skiing is great and others not so much. It also gets too cold at times where you cannot really go out for anything and you have to bunker down. For the die-hard skier this seems to be the answer!!!


It’s not just for skiers, it has been proven that the ski machine is much better for you to loose calories and burn fat that your average running machine/treadmill so it’s ideal for anybody who wants to get fit or loose weight


Innovation is always great to take advantage of! Nice website 🙂


Very true! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 come back soon


Wow… that was really helpful. I’ve never come across this before now, so thanks for the info. As somebody who lives in the UK, we have plenty of rain, but very little snow! So this is certainly of interest to us brits who have to travel to colder and more snowier climates to some much as get a whiff of snow! Thanks again.


I’m from the UK too so this is perfect for me as we really don’t get much snow do we?


I had forgotten how much fun the Nordic Track is! I used to use one in college and now there aren’t any in any of the gym I workout in. It’s fun and is both a strengthening and a cardio workout! I think I need one of these in my life again!


it’s so much fun it’s unreal, it certainly much more fun than a treadmill and much more effective it’s just a shame that no gyms use them


I bought one three months ago,this machine is awesome I really loved the experience. It gave me a boost in my overall fitness ,it’s just worth the price .I lost about 5 kilos in two weeks which was something that I was
looking forward to.People should just try this machine you will see the good results.


5 kilos in 2 weeks!! That’s impressive, well done to you.  Question is though, would you have lost what you did without the nordictrack classic pro skier?


My daughter has a machine similar to one of these. And I do agree you can get a good workout with one. But I would start off slow and work your way up to harder levels.


Oh most certainly! Like a thing in life you need to start off slow then build up to the harder stuff 🙂


I had a Nordic track years ago. It was a great machine. There was not a lot of electrical parts to it so it would have lasted forever but we moved and did not have the space to put it when we moved. I would still use it if I have never moved. Do you know of any gyms that still have them?


Yes, don’t let the old look deceive you, its quite a modern piece of exercise equipment that will certainly last as long as any other equipment that you might have at home.

There is a gym close to where I live that has 3 of them in their own room that you need to book a time slot to use it as they are so popular with the fitness fanatics in my area.

Surely they can’t be wrong, Can they?

Tyler Redlev

Skiing indoors at the comfort of your home sounds pretty fun 🙂 Actually, it’s a GREAT opportunity for winter sports professional!s!

I was aware of this kind of gear but I didn’t know that they were this much developed… I was always wondering if I could effectively practice my skiing even if there wasn’t any snow 🙂


This brilliant piece of exercise equipment isn’t just for the skiing enthusiast, it is one of the best exercises you can do with your clothes on. The workout that you get with just 20 minutes on it is equivalent to an hour on a Treadmill or Running Machine

I don’t know about you but I know which one I would prefer to workout on.


The SKI MACHINE is super great in my younger years I was always on skis, so this can’t fit me better I have tried this machine once and I love it and she almost takes no space,
I didn’t know where to find it, but now I do so thank you very much for this great information.

Best regards


The Nordictrack skier is without doubt one of the best ex3ercise machines I have ever tried and I’m quite shocked that not many people have heard of it.


YES! I am a new mom who went through a c-section, so now my stomach looks like a shelf sitting on itself. My body is completely wrecked from my pregnancy! I have been trying to do YouTube workout videos but I don’t see any progress. I used to have a really nice, toned body and I used to enjoy going skiing but now I feel very out of shape. 

The NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier looks like just the thing I need to get back in shape to my pre-mommy body. I want to tone my stomach, my thighs and my butt because those are the target areas that were most affected when I had my son. This is the type of machine that you can literally tone every muscle in your body!

I want this to be something I commit myself to because I cannot accept being in this flabby post-partum body that I am stuck in now. You know what I mean? I know this is temporary, but only a workout machine such as the NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier, will be able to change my fate from flabby to “Did she really have a baby? I can’t even tell” -type of body. 


This ski machine will certainly get you back to your pre-mommy body and you will be back to your old self sooner than you think if you stick to it, good luck 🙂


I love to exercise and this sounds like an awesome machine. I live in the USA but I think that it sounds like something I’ve seen advertised here too. Quite honestly, I never paid much attention to the ads since I’m not much of a skier. My issue with skiing is that I hate cold and have a fear of heights. The Classic Pro Skier doesn’t look like it takes up much space so this is something I could do in the comfort of my home. Do you know the best way to purchase this in the USA? 



This ski machine can be shipped to the US so you don’t have to worry about that 🙂


This sounds too crazy for me. How could one skate in the room? I watched the entire video on this post with the hope to see how the machine is used unfortunately it’s about setting it up. I think you need to include a video on how to exercise with it. 

Although it sounds nice and the exercise has a lot of physical fitness, I’m afraid that I might fall and I don’t want to break my neck in the process of discovering. have you used yourself and does it really work fine? 

The price looks nice for such a machine so it’s worth trying. If you offer to be my instructor am willing to learn the new tricks.


Lol, I could be your instructor for the right price 🙂 there is actually a demonstration video in this post, it’s above the assembly video


great article here Shwni.I really can’t relate to skiing and the cold as I live in northern Australia where the closest thing to snow is the frosty stuff that gathers in the freezer pat of my upright fridge freezer.In fact ive only ever seen snow once in new zealand 30yrs ago lol.Anyway back to the article,I can relate to getting one as i am a former rugby union player and it seems a good idea for the fitness stuff.Also great info on here re how o adjust it ,pricing and images etc.Great article Shwni,good work here !!


No snow, WOW! Then this machine would be perfect for you then, lol

Olonisakin Kehinde

Keeping fit is every sportsman’s wish.  In fact either you are a full time sport man or not you just want to b in good shape.  Luckily the rugby tournament is upon us and it’s a good time for players to burn off the excesses and get ready for the season. 

For this project skier,  I think for the kind of functions you have reviewed,  the sale price is worth it and you get to use is over and over.  Once you acquire it,  it’s yours for real.  


Oh yes, you will certainly get your money’s worth out of it so you won’t spend too much 


This would be a nice change of pace for a cardio workout. I like that it has different adjustment levels for different experience levels. I think the lcd window that keeps track of everything for you is s nice touch. 

I am definitely someone who likes to workout at home i have a home gym but nothing for cardio. I think the Nordictrack classic pro skier would be a good addition to my home gym. I don’t have a lot of room so the way it folds for storage would be handy. 

Do you know if these are for sale in the USA?


It can be shipped to the US so you don’t have to worry about that 🙂


Hello there 🙂 

I liked your review and your writing style 🙂 

To be honest, I never skied in my entire life… I want to try it and it is the starting of the season. I live in France and I my home is close to skiing stations (Les Alpes, Le Massif-Central)

A lot of my colleagues go with their family to have fun. I would like to do so as well. 

This machine reproduced the movements of someone skiing, so is there any chance that I can learn to sky with that machine? At least just a little for me to not be ridiculous 🤣

I also want to get in shape and get my sportsmen body back. I was a Pro Dancer. I would also like to know if this machine is risky for me to use it? I have back problems and don’t want to hurt myself even more…

 I want to buy an indoor machine and I am bored with treadmills and other unoriginal machines that take a lot of space in the apartment. My wife also wants to invest in an indoor machine to lose belly fat. It is not always easy to lose stomach after two Babies. 

Thank you for your review of the NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier. The name is Long lol 

Youba 🙂


I would consult your doctor before using this machine if you have a bad back as you don’t want to do more damage to it but it will certainly help you to keep fit and for your wife to lose belly fat.

I wouldn’t recommend this machine to practice skiing on as it would be better for you to get your training on some real skis


Wow Shwni,

Indeed this will be the best Cardio Work Out machine worth buying. I mean I have been paying for gym three times every week. And I think it is about a time to make a wise decision of buying this Nordic Track Pro Skier. I can see all the pros and I think it is worth buying.

I love to be at the gym because that is what keeps me fit all the time and helps me burn some of the calories out. So getting this machine will be a very good move for me to cut short all the payment I have been making at the gym and since this is something I have indoor it is going to help me avoid going that long distance before getting access to the gym.

Thanks a lot Shwni, for introducing this machine to me, I will surely get one and I know it is going to be of great help to me.



Trust me it will be the best investment in your fitness that you will ever make, good luck with it 🙂


Hey Shwni, I like your post; very enlightening. For one, I love to exercise. I always make it my life’s work to walk to the grocery store if I don’t have to walk away from there with anything heavy like milk or juice. I’ve held the belief that cars make people lazy if you let them so exercising and often is definitely encouraged and your post is a shining example of that. Good job!


Thanks for dropping by with your comment R.J.


You are absolutely right Shwni. Staying fit and building muscles is mostly on people’s dream board. However, we don’t put much effort in trying to make that as a reality. Instead it becomes a wish and fantasy that we dream about it all the time. Reading your post has really given me a lot of ideas and equipment that I can purchase to start building my fitness up. It’s seems that the art home exercise equipment appears more to me and I am going to test it out. Thanks a lot Shwni for pointing me into the right direction.


My pleasure Kuu, good luck 🙂


Hi Shwni!

      This machine looks great. I had a c-section a few weeks back and once the doctor gives me the go ahead I’d like to get started working out again. This looks perfect for my family since my husband and I would both use it. I do have a question though, Is it possible to buy accessories for tis machine? I know that some exercise machines offer extensions and additional items that can be purchased to add to the original workout. Is that the case here also? Or is the actual machine all you need?




This machine would be all you need to get fit really, I bet you can’t wait till you can get back to working out, can you?


Hi and thanks for sharing this very interesting post. I like how you can have one of these in your home. It is not too big and should fit nicely in most people’s homes. Can I ask, is this the most durable kind of design for what it does or is there another make that is stronger? As durability and how long something can last is quite important to me. Thanks.


I have looked around and this is the best i could find for this price range


You are right, treadmills is what everyone is using and frankly they are getting boring.  I have been looking for a good piece of home exercise equipment since I was diagnosed with diabetes because there never seems to be time to get to the gym.  Was going to go with a treadmill but might have to take a further look at this first.  Thank you for taking time to do such a great review.


My pleasure Dale, you shouldn’t be bound to the standard exercise machines, branch out and be the first in your area to own an indoor ski machine 🙂

Chrissie Spurgeon

I really enjoyed your review of the Nordtrack Classic Pro-Skier.

This machine sounds like a brilliant addition to your keep-fit and weight control regime, and it sounds like FUN!! I am not a rugby player, but I imagine that that is not a problem as most people really want to keep fit!

Do you think that it would be suitable for all age-groups? And what degree of fitness would you need to have before you can start to use it?

I would really like to buy one of these, although I would need to save up first!

Many thanks for your really informative post.

Chrissie 🙂


Hi Chrissie, I would consult with your doctor before buying an indoor ski machine as I don’t know your medical background, regardless of your age I still think you should check to see if your doctor approves


I really find it impossible for someone to be able to lose more calories and weight with NordicTrack Classic Pro Skier than they would lose if they were running. 

Nonetheless, using this machine seems like more fun than just running on a treadmill forever. I personally prefer outdoors cycling and going to the gym instead of working out inside my house.


It certainly is fun to use and it really does burn more calories than just running


My father is undergoing rehabilitation in a hospital twice a week after suffering a major stroke that paralyzed half of his body and his speech. He’s now in his 2nd month of therapy with a licensed physical therapist. Part of his exercise regimen is a threadmill exercise and static cycling while sitting. I wonder if this this is good for my father, too. Do you know of other stroke victims who have used this device with good results? He has improved a lot since the first day of his therapy sessions and I think he can use this Nordic Track Pro Skier now.


I am not your dad’s doctor so I couldn’t recommend the ski machine for him to use. From my understanding of stroke patients is that it takes quite a while to get fully rehabilitated and build those muscles back up so I would really consult your dad’s doctor before trying out this Nordictrack Ski machine.

I hope tour dad gets better very soon and back to his normal self, good luck with everything 

Aabidah Ahmed

Wow, I am very impressed by this review. I was not aware of the indoor Skier you can purchase, it looks really cool I must say. I got a few skiing lessons, but never went back as I was too afraid of skiing in the snow, especially down a small hill.

This will be great for those that love skiing and want to put in some exercise before going skiing, as well for people like me that don’t like skiing but want that skiing workout.

This is a good item to purchase, so thank you for this review and all the best to you.


My pleasure, I hope you will buy one to keep fit at home 🙂


Skiing at the comfort of our home without having to wait for our turn at the gym center will be the most amazing fulfilment I really love and that would be a great idea. The nearby gym to my house is the only one that have this machine in my area. So alot of people always wanted to go skiing. Most time, I and my hubby will have to drive long distance before we can register for one. That’s not too good. Most time, we got frustrated and decided to go on cardio when the wealther is cool and bright. This street jogging is not what we like at all. Roaming round the street doesn’t fit our status. So we are in the process of getting one for our home. And I hope it serves the purpose we wanted it for. 


I much prefer to use the Nordictrack ski machine than go for a run myself too

charlie kraai

the machine is great but the calorie counter on the monitor is worthless. @ 23 calories per mile, I would have to “ski” 100 miles to burn an average day’s calories. the company has not remedied the problem but they did “try”. still no results even after sending a letter to the company’s sales manager.


Wow,sorry to hear you are having trouble with the ski machine. I’m in regular contact with the company so if you would like I could speak to them on your behalf to see if we can get this sorted quicker for you?
Just let me know and I will make this my main priority today


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