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Micoach Smart Ball Review

micoach smart soccer ball review

miCoach Smart Ball Review: Easily Perfect Your Soccer Shots

In this miCoach Smart Ball Review, we will be looking at what makes it one of the most advanced pieces of sporting technology

And how it can improve your performance on the soccer field by fine-tuning those skills that you have been working on

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What is a miCoach Smart Ball?

This soccer training tool has been approved by FIFA and has a built-in sensor which can tell you exactly where you struck the ball, it’s speed, the spin and trajectory

It is a regulation size 5 ball (which requires inflation) made with a high-quality material which is what you would expect from Adidasmicoach charging base

The battery will last about 2,000 kicks which is quite a lot but even when it runs out it only takes an hour to fully charge on the Adidas smart ball charger base and AC power plug which is included

It’s one cool piece of equipment I must say

Adidas Smart Ball App

All you have to do to get the results of the smart ball is to download the free miCoach smart ball app and link it to your smart ball

It can link up to your Bluetooth but only if you have these devices

Once you have linked them both together, the app will store all your kicking records so you can see what needs improvement

Using The miCoach Smart Ball

Although it does function exactly like a normal soccer ball it needs to be stationary to get an accurate reading on your app

You can take shots at goal, free-kicks or corners while it is stood still but you won’t get a reading if you kick the ball while it is already in motion

That is a bit annoying as you don’t just want to gather information about your placed kicks do you

You would want to know about all the movements you make on the soccer pitch both from both static and while it’s moving

Pros & Cons of The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball

PROSthe screen of the micoach app being used

  • You can link it to your devices which were shown to you above and be able to track all your kicking data so you can improve on certain things
  • On the application that the ball is linked to you will get genuine tips and technique advice based on all your data
  • The app you need to link the smart ball to is FREE
  • The hour to a full charge means you won’t have to wait long until you can get back out there and practice
  • Once fully charged it should last you about a week or so until it needs recharging, or it will last you around 2,000 kicks, whichever comes first


  • It needs to be kicked from a placed kick and not a moving target so you could just get a regular ball for that type of training
  • It will only track your airborne kicks and not the ground kicks but most people need to work on the airborne kicks more than anything
  • The technology is good but it still needs a bit of work if I’m honest. It’s not completely useless, it just needs a bit of fine tuning
  • It is a bit over-priced but you really do get what you pay for here and the results you will get from this smart ball will certainly be well worth the money

miCoach Smart Ball Review by shwnisports

It is important that you practice as much as you can

And I suppose you could just take a basic soccer ball down to the local pitch and practice in front of the goalssoccer player taking a shot a goals against the goalkeeper

But if you want to keep a record of your improvement and where you are going wrong then you could get this

Like anything in life, practice makes perfect no matter what you are doing

It’s a very useful piece of equipment and is probably a bit overpriced if I’m honest with you

So don’t go out to buy it just for the sake of having the new technology

Make sure you really want it to help your performance

The best place to buy this is on Amazon, but one thing I will say though is that you can get it much cheaper from the US store than the UK store

Just Check Out The Price DifferenceAdidas Smart Soccer BallAdidas Micoach Smart Ball Cheap

UK Store

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US Store

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miCoach Smart Soccer Ball FAQs

Q: How Does The miCoach Smart Ball Work?

A: Inside the ball, there is a Bluetooth smart chip built into a six-axis MEMS accelerometer sensor package which is suspended in the centre of the ball by the six-axis. The sensor will then measure every movement and impact that the ball makes sending that information over to the application that needs to be downloaded to either Android, MAC, or IOS then linked to the smart ball to store all your progress.

Q: Does The miCoach Ball Need to be Kicked to Turn it on?

A: As long as the smart ball is charged then kicking it will activate the sensors inside the ball. You just need to make sure that the app is turned on beforehand.

Q: Can The miCoach Smart Ball be Linked to Two Devices?

A: Yes it can but you will have to link it to each device every time you want to use it on another one.

Q: Can The miCoach Smart Ball be Deflated to Pack it Away?

A: Yes it can but only to about half it’s air volume because of the technology that is inside.

Q: Will The miCoach Smart Ball Register Data if it Stays on The Ground?

A: Unfortunately not, The smart ball has to be a minimum of 3 feet off the ground for the data to register.

Q: Can You Kick The miCoach Smart Ball Against a Wall?

A: Yes you can as long as you are at least 40 feet away from it as it has to be in the air for a certain time for it to register the data.

Q: Will The Adidas miCoach Smart Ball Work in The Rain?

A: Yes it will. It might look really easy to break with the technology inside but with the air and water-tight outer material its pretty much as durable as a regular ball.

Q: How Long is The Warranty of The miCoach Smart ball?

A: You will get a 1-year warranty with the smart ball providing you purchase it from an authorised seller.

Before You Shoot Off

Take a look at another piece of soccer training equipment here

If you need any more information about this smart soccer ball just let me know in the comment section below

Or if you already own one I would love to hear what you think of it.shwni signature

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21 comments on “Micoach Smart Ball Review

What a great tool to help improve the game! So all you do is naturally kick the ball and the information is supplied on the ball? I’m a believer in ‘test, don’t guess’. If you truly want to take your practice to the next level, numbers don’t lie. I this is a cool product and very useful!


Yes, with the built in technology you just use the ball as normal and it tracks everything

Stelios Ioannou

Hi, I cant seem to find the app in the store. any idea why?


You will be able to find the app Here in the side menu

Babsie Wagner

This is the second cool article in just a few days that I’ve read that is providing me with new innovative technology that I had no idea existed.  OMG, my grandson is playing soccer now, what an absolutely genius tool this is to help him.  The other day, I saw a pair of glasses that were actually a phone and camera, all in the glasses.  I just get amazed by all this technology.

Anyway, my grandson, he’s so serious about his game, and he practices constantly.  My son-in-law set up a net in their yard, and the kid is like the one on the commercial, out there at all hours of the night kicking that ball.  Boy, let me tell you, if he had this ball, he would be in heaven.

Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.  I am super excited about it!  He will be, too!!!


OK, Firstly, I have to say you don’t look old enough to have a grandson!

Secondly, I’m really glad you found this post because I’m sure your “grandson” would love to have the Micoach smart ball. It would really improve his skills on the football field.

Are you sure you don’t mean your son?


Hello. My 11 year old grandson is a big fan of soccer and he’s practicing it in a special academy in his free time. His birthday is coming up soon and I was thinking about getting him a soccer ball as a gift

But I didn’t want any regular ball, but one with special features that you can’t find anywhere

I started looking for reviews and this one seems like the thing I’m looking for

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s extremely expensive

We live in the UK and it costs about 600 pounds, which is a small fortune

I don’t necessarily need a very smart ball, just one that has a special feature which makes it different from the rest. 

Could you recommend me anything that is under $200? (I don’t necessarily need a ball, any product soccer related would do). Thanks in advance.


Yes, it is a bit pricey but you could get a VF Smart Ball that counts the number of kicks it takes and lights up.Quite similar to this Micoach ball but doesn’t really have the technology that will track every move the ball makes

Todd Matthews

Quite an awesome invention here; this would definitely be a huge help when it comes to soccer practice and something that makes a great practice tool in the off-season as well. I can see smart balls becoming a breakthrough product not just in soccer, but in any sport for a variety of purposes. While it’s still a new concept and the technology isn’t perfect, I can see upgrades coming in the next few years. 


I certainly agree,  I can see this technology working for every ball sport that is out there at the moment but so far it’s only soccer/football that I have seen this used in

Bill Gluth

This is a solid review of an interesting piece of tech for the soccer playing market. I had no idea this type of technology was available. 

I especially liked the unbiased nature of the article. I always enjoy the pro and con review – so I can decide for myself if this is something I’d like. You gave the facts well and left me with enough information to decide if I would like to use this technology or not.

The Q and A section gave me answers to questions before I had them. I also liked the recommendation on where to buy for the best price in the US and UK.

Overall, this article gave me a lot of great information on a topic I knew little about. How long have you been playing soccer? It seems like you know the “lay of the land” well. 


It’s been to many years to remember that I’ve played soccer, lol but whatever I review I like to give the visitors every bit of information that they might need before making a purchase of a product

Ayden Russo

Hey I live in the USA and I can’t find the app for this ball


Hi, you can find the smart ball micoach app download Right Here

Chris Warner

That looks like a review only, I don’t see a download link. Am I missing it?


If you click on the 3 bar menu at the top left of the screen it will drop down a small menu and there are options to download the app for both Google play and the apple app store
Let me know if it doesn’t work for you and i will find you a direct link
Sorry you have been having so much trouble, I feel really bad


The mi coach app can still be downloaded through other sources, but is no longer as functional as support for the software has stopped since the end of last year. This means that not all functions may be available and working. Lastly, since there is no official source such as the app store, there may be security risks in downloading the installer.

I’m so pleased you have informed me of this and I will change this post accordingly
Thanks very much for this update on the Micoach App 🙂


So is there NO Option to get this software? I bought this ball off of eBay unaware that the app was no longer available. My son is doing his science fair project on the spin and curve of a soccer kick based on ball pressure. This was our perfect tool for measuring and documenting the ball movement. Now I feel as though I got ripped off and over paid for a soccer ball. Any help is appreciated.


Really sorry you having trouble with not being able to get the miCoach Smart Ball App but I have updated the app links in this post which will take you straight to the download page.
Please let me know if you still have any trouble getting the app installed


Really sorry about you not being able to find the app for the miCoach Smart Ball but I have updated the links in this post so you will be able to get to the download page of any device that you need it for.
Please let me know if you still have any problems trying to get the app and I will help you as soon as possible


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