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Match Worn Football Shirts

match worn football Shirts

Genuine Match Worn Football Shirts: A Future Investment or One to Add to The CollectionA yellow 2010 Brazilian football jersey worn by Ronaldinho

Can you really own Match Worn Football Shirts?

Of course, you can…

But before you keep on reading I want to just explain to everyone that lives outside the UK

When I mention “Football” I am talking about “Soccer” and not the American Football kind

Just thought I would get that out there so you don’t get confused

The place where you can buy these jerseys also sell match worn american football jerseys

So you will still find something that you originally came here to see

Wearing a Match Worn Football Shirt

I don’t know about you,

But I have always wondered how it would feel to put on an actual football shirt that has been worn by a famous football player that millions of people have seen

Of course, it would have been nice to have been that player that scored the winning goal in the F.A Cup Final

Or saved that last penalty in the shootout to win the game

But we can’t all have that chance or be that lucky

We can, however, own a piece of clothing that made those memories for millions of football fans across the world

Just Take a Look at This Short Video of The Top 10 Football Players of All Time

Obviously, this is just my opinion, but who do you think should make the top 10 list?

Whatever players your list consists of you should always have Lionel Messi in there somewherew

Passion for the game

Some football fans are willing to go to the ends of the earth to follow their favourite team or playersA man with a tv remote in his hand sitting down on a couch facing the television watching soccer

So owning an authentic football shirt that has actually been worn by their all-time favourite player

Might make them pee in their pants a little bit!

I have actually seen a grown man cry because his favourite player shook his hand!

It was like watching a young girl meeting her favourite pop star!! SWOON!!!

Some fans might just want to have a piece of history

Or even to feel close to that player (borderline stalker I think) 

But either way, it will be an investment

Because whatever you pay for it now surely with time it will add value to it?

All For a Good Cause

There are so many requests from charities for donations of football shirts

That before a game the players either decide to keep them, swap them with the opposition, or just donate them to the charity

The charities will often have raffles and auctions etc to raise money using the shirts as prizes

So the shirts can go to absolutely anyone who wins

Now, I couldn’t match a pair of socks together let alone have the matching raffle ticket!

So when if you want Player Worn Football jerseys there is only one place you need to go

sports memorabilia square banner

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Spoil Yourselves

Why don’t you treat yourselves with some football history that will only increase in price over time

And it’s also a conversation starter down the pub with your mates

Never mind who’s round it is next, I’ve got a Ronaldo player worn football shirt back at home and it hasn’t been washed!

Now if that doesn’t stop you having to put your hands in your pockets to pay for a drink I don’t know what will

If you want to find a certain player’s worn shirt I would be more than happy to help you find it

So forget about going to one of those match worn shirt auctions otherwise you will end up paying more than you wanted for them

Who would be the player that you would love to buy the jersey that they wore during a game?

I would love to hear who’s jersey you would love to own

So just let me know in the comment section below and let’s see which player has the most sought after jersey.

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8 comments on “Match Worn Football Shirts


I am self confessed footy mad and this is just what I needed. I love to look the part while I am out and about. Lampard was a great player by the way. Although I am a Manchester United fan I respect his talents and hard work.

Legendary footballers were sure a dime a dozen and its important to cherish them while they are at their peak. Thank you for reminding me of this!


I’m a Liverpool fan myself but he is an unbelievable player so credit when credits due.
I’m glad you enjoyed this post and I hope to see you back soon


I’m not into sports but as I randomly view athletes whether it’s local or global, I find what they wear has a lot to do with how they play. My perspective is that if their jersey or athlete outfit looks good, it’s as if they are about to win. Kinda weird I know but we humans go by what we see.


I know exactly where you are coming from! When I played football and I didn’t get the same shirt every time it used to effect my game.


Love this! I was always curious if there was a way that I could get game worn gear because I always thought it was a rarely sold kind of things as the athletes did not really want their game worn gear sold. I am looking now as what gear they have an if it is something that I am going to want to pick up.


A lot of it is given for charities so it eventually gets out if people want to make some money


I think it’s really cool to own player worn jerseys. It’s like a little piece of sport history you can wear. I love the idea. I personally would keep them for myself.r


I have many that I have kept myself but some of them that I have bought, I only bought them to sell for a profit as I knew that I could sell them for more than I paid.
If you are going to do something like that, make sure you know where to sell your match worn football shirts first and of course for a profit


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