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Lupos Pure Goalkeeper Gloves

lupos gloves Review

Gloves for soccerCheap Lupos Goalkeeper Gloves Reviewed: High Quality, Low Price

Lupos Goalie Gloves

Just because you buy some Cheap Goalkeeper Gloves, doesn’t mean you will be missing out on quality

These Lupos Gloves will give you great quality at a superb price

And Heres What They Have To Offer You


Best Place to Buy Them: AMAZON

Price: $21.94 – $29.00 depending on the size you want

Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

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Lupos glove sizing

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Cut: ROLLFINGER 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Closure: DOUBLE VELCRO FASTENING BAND 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Palm: 4mm GERMAN GIGA GRIP LATEX 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

Backhand: 4x4mm SOFT LATEX, FOAM LAMINATION, 8mm CUSHIONING FOAM 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

Finger Spines: NONREMOVABLE STURDY PLASTIC SPINES 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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What is Actually Inside a Goalkeeper Glove?

Just take a look at this short video of the Lupos Glove being cut open with a sharp knife to show you exactly inside giving you that protection



Lupos Goalkeeper Gloves IntroductionCheap Lupos goalkeeper gloves

When you are looking for a brand of glove for soccer then you are probably looking for your Nike, Adidas, etc

So this is not a brand that is super familiar in the sports apparel world

That’s not to say they shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored altogether

This Lupois Pure pair of gloves are ideal for soccer training as they are quite durable

But might get a bit ruined easily if you use them as your main pair for match day

The Cut

These are what they call a roll finger goalkeeper gloves which is where the palm is connected to the backhand

And that will give the latex palm of the glove a curved look which will give you more control and grip of the soccer ball

The Closure

The closure around the wrist area is made of a 7cm wide 2 point velcro fastening band

Which gives you the option of how tight or loose you want them to be

But I would recommend keeping them fairly tight for better wrist support

With them having such a wide band and they are quite long so they wrap around your wrist quite far

They will keep your wrists strong and sturdy, but flexible at the same time if you know what I mean?

The PalmLatex palms

The palm is made of a 4mm thin German Giga Grip Latex

And that is the 2nd best type of grip for using on keeper gloves

For the price of these gloves, I wouldn’t expect them to have top of the range materials

But still pretty durable enough to use during practice sessions in all types of weather

Some wearers of these have said that they have ripped quite early after buying them

But others have said they have held up pretty well

I suppose its all down to the terrain you use them on and the amount of work you do in goals

The Backhand

The backhand is made up of a 4x4mm of soft latex with a foam lamination

And also 8mm of cushioning foam for a better protection if you have to dive and punch the ball away from your goals

The double foam padding just gives you the confidence to dive for the ball coming at you at any speed

Do NOT use them to hit the opposition players in the face…

We know what you aggressive soccer goalkeepers are like if your defence has let them through!

The Finger Spines

All good goalie gloves need to protect your fingers and the finger spines on these will do just that

They are fitted with sturdy plastic spines in the fingers, but not the thumbs, and cannot be removed at all

They are designed for you to be able to make a fist easily whilst wearing them

But they will keep your fingers from bending backwards and prevent hyperextension

And that can only make stopping the ball going into your goals much easier if you are wearing these

If you have never worn gloves with finger support before then they might take some getting used to but you will love them in the long run


The airflow through these gloves aren’t that great if I’m honest

But that’s only because of the big areas of padding and latex that they have to protect your hands

I know you probably don’t want sweaty hands

But I would rather have clammy hands than broken ones…Wouldn’t You?

There are not many gloves out there at this price, with the protection that you get, that can offer you a lovely breeze flowing over your hands

Pros & Cons of The Lupos Gloves


  • They have an extra long fastening band on the closure for a stronger protection for your wrists
  • The foam padding on the backhand is fairly thick considering how cheap they are and having that protection will help prevent serious hand injuries
  • With them having strong and durable finger spines and the Giga Grip Latex stopping the ball pass you into your goals should be so much easier, but I suppose it depends on how good you are as well
  • The price of these is pretty great so you will be saving money if you buy these for your training sessions


  • They are great for use in training and maybe a game or 2 but I personally wouldn’t use them during every game of the season
  • The sizes are small so whatever size you think you are, I would get 1 size up and they should fit perfectly

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Final Thoughts on These Gloves

For the price you pay for these gloves, you will be getting quite a good deal
There are better goalkeeper gloves out there if you are willing to pay for them
But if you want a 2nd pair to use in training then you will not be disappointed with these
They are fairly comfortable and the closure around the wrists don’t rub on your skin so you shouldn’t get irritated by them
Have you had any experience with wearing these gloves?
Did they last you very long or did they just fall apart after wearing them once?

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10 comments on “Lupos Pure Goalkeeper Gloves


My son plays in goals for the under 14s and he struggles trying to find a pair of gloves he is happy with. He currently has some old adidas ones which to be honest just don’t fit anymore. The Lupos goalkeeper gloves look like they could be worth giving them a go. Thanks for sharing.


No problems Mark, I’m sure your son will love these gloves



These are some nice looking gloves! Neither of my kids play as the goal, but I will be keeping this in mind as a recommendation for the coach.

I always worry about the kid’s fingers being hyperextended, I played goal way back in the day and we did not use gloves. I recall a few times where my fingers were injured.

Thanks for the review!


Oh goalkeeper gloves are a big must these days and they have saved many a player from broken fingers

Khayyam Ishaq

Hi Shwni,

I have played a lot in goals and can never find a product to protect the fingers well.

I wanted to know if there is some sort of extra protection for the fingers in these gloves. I can see the spines are in the glove to give protection but are they rigid enough to stop any fingers breaking. Trust me! I have broken fingers before, using the so-called big brands. Any clarity would be welcome.




Getting a pair of soccer goalie gloves with finger spines is really important as that’s where you will be taking the most contact from the ball. Make sure you get the ones that suit your style of play as well 

Mary Ann

I don’t have any experience with these gloves but my grandson will be in the market for something like this soon.

If soccer gloves are anything like hockey goalie gloves (my husband is a retired goalie), I know fit and comfort is also important.

Interesting video to show what these gloves are exactly made of. Thanks for the great review. I will be sure to pass the information on to my grandson’s mom and dad.


Thanks for that, yes, comfort is of high importance when it comes to wearing goalkeeper gloves, you have to keep them on for 90 minutes of the game unless you go into extra time so there’s no point in getting a pair you just can’t feel comfortable wearing


Thanks Shwni!

I have been looking for a good solution as I don’t want to pay lots of money on overpriced brands’ products.

But it comes also to the lifetime value.

I mean, how long would these gloves serve me compared to a pair of Adidas gloves.?

Thank you in advance!


No goalkeeper gloves are going to last you a lifetime but with the right care and preservation you can keep most goalie gloves for quite some time


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