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Luis Suarez Signed Shirt

Luis Suarez Signed Shirt

Luis Suarez Signed Shirt: And so Much Moreliverpool luis suarez

Now before I show you some Luis Suarez Signed Shirts, just take a few minutes to read about his football career

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For fans of various clubs, he’s the most exciting, talented and hardworking player they’ve ever seen

For others, he’s a menace with a questionable mentality and a shocking temperament

Uruguayan football star Luis Suarez is one of the most polarising footballer of his generation, even further than the likes of Eric Cantona from previous generations

However, the boy from Salto in Uruguay has never allowed either his fiery character or his exceptional talent become crowded out amongst the noise


Love Him or Hate Him?

Love him or hate him, there’s no way that anyone can deny that Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz is one of the best players of the modern era

With the bull-like commitment of a tenacious holding midfielder and the grace on the ball of a silky number ten

Suarez combines the swift strength of a sledgehammer with the grace of a paintbrush.

He’s a true footballers footballer; incredibly talented, devilishly committed and capable and happy to do anything to win.

Starting out at his boyhood club, National of Uruguay, the forward The head and shoulders of Luis Suarez wearing a Uruguay football jersey grew into exceptional stature quickly

Having grown up in a fractured household, Suarez developed his skills on the same streets that he worked on as a street sweep

However, the love of his life, Sofia Balbi, who he began to date at the age of 15, moved abroad to Europe and this fired up Suarez to take his football career even further

He HAD to reach Europe to be with her

‘Sophia Balbi is now Luis Suarez’s wife’

The poverty-stricken background that he hails from is part of the fuel that drives Suarez to do such wicked deeds both with the ball and without

Whether he’s handballing on the line in the dying seconds of a FIFA World Cup match to put out Ghana to biting numerous opponents

He’s known for going that extra mile to make things happen

However, he’s not just a rogue, Suarez excels at sublime goals, beating players with effortless ease and a constant desire to stay on the move, always creating space, always moving, never giving up

Barcelona’s Gainluis suarez barcelona

When Balbi and her family moved to Barcelona, it lit a torch under Suarez who wishes to move closer to her

So he moved to small Groningen of The Netherlands for around €800,000

At just 19, he quickly settled into a challenging environment and a tough club to settle in with, working hard to learn the Dutch language and to settle in as quick as he could

Known for his wicked dribbling ability, his determination to always come out on top and his work rate for the team, Suarez has made a rightful career for himself at the top of the game

His constant movement and perpetual runs in behind ensures that Suarez time and time again puts defenders on the back foot with his mesmeric dribbling.

Whether out wide, off a forward or through the middle he’s managed to combine brains, brute strength and brilliant technique to become the perfect combination for a modern football forward

Quickly, he settled in and scored goals but also picked up many yellow cards and red cards

His debut season in Europe ended with a respectable 10 goals in 29 league games

Suarez Moves to AjaxLuis Suarez playing football for Ajax

As his team came 8th in the league. Suarez showed his fiery side, though, when Dutch giants Ajax moved for him – Groningen refused, and he took the club to an arbitration committee

Shortly after, a €7.5m move was complete and he made his move to Ajax

At the Dutch giants, he became a star, scoring a whopping 111 goals in 159 appearances for the club, winning the Dutch Footballer of the Year award

Top clubs watched him regularly but feared for his temperament, showcased when he sunk his teeth into Ottman Bakkal of PSV Eindhoven, earning himself a long ban

Signed Suarez Memorabilia

Suarez Moves to LiverpoolLuis Suarez wearing a Liverpool football kit on the field

His next move, though, was to the European giant of Liverpool, who were looking to bring him in to play alongside Fernando Torres

However, Torres left and Suarez instead found himself paired with Geordie frontman Andy Carroll

It didn’t quite work out, but Suarez soon showed that he was more than capable on his own

Winning the European Golden Boot with the Reds, he established himself as one of the top players in the world

However, disciplinary issues, including biting Branislav Ivanovic and allegedly racially abusing Manchester United full-back Patrice Evra led to a real sullying of his name

However, he returned in season 2013/14 to deliver a mesmeric series of performances, nearly taking Liverpool to win the Premier League

A title they haven’t won in its current iteration

Twice Bitten, Never Shy

While the Reds fell short and Suarez caused more controversy with a wild bite against Giorgio Chiellini, he made his dream move to FC Barcelona for around €75m

Now closer to his wife and his family, and a country he could live in with ease, Suarez settled in and soon showcased that his wonderful talents could make everyone forget about his other antics

Playing alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr, he settled in and became one of the best players in the world

Forming what many consider to be the best front three in modern football history

With 344 goals in just 519 games in his career across all his clubs – with 59 goals in just 53 games for Barcelona
in 2015-16, Suarez has become a key part of what made Barcelona’ direct rebirth under Luis Enrique so important

At Ajax, he was a key part in returning the club to the pinnacle of Dutch football, and with Liverpool, he took them closer to the league title than many others have and also won their last trophy – the League Cup against Cardiff City

Luis Suarez Trophies & TitlesLuis Suarez lifting the MVP award trophy up above his head

In total, he’s won...

  • A Primera Division title back home in his only season in Uruguay
  • A league title and a KNVB Cup with Ajax
  • The League Cup with Liverpool
  • Two La Liga titles
  • Three Copa del Rey titles
  • A Champions League with Barcelona
  • The Copa America in 2011 with Uruguay

Luis Suarez Signed Shirts

The all-time top goal scorer for his country with 49 goals, too, the Salto-born star has maintained a level of consistency and continual improvement that is rarely, if ever, seen at the top-level

Outside of his win in the 2011 showpiece, he’s also competed at the 2010 and 2014 World Cups, and will headed to 2018, injury permitting

He scored three goals in six appearances in his victorious tournament for his country, scoring a sensational range of goals in the tournaments he’s played in

Including a wonderful winner to knock England out of the FIFA World Cup, ironically being set-up by the inadvertent header of then-club captain, Steven Gerrard

Controversial Player? Yes....

World Class? Most Certainly!

I mean, why wouldn't you want a Luis Suarez autograph

Luis Suarez Top 50 Goals

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10 comments on “Luis Suarez Signed Shirt

Not one of my favorite players but I can admit he is talented.

I heard Lille wanted to make an offer on him. Did you know if this actually happened?


It didnt happen but i think they bought another player but im not sure who it was but ill look into it

Trevor M

Interesting person. I bet his family is proud of him! What an athlete. Had no idea who he was till now and never heard of him till now. My wife and I are not sports fans however a big part of our family is. Interestingly enough we would rather be outside playing sports than watching them ! 


Yes he’s a pretty awesome athlete in my eyes 🙂

john michael adkins

Hi Shwni,

Great article, wonderfully written, I flew through it with ease. Great rags to riches story, I always love those. I can’t believe the league let him get away with bitting and paying a bitter so much money.

When you started, he and his wife were dating, but toward the end of the article, you addressed her as a wife. I am curious at what part of his career did they marry?

Thanks again for a great article!

Cheers, and take care of yourself!



I actually wrote right after Suarez started dating his now wife about her being his wife but they actually got married in March 2009


Hi Shwni, am not a fan of football generally, i usually watch him play once a while i watch football, he is a good player and very talented, for him to make all the achievement that you write about on your post means a lot, based on what you write i can call him a legend.


Of course he’s a Legend )


I do not know Luis Suarez, but he does sound like an interesting player. It was great to hear his wonderful accomplishments and struggle he had to endure to fulfill them. I’m not a fan but I do agree that this guy is a monster on the field. Thank you for the education of Mr. Luis Suarez. Do you know if has retired or planned on retiring?


Luis Suarez is currently tied to a contract at Barcelona until 2021 and he says that he hopes to keep playing long after that so there will be no early retirement but I’m not sure where he will be going after the barcelona contract is up

I know that he wants to finish his football career there so hopefully barcelona will keep him on


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