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Long Sleeve Compression Shirts for Women

Long Sleeve Compression Shirts: Affordable Sports Clothes For WomenWomen long sleeve compression shirts for quicker muscle recovery

Are you fed up with the pain you get in your upper body after going through a gruelling workout ladies?

My wife and I have started exercising together…

Steady on, it’s not that kind of a post, hahaha

But when we have some spare time without the kids, we try to get to the gym and hit the cardio machines

It’s not nice the day after exercising, is it?

My wife is always complaining about her arms aching because of the workouts

So I made it my mission to find something that would help her with that without having to throw her in a bath full of ice or a deep tissue massage

Did you know that Long Sleeve Compression Shirts can hugely reduce the recovery time that your muscles take to heal?

Well that’s exactly what you will find in this post that will help you to recover quicker the next day

Compression Shirts For Sports

The demand for them is increasing each day as more and more women are playing football and rugby these days

Obviously, I don’t need to tell you that they are used for every sport

But with the bangs and knocks you get in rugby they can be really helpful for post-training and games

It is said that women who wear compression clothing after a game of rugby or football tend to recover quicker than women who just lounge about in a onesie or some comfortable joggers and a hoody

Yes, you know who you are girls

How do Compression Clothes Work?

Make sure to stretch before exercising

They are not designed to stop pain altogether but to help reduce it. Always make sure you stretch before and after any physical training.

The reason for this is that compression clothing is designed to constrict your muscles and reduce some fluid build-up which helps with any pressure or swelling.

They can also help to improve blood flow to the muscles which removes creatine kinase which is an enzyme in your muscles that somehow works its way out of your bodies muscles if they have been damaged and can cause the pain that you feel after a rigorous workout.

Look at it this way girls, if your evil sadistic coach has made you run for an hour uphill, then an hour downhill (which is harder than it sounds trust me) certain muscles will become inflamed which leads to swelling and increased pressure and you guessed it…..PAIN!

Will Long Sleeve Compression Clothes Improve Performance?

Most compression garments are made out of a blend of nylon and spandex…kinky! and over the years they have been advertised to “flatten your belly” or “enhance your boobs” but do they actually improve physical performance?

There have been many debates for and against so I will not be answering that as you have to make your own minds up with that one

You can read about it here in the Huffington post and decide for yourselves

Choosing The Best Compression Shirts For Exercising

So if you still decide you want to buy a long sleeve compression shirt I have looked into a couple of excellent choices that you may like which I will show you below

2XU Long Sleeve Compression Shirt

Skins for women

This garment helps you contain your muscles providing support for your upper body and improves your posture.

  • Mesh panels for better breathing in key areas
  • Flat rock seams reducing chafing for greater comfort
  • Raglan sleeve construction for unrestricted movement
  • Antibacterial and UPF50+ Sun protection
  • Main fabric – 72% polyamide 28% elastane
  • Mesh fabric – 84% polyamide 16% elastane
The X symbol on the hip of the women's 2XU long sleeve compression shirtSide view of the women 2XU long sleeve compression shirtThe back of the women's 2XU long sleeve compression shirt

Buy now for only £59.00 was £65.00

Skins A400 Long Sleeve Compression Top

A black Skins A400 Long Sleeve Compression Top

Skins is a well-known brand in the compression clothes world which never fails to deliver.

Buy now for only £30 was £75.00

So a huge £45 discount

The skins logo on a black women's long sleeve compression shirtThe back of a black womens long sleeve compression shirtSide view of a black Skins womens long sleeve compression shirt

⬇⬇⬇ Check Out What These Pro Athletes Think of The A400 Compression Shirt ⬇⬇⬇


Before You Go…

These are probably the best two long sleeve compression shirts for women on the market that I could find so if there are any other ones that you think should be given some thought I would love to hear about it.

For plus size exercise clothes for women CLICK HERE

Just leave a comment below with any of your thoughts about this post or any other compression garment you would like to tell people about

You can get both of these long sleeve shirts from PRO:DIRECT RUGBY today


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10 comments on “Long Sleeve Compression Shirts for Women

Thanks for the informative post.
I’m the kind of person that don’t handle wearing full sleeves while working out, I have low blood pressure so if I feel little bit hotter than it should be while exercising, my pressure drops and I become dizzy.
I loved the idea, but I think I’d go for the short sleeves shirts if available.


Thanks for your comment

Olonisakin Kehinde

very informative.  And I’ve been following you anyway.  Hearing about this almost the first time,  clothing that enhance muscle pain and can aid performance.  It’s nice.  But shwni,  how about people who would prefer to have a short sleeve shirt.  Are they available?. For people like me I love going on short sleeves. 

Thank you shwni,  you doing great.  


Of course, the short sleeve compression shirts are available but you won’t get the benefits to your aching arms if you get the short sleeved ones


You saucy devil, you! 😉 lol

I actually have a female gym buddy who swears by these long-sleeved compression shirts. She said that she also suffered the same as your wife but not long after she started wearing these shirts, she feels better after workouts, in terms of not so many aches and pains.

Like you say, the shirt is no magical wand, otherwise, we’d all have a pain free life. But in my opinion, a few aches and pains here and there is a good sign that we’ve pushed ourselves at the gym in order to develop our muscles and enhance overall health and fitness. “No pain, no gain” as they say.

The compression shirts you’ve recommended aren’t a bad price, so I’ll forward this article on to my friend because women being women absolutely LOVE shopping, especially with Black Friday on the horizon.

Cheers, Neil


Hahaha, your “friend” is going to live shopping for a new long sleeve compression shirt, I can’t imagine that she will stop at just that though, lol

BEazzy Shifts

Hi Shwni. It is true… It’s not always nice the day after exercise because one could feel pains especially in the muscle areas due to the exercise or workouts. I’ve experienced that several times especially in my muscles.

Thanks for introducing this awesome sleeve; “Long Sleeve Compression Shirts: Affordable Sports Clothes For Women”. Thanks for the detailed review, and education about this compression shirt.

Keep sharing. Cheers!


No problem BEazzy Shifts, they certainly will help you recover much more quickly than without them


Thanks Shwni,

Your articles have always been very helpful reading. I was very glad when I came across these long sleeve compression shirt for women. My wife has always been complaining of pains in her shoulder muscles after every serious intensive exercise. I always have to be massaging her like you know. It has been my job all the time after exercise.

I never knew about this “Long Sleeve Compression Shirt” for women. And never knew there is something like that which could help to speed up the healing process of all the pains she feels after cardio exercise. When I look at your recommendations there, I think I will go for the Skins A400 Long Sleeve Compression Top. 

The £30 price is a very good deal for me. Especially knowing I’m buying something that is of good quality. I’m going to get it for her as a surprise gift and I know she will be so excited to see it.

Thanks a lot for sharing this useful information with us.



Yes Stephen, I totally understand the massage process you have to go through, lol.

I’m not saying that your wife will stop a ski g for a massage after an exercise regime but the long sleeve compression shirt will definitely take the pressure off you a bit, let me know if your wife feels any better after wearing a compression shirt 🙂


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