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Lionel Messi Signed Merchandise

lionel imessi messy signed Memorabilia

Cheap Lionel Messi Signed Memorabilia

Lionel messi signed merchandise authentic


There’s no better time than now than to buy some Lionel Messi Signed Memorabilia

Let’s face it…

He’s probably one of, if not, the best player that has ever graced the beautiful game we call football

Or soccer, depending on where you are from in the world

“The only thing that matters is playing. I have enjoyed it since I was a little boy, and I still try to do that every time I go out on to a pitch. I always say that when I no longer enjoy it or it’s no longer fun to do it, then I won’t do… Click To Tweet


A Child’s Hero

You can walk past nearly every park with children playing football

And 9 times out of 10 you will hear an argument about who was going to be Messi

If they’re anything like my children they are all bloody messy!

Looking at the player Messi, and the person behind the player

This man will be a Footballing Legend in my eyes for as long as I live

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta are 2 of my favourite soccer players at the moment

But what do you all think of him?

If you want a bit of an incentive to be able to be half as good a player as this man is

It might be worth taking a look at this short video of Lionel Messi’s signature skills which might rub off on the way you play the game

So, We all know what he does, but do we really know who he is?

The Lionel Messi Story

Lionel Andrés Messi was born on the 24th of June 1987 in a place in central Argentina called Rosario

Growing up in a football-mad house it was inevitable that he was destined for great things on the football pitch

He has played football since the age of 4 for a local team where his father was his coach

At the age of 6, he went on to play for his favourite local team “Newells old boys” where he stayed and played for them for 6 yearsYou can overcome anything, if and only if you love something enough. Lionel Messi

Just firing up that passion that he already had for the game he loved.

At the age of 10, he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency

But the treatment was too expensive

Unfortunately, his father’s medical insurance only covered 2 years worth of treatment which was $1000

He then had to find another way to fund his treatment

Newells did offer to pay for the treatment but later backed out of the agreement leaving Messi and his family stranded with medical bills

He had family in Spain so they arranged for trials for Barcelona

But as he was so young, the director’s were reluctant to sign him

At the time it was very rare that European clubs would sign foreign players at such a young age

In 2001 he was finally signed to the club because the directors were given an ultimatum to sign him

And with no contract papers anywhere nearby

The contract was written out on a paper napkin as it was the only paper to hand

He and his family then moved to Spain to a small apartment near Barcelona’s ground Camp Nou

Thankfully, Barcelona offered to pay for his medical bills…….and the rest is history!!!

Celebrating to The SkiesLionel messy pointing to the sky with both handsafter scoring a goal

Although he is known as being one of the “greatest footballers of all time”

Winning many MANY trophies, personally, for his club, and home country

He was very accident prone early on in his career missing a lot of games

Think of how many more goals he could have scored if he didn’t miss so many games

The scoring machine has a well-known celebration whenever he scores

Looking up and pointing to the sky in memory of his much-loved grandmother

Who used to attend every game and training session with him until she sadly passed away when he was 10

Lionel Messi Position And Team Stats

Position: Forward

Number on Jersey: 10

Current Team : club/Barcelona    international/Argentina 

Newells old boys from 1994-2000

Barcelona C from 2003-2004                  

Barcelona B from 2004-2005                   

Barcelona from 2005…….

National team from 2004…An infographic of Lionel Messi statistics

For more facts about the man himself you can take a look at this great site called

Every young aspiring footballer wants to be him!!!

Now if you can’t be like him, you can definitely dress as he does on the field

With many places online selling Lionel Messi merchandise

So if you love Lionel Messi you can…


Blue Addidas nemeziz 18.1 messi football boot

Or take a look at the 17+ 360 version here

The King of Playmaking!!!!!

You have to check out the amazing skills that he can perform in this short video!!!


The 2017/18 Barcelona Home Shirt

The 2017/18 Barcelona home shirt for kidsThe 2017/18 Barcelona home shirt for menBuy the Barcelona home shirt for womenThe 2017/18 Barcelona home shirt for infants

This man is a legend!!!

Classic Shirts

I have even found some classic vintage shirts that go back as far as 2005.

There are some lovely looking shirts that Messi and other legends of the game used to wear back in the day.

You will be surprised what you find so why don’t you do a bit of browsing and reminiscing over the good old days when football kits weren’t just about the advertising

Want more?

Now if you are not happy with just having things similar to Messi…..

What about owning his actual signed items?

In the list below are only a few items that are genuinely signed by the legend himself and all come with a certificate of authentication

Lionel Messi Signed Soccer Cards

Lionel Messi Signed Photographs

Lionel Messi Signed Shirts

Lionel Messi Signed Cleats

The Argentinean who currently plays number 10 for Barcelona is an icon of the footballing world for fans all across the globe who would love nothing more than to own something that has been signed by such a great player

It’s not just signed football memorabilia, it’s also an investment for the future

Let’s say you have some spare cash just laying in the bank doing nothing building a tiny bit of interest for you

If you bought one of the legends signed balls (take it easy ladies) further on in his career the price of it will surely only go up, wouldn’t it?

I have managed to find four authentic signed football’s by the legend himself which all have an AUTHENTICITY GUARANTEE

Lionel Messi Argentina Autographed World Cup Brazuca Soccer Ball – $656.99
Lionel Messi signed soccer ball

Lionel Messi Barcelona Autographed 2016-17 Champions League Soccer Ball – $674.99
Signed messi memorabilia

Lionel Messi Signed 2016-17 UEFA Champions League Final Football ICONS Messi COA – $870.99
Autographed footballs

LIONEL LEO MESSI Autographed UEFA Champions League 2017 Soccer Ball ICONS – $1,065.99
Lional messi signed soccer balls

You read all about the RETURNS AND EXCHANGES HERE of SportsMemorabilia or the SHIPPING POLICY HERE

All the signed footballs have been genuinely personally hand-signed by Lionel Messi and come with an individually numbered tamper evident hologram from Fanatics Authentic.  The hologram can be reviewed online so you can ensure authenticity.

Get $100 off when you spend $1000 click here

This process helps to ensure that the football that you have purchased is authentic and removes any possibility of duplication or fraud

They also come with a fully certified certificate of authentication backed by

“I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”...LIONEL MESSI Click To Tweet

Anything else you need?

If there’s anything else you would like finding to do with LIONEL MESSI if you just message me in the comment section and I will do my very best to help you.

Or if there’s anything you have to say about this post or want me to add to it I would love to hear from you

Shwni signiture
Make an investment in your future while owning a piece of football history
Why not take a look at what other autographed items sportsmemoribilia has to offer here in this post

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14 comments on “Lionel Messi Signed Merchandise

Joe Petruzzi

I had no idea Messi had such an eventful and adversity filled childhood. This only makes me respect him more as a person, and certainly consider those merchandise ! Very well written article, cheers to you!


Thanks joe, he definitely had an eventful life and he is well respected worldwide now after all he has been through


I love the Messi story! Do you need different shoes for different weather conditions on the field?


Thanks for that Lisa.
You can checkout a list of boots what they are used for here in my post about football kit.
It will explain everything you need to know 🙂


Messi is just… well MESSI! haha

His story is like some sort of story you hear about super heroes.

Great post

Thanks for reminding me about the legend of football.


He is definatly a legend in the football world and will go down in history as one of the greatest I think


Hi Shwni
Great story this Messi has. I like the part that he and his family made a huge advantage out of a disadvantage. With the strong will and hard work, he came from a person asking for help to a person that has everything a man could wish for.
Thanks for the share


My pleasure, he had a tough time growing up that’s for sure but it all turned out great in the end


Wow oh wow! I have to admit that growing up where basketball is a “religion”, I only have few Football players in my “collective consciousness” that I clearly associate with the sport internationally and one of them is the main man, Messi. Thank you Shwni for a brief sharing of his history and you made me want to have one of his merchandise. Great convincing power in the article! =) Super thanks =)


Thanks, JR I’m glad you enjoyed this article about Messi, the guy is a genius


Wow that’s pretty legendary. I love that he pointed to the sky after each goal for his grandma, how touching and inspiring. It’s always nice when athletes remain humble and grateful for their extraordinary talent.


Yes, He really is a family man and very talented and as you said, very humble about it. It just makes Messi more likable


Lionel Messi is Lioenel Messi! Don’t mess with him, he’s a living legend. I always thought signed merchandise from greatest players like him was so hard to have, and if it was possible, the price to buy them should be very expensive. In fact, you just showed me that it can cost less than you can imagine to have your favorite ever player merchandise.


Not at all, of course, some things are more expensive than others but if you want to get a great investment for the future then its worth splashing out a few more $$$ to make your investment greater 🙂


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