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Ladies Rugby Shirts in the UK

Ladies do it Better

Watching a rugby game really brings people together, but that might be the fact that alcohol is normally involved.  If from Wales and there’s nothing us Welsh love more than watching Rugby, Drinking, partying  and Singing.

And the female of the species do it best I’d say!

You can see them on match day in packs, like wolves, wearing their rugby team shirts and pretty much nothing else but a drunken smile, face paint (or war paint if you want to call it that) and those inflatable daffodil hats!

There is some lovely looking ladies international rugby shirts out this year on sale in the UK and I want to show you a few here.




Wales not yet out but will post as soon as it is

Before you go…

If there’s any local ladies rugby shirts in the UK that you want to take a look at, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.



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2 comments on “Ladies Rugby Shirts in the UK

OMG these shirts are amazing, I have seen and shared your men’s rugby shirt but women’s T shirts are even more beautiful. I think I should order one for myself, very very nice, I haven’t seen such T shirts on normal sports clothe stores. Thank you so much for sharing , I am going to share this on my social media as well.Thank you:)


Thanks Sarah, Just because Rugby is a more male dominant sport it doesn’t mean that Ladies can’t enjoy the clothing as well 🙂


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