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Kids Rugby Gloves

10 Best Kids Rugby Gloves 2019

Kids Rugby Gloves: 10 Best in 2019What's your opinion of rugby gloves

Being a rugby player is tough as it is

But as a kid trying to learn the sport is even tougher I think

Children should have all the rugby safety equipment that they need when learning the sport but what do you think about Kids Rugby Gloves?

Can You Wear Gloves For Rugby?

According to section 4 in the World Rugby Laws about clothing, Rugby players are not allowed to wear full fingered gloves during a rugby match but certain fingerless mitts are allowed, although there are no laws to say that you can’t wear any during rugby training.

World Rugby Clothing Laws Allowed
Read Law 3d
Kids Rugby Gloves
Read Law 5e

Some players just use tape and bandages to protect their wrists which can come undone if not fitted properly

So if you would just prefer to do that then this short video will certainly help you out

Choosing The Right Size Rugby Gloves

With these types of gloves being used in a full contact sport you don’t really want them to be loose on your hands

So the tighter the fit, the betterRugby Glove Size Guide

To get the right size rugby gloves for you it is best that you measure around the widest part of your hand just below the knuckles of your fingers and above your thumb then choose the nearest size to that measurement.

10 Best Kids Rugby Gloves

10. Tuoni Thermal

Black and White Tuoni Junior Thermal Rugby Player GloveCanterbury Rugby GlovesMaterial: Roubaix Fabric

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Tuoni are not a brand that I’m familiar with but after reviewing them I can see they are contenders in the rugby glove world

They are very lightweight with a thin lining of warm fleece inside which is great for those cold rugby training sessions

They also have a very effective silicone grip system on the palm which makes ball handling much easier

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9. Gilbert Atomic

Green and black Gilbert Atomic Training Rugby GlovesCycling gloveMaterial: Lycra Top & Polyester Palm

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Gilbert are always a great brand when it comes to rugby equipment and clothing so you can’t go wrong with these thermals

The palm grips will help to improve your grip on the rugby ball even in wet weather

They also have a zipper fastening on the sides so that they are easier to put on and take off

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8. Gilbert International

Black and White Gilbert International Rugby GloveGilbert RugbyMaterial: Lycra Top & Polyester Palm

Thermal: No


The 2nd pair of Gilbert rugby gloves on this list are the first pair of fingerless gloves which you can actually use playing a rugby game as well as training

Lighter on the hands than the last Gilbert pair but still as durable and effective as they have an improved X-Grip on the palms

With the fingers missing though you get more freedom to rugby tackle and catch the ball

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7. Optimum Original

Optimum Original Skit Mits Rugby GlovesRugby leagueMaterial: Polyester

Thermal: NO


Apparently these Optimum rugby gloves are the number 1 sellers but after doing hours of research they only make the number 7 spot on this list for me

They have a velcro strap to tighten them around the wrist which is great up until they get wet and dirty

But they do make up for it with the excellent grip they have on the palms

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6. OGLOVE Thermal

Black OGLOVE Waterproof Thermal Rugby Gloves

Material: DRI-THERM Fabric

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Now these are a fantastic pair of childrens waterproof rugby gloves which I hadn’t heard of before

They are quite tight fitting which helps to keep the warmth in and let you play rugby longer in the cold

They even have touchscreen sensitive fingertips so you don’t have to remove them if you want to use your phone

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5. Adidas Unisex

Black adidas Unisex's Rugby Player Gloves

Material: Polyester

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Of course this list wouldn’t be the same without at least 1 pair of adidas gloves and these are the only ones I could find that are good enough to make it

Perfect for windy and cold conditions, the Climawarm material has a way of keeping the temperature regulated inside while you are wearing them

The latex fingertips ensure that you have a better grip on the ball in any weather conditions

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4. Nike Tech

Blue Nike Youth Tech Touch Screen Winter Knit Rugby Gloves

Material: Knitted

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Now these gloves are not really for wet conditions but are ideal for the cold weather

They form around your hands like a second skin so they feel both comfortable and warm

These also have touchscreen compatible fingertips to be able to use your phone without taking them off

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3. Rhino Pro

Black Rhino Pro Rugby Sports Players Half Finger MittsHospitality RecreationMaterial: Polyester

Thermal: YES


Rhino is a big name in the rugby world so it’s no wonder that they have their name in the top 3 of this list

As you can see they are fingerless so they can be used during games as well as training

And even though they look quite thin they are unbelievably warm and durable

These are my personal best rugby gloves to play rugby

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2. Canterbury Pro

Scarlet Red Canterbury Pro Grip Rugby MittsRugby footballMaterial: 91% Nylon & 9% Elastane

Thermal: NO


I love the design of these gloves

I know it’s not the design that make them a great pair but it certainly adds to it

They might not be thermal but they are warmer than you think with the fitted Hydrophobic material that they are made from

And with the awesome CCC grip technology on the palms you are going to be able keep hold of that rugby ball with ease

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1. Optimum Velocity

Yellow Optimum Velocity Rugby GlovessportsMaterial: Stretch-Fit

Thermal: YES

Full Fingered

Now, the reason these Optimum rugby gloves have made the top spot is because of a few things really

Firstly, they really are a good quality pair that I really couldn’t find any faults about but there are some people that say the sizing is wrong but if you follow my sizing guide above you should be OK

They are super lightweight and comfortable with a stretch-fit design so it really is like wearing a 2nd skin

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Before You Go…

Have you worn any of these gloves before?

If you really want to buy cheap rugby gloves then the 10 that are here really won’t break the bank

But what are your thoughts on this subject?

Just get involved in the conversation below to let others know what you think

Should Rugby Players Wear Gloves?

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