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Kicks For Soccer

Kicks For Soccer

Kicks For Soccer: How to Master All Types of Soccer KicksHow to Master All the Different Types of Soccer Kicks

There are not many people in the world that don’t know how to kick a soccer ball, but how many understand the basic Kicks For Soccer?

What I mean is, it’s easy to just kick a ball but do you know what the different types of kicks are and when to use them?

When first starting out playing soccer you will be shown a few styles of play like Defending, Passing, Attacking, Dribbling, Corners, Free-Kicks, Penalties and Shooting

The different kicks, however, should come naturally with practice and learn how and where the kicks are going to end up

You should learn that all kicks are different and you should know how to handle the ball when it comes at you and where you want it to goKicks For Soccer

The Ground Kick

The first soccer ball kick that I want to talk about is the Ground Kick

You need to know how to control the ball to either trap the ball then kick it, or just kick it straight away

Either way, control is very important

With the trapped ball, you are either going to pass it to a team-mate, shoot for goal, or cross that ball in the air

Now when you are going to kick the ball straight from the ground ball coming towards you

The first thing you need to make sure is that you know where you want to send it, it’s no point just kicking it in any direction or you could be giving that ball to the opposition

You wouldn’t want that, would you?A soccer player volleying a soccer ball

Control of the ball is more important here and you need to know that both feet/legs play an equal part in ensuring that the soccer ball goes where you want it to

The foot you will be kicking with needs to strike the ball in the sweet spot that will get it to where you want it, and the other foot/leg needs to be able to give good support and balance

Otherwise, you could end up looking like Bambi on Ice!

How to Kick a Soccer Ball High

If you didn’t know already that when striking the ground ball if you want the ball to go high and nice and slow in the air you need to lean back and follow your foot through the sweet spot of the ball

How to Kick a Soccer Ball Low

If you want to drive a low and powerful ball then you need to lean forward when kicking it

Just remember that ball control and where you hit that ball with your foot is key to a successful soccer kick.

See How To Kick A Ground Ball With This Step By Step Tutorial Video

How to Volley a Soccer Ball

There’s no doubt about this but the Volley Kick is a bit more difficult to master than the Ground Kick.

As the soccer ball is in the air when you kick it, you have to make sure that your footing and balance are perfect for you to properly connect with the ball

You also need to consider where your body is in relation to where the ball comes at you

There’s no point in having a perfect balance and sticking your foot out to kick it if it’s to far away, or too close to your body

That is something you need to practice a lot, gauging where the ball will land and positioning your body perfectly in place to knock that ball where you need it to go

I suppose you could Control The Ball On Your Chest if you are to close to the ball but sometimes that just gives the opposition a chance to get to you and steal the ball

Now you don’t want that…DO YOU?

See How To Volley A Soccer Ball With This Step By Step Tutorial Video

Penalty Kicks

A penalty kick in soccer, or football, depending on where you live in the world is where one player has the chance to take a shot at goal from the penalty spot inside the goal area against the opposition’s goalkeeper

How to Score a Penalty in 6 Easy Steps

Soccer player wearing a blue kit taking a penalty kick at goal against a goalkeeper wearing an orange kit
Penalty Kick
  1. Put The Ball on The Penalty Spot Yourself – Always place the ball yourself on he penalty spot, don’t let the referee or any other player do it for you as they might not place it how you want it how.
  2. Walk Backwards a Bit – You need to make a bit of space between you and the ball so you can get a nice run up and be able to get a bit more power into the shot and better your chances of scoring a goal.
  3. Don’t Let The Goalkeeper Distract You – The Goalkeeper will try their hardest to try to put you off your shot so try not to pay attention to them and just focus on the ball and the task at hand.
  4. Decide Where You Are Going to Put The Ball Into The Net – There’s obviously no way of knowing which way the keeper is going to dive so you need to pick a spot in the net and commit to it with confidence. Try not to change your mind at the last minute as this could cause problems with the power of your shot or accuracy.
  5. Hit The Ball With Confidence & Accuracy – If you want to drive the ball low and hard just lean over the ball as you are taking the shot and follow through with your foot but you might need to be more precise if you want to hit the top corners and outwit the goalkeeper.
  6. Walk Away & Celebrate The Goal – Once you have beat the keeper and scored the penalty just walk away smiling and celebrating the goal in any way you want to… Just make sure it’s appropriate for the soccer fans.

Corner Kicks

For a soccer team to get a corner kick the opposition has to put the ball out of play over their own goal line without scoring a goal (Behind The Net line) either from their own outfield players or from their goalkeeper.

The kick is taken from the closest corner of the field that the ball went out at which could be either right or left of the goal posts.

How to Take a Corner Kick in Soccer

Soccer player wearing red cleats taking a corner kick
Corner Kick

For a team to get a corner awarded to them the ball must go across the oppositions goal line either side of the goal posts either by the opposition player hitting it across or if it hits them last before it goes over

Taking a corner kick can sometimes be a little tricky so there’s normally only a handful of players in a team that will take them

If you want to be 1 of those soccer players there are a few quick tips to follow to be able to master them

  • You need to place the ball wherever you feel comfortable kicking it from within the corner circle.
  • Check to see where your players are and figure out where you want the ball to go.
  • Just kicking it into the goalkeeper area will be easy for the defence to see where it’s going so you need to put a bit of a curl on the ball.
  • To curl the ball away from the goal posts to the players just outside the box, put a bit of spin on the inside of the ball closest to the crowd.
  • To curl it into the goal area towards the players that are closest to the goals, just put a bit of spin on the outside of the ball which will be the field side.

Watch this quick video to see how to take a corner kick like a pro

Final Thoughts

If you ever want to be a professional soccer player you will have to master all the different types of soccer kicks so just keep practising them to get better

Do you have any tips and tricks when it comes to kicking a soccer ball?

Just let others know in the comment section below so that we can all learn from them

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12 comments on “Kicks For Soccer


What an awesome post!!

I’ve always played football… not soccer, as I am English 😉

And you are spot on with the techniques and tips in this article. It would be interesting to maybe see you demonstrate these in a video yourself too in the future.

How long have you played football for?



Oh I’m retired from playing full games now but I still play 5-a-side twice a week too keep fit so maybe next time I have a game I could put together a few training videos myself, thanks for that 🙂


Hi. Thank you for sharing this vital information about how to kick a soccer ball correctly. 

I found  your article well written  and easy to understand.  Learning the basics  of soccer is  an important skill to understand  so that you avoid injury.  

Everybody wants to play like Messi but they need to remember he also started somewhere, which the basics.

I would possible recommend players learning soccer skills to start with practicing a half volley first as it’s slightly easier.  Do you agree with this?

Best wishes



Of course I do, if you are just starting out playing soccer, getting the half volley right will make it much easier to perfect the full volley.

I’m gald you enjoyed reading this post 🙂


Hello, your Article is very instructive for soccer game fans, thank you.

I grew up in the soccer ball country (pais do futebol). There is so cute when you see little boy playing at age 3, 4, 5….we say they born with the ball in the feet. My country has been 5 times champion in the World Cup and we have a Soccer King that is Pele; we also have some famous like Garrinsha, Ronald, Ronaldinho, Socrates, Zico, they are many. Yes, I am talking about Brazil. Those days they don’t play with much heart anymore, is all about money.

Anyway, I like that you giving a tips about the way we kick the ball and the body positions. I do not know much about soccer ball believe or not, the thing I do know that no matter what we do when we play, we need to keep our eyes on the ball, we need to be the ball like allots coach says; I heard this from my brother that is a coach in Brazil.

Also, I did not know about a game call volley but plays like a soccer. That’s is very interesting. I notice on the video that a different king area design, looking more like American football and have a small net to shoot in before the person making the big goal net area. Is this sport more common in England?

Thank you so much for such good information, and a beautiful explanation.

Cheers to your success,



England is the birthplace of football, so yes, it is a common sport there. Ronaldinho is one of my favourite players ever so when you mentioned him you mentioned a legend in my eyes 🙂


Hi! Thank you!

My daughter is playing and I never really understand what she is talking about. This makes so much sense!

I actually also want to start playing. I can see very clearly that this is a fun sport to join when I look at my daughter. I will start using some of these kicks that you show. To you think there is one that is better to start practicing or should I just pick one? 

Really excited to start now! This post is so inspiring!!




I’m glad you have learned something about the different types of soccer kicks and good luck when you start playing 

Aabidah Ahmed

These are really great guidelines on how to play soccer by making a perfect kick. My husband played soccer in the past but got a knee injury so it’s difficult for him to play. Now he plays soccer on his phone because he cannot play live.

I see the tricks and all you can do with a soccer ball, but before doing all that you have to first nail on how to control a soccer ball with the tip and top of your foot. I know a few tricks myself that my husband showed me and you have covered a few. This is great for someone playing live soccer to refer to your site for some guidelines.

Thank you for this post. My husband won’t mind checking it out.

All the best.


My pleasure,  yes, if you master controlling the ball first the kicks will be so much easier


Thanks for this comprehensive list on kicks for Soccer.

I gained a great deal of knowledge reading through your article, as I an learning to increase my knowledge on more about soccer.

It is amazing to know there is a great deal of thought one needs to put in before deciding what type of kick to apply.

But like you rightfully said, I believe once someone has begun practising, it will only be a matter of time before mastering the kicks and knowing which one applies at a particular time.

if you don’t mind my asking, does this exact same kicks apply to female soccers?Very enlightening article, thanks for sharing.



Of course this applies to female soccer players 


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